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Zag  [developer] Apr 13, 2018 @ 9:27pm
0.2.25 "Growth" - Frag cooking! Architects & Tidal Lock overhauled! And more! "Growth"
In this update we added the ability to cook frag grenades, several new helmets, UI and quality of life improvements, and large overhauls to the Shapeshifter maps Tidal Lock and Architects!

Gameplay Changes:
- You can now ignite a Frag Grenade with Right Mouse Button and continue to hold it in your hand as it counts down to detonation. After ignition, the Frag Grenade can still be thrown, with whatever fuse it had remaining. The ignition process can not be canceled once started. In other words; you can't put the pin back in. Be careful!
- Due to last patch's fixing of a very old "oxygen zone overlap" bug, the default Oxygen Gain Rate ended up being quite slow. Default Oxygen Gain Rate increased to 2, up from 1 per oxygen tick.
- New Color Added: Turnip, a pinkish color, for all the turnip we have on Community Game day.
- Health Syringes now also cure the Colorblind Virus if a Spaceman is affected by it.
- Changed appearance of Post-Game Scoreboard Fun Facts section and added an animation to its text contents.
- Due to the majority of Flamethrower-wielding Spacemen suffering horrible explodey acid deaths, and additionally, to buff the Flamethrower, destroying Acid Bombs with fire damage will no longer cause them to explode and the acid bomb will instead be neutralized safely.
- Fixed: Joining players do not see the correct overhead map in the lobby until the host changes map again.
- Upon starting, the Lobby now more aggressively clears "old UI" that should no longer be present on the screen.
- Employee of the Month confetti particles have received new artwork.
- Tripmines can now be attached to Airlocks.
- Tripmines now display an error if no surface is found when trying to place them.
- Improved artwork on flashlight glares from other Spacemen.
- Fixed: Syringe use animations aren't playing reliably in first and third person.
- Warning messages on HUD now properly fade instead of turning white.
- Warning messages on HUD now have a new animation when popping in on screen.
- If a Spaceman gets shoved while viewing security cameras, they will be kicked out of security camera viewing mode.
- The Escape Menu now says "EXIT TUTORIAL" instead of "DISCONNECT" (and other related text) when in Tutorial mode.
- Pressing the ESC key should now leave the settings menu.
- Murderers (Spacemen who kill innocent allies) now periodically received "Insanity" which causes them to experience some visual and audio effects as though a Monster is present, even when it's not. The rate of this happening increases alongside the number of murders committed.
- Scoreboard should now show a disconnect icon for players who disconnected during the round but still register in the player list.
- When launching items from an Emergency Mass Ejector, there is now a visual trailing effect going off into space.
- Fixed: Radios were not allowing Spacemen to talk to each other from a distance.
- It is now much easier for Zag (er - I mean everyone) to land hits with the Stun Baton.

Monster Changes:
- The Void Beast particle (purple smoke) trail now continues to fade after the Monster shapeshifts back from Monster form, instead of disappearing instantly.
- The Void Beast particle trail is now slightly brighter.
- Void Beasts are no longer silent while moving. They now have unique footstep sounds.
- The Monster transform now has "growth" animations instead of all the monster tentacles and body parts popping on instantly.
- Fixed: The Monster can suck Spacemen through solid surfaces, like walls or doors, with their Burrow Trap ability. (Now the ability checks for line-of-sight to its target.)

Co-operative / Survival Modes:
- There's now a new Drone Variant in Survival and Co-op Story Missions; The Armored Drone. This rare, larger drone only receives damage from head (front of torso) damage, explosive damage, and flame damage. It also has increased health and damage, but moves a bit slower than normal drones.
- Fixed: Survival "Wave Beat" achievements are unlocking 1 wave too late. (Wave 5 achievement unlocking after beating Wave 6, etc.)

- NEW HELMET: The Containment Helmet. Space is full of dangerous radiation. Too bad this helmet only protects from bio-chemicals. Unlocked at Rank 27.
- NEW HELMET: The Groundpounder Helmet. Ready to rumble? Available on the Unfortunate Space Store.
- NEW HELMET: The Fighter Helmet. Only for the best pilots in the galaxy! Available on the Unfortunate Space Store.
- NEW HELMET: The Cyclops Helmet. The Company needs you to keep an eye on something. It might take up a lot of your time.
- Helmets now show up in the post-game scoreboard under "Rewards Next Level:" You can mouse-over the reward to view more information about it.


- There is now a large stomach chamber below the map. It is accessible by one of the 3 "tentacle beast mouths" located around the map. Just hop on in. Trust us. It's perfectly safe. Except for the acid. Watch out for the acid.
- Updated location of the Warmup camera.
- Added an additional item spawn, supply crate spawn, research sample spawn, transmitter spawn, and Health Station to the stomach chamber. If you can't find something, it's probably down there.
- Lowered volume of music and ambient wind just a bit.
- Added crumbling stone pathways around the map for easier navigation.
- Improved the look of stone and ceiling in The Cave.
- Updated Overhead Map.
- Updated Lobby Map Image.

Tidal Lock:
- Massive visual and layout improvements. Tidal Lock is now completely overhauled into an intergallactic trucker stop, of sorts.
- Ramps have been widened in many areas.
- A central door has been added to the long hallway.
- There is now an ice-cream shop.
- There are now some lavatories.
- Added some additional railings -- but not too many.
- All structures in the middle levels now have a purpose, including a command center.
- The uppermost dark side of the station is now a Hotel, complete with rooms and projectile-blocking force-fields.
- Many of the lowest structures are now parts-and-supply stores.
- Both airlocks at each end of the long hall have been moved a bit further away from the doorways you enter from.
- All airlocks on the map now have some form of labeling or warning stripes.
- Fixed some floating crates in The Storage Room.
- Fixed collision issues with the outer station panel gaps. Previously these panels were not allowing Spacemen to pass through them.
- Updated reflection captures all throughout the map.
- Fixed walls and paneling that hid door status indicators.
- Moved some ships away from the station so a Monster with posterior claws can't jump to them and get stranded out there.

- Added a drop-down hole in the floor of Upper Beam Room of the Farmhouse.
- Replaced shelving with beds in lower corner room, plus added details.
- Paintings everywhere.
- Heavily optimized foliage and background trees.
- Added various shelving and other details all throughout the Farmhouse.
- Converted the upstairs Generator room into a bedroom.
- Added a restroom to the Lower Beam Room, for Spacemen who really don't want to use the outhouse.
- Updated reflection captures all throughout the map.

- Fixed multiple instances of floating trash pieces
- Moved a garbage can that was in the middle of a walkway. It is no longer in the middle of the aformentioned walkway.
- Removed the center bench at Station 7.
- Fixed pillar collision that would allow a Spaceman to hide inside the pillar.
- Fixed bunk window collision that would prevent Spacemen from picking up items that spawned there.

- Corrected the scale of some props, particularly around the restrooms.
- Fixed an issue where a player would receive oxygen when standing outside on the engine platform.

- Added audio to many lights.

- Added audio to many lights.
- Added particle and audio effects to various vents.

Space Bar:
- Added vents to the rooftop of the building.
- Moved a spawn point that was accidentally placed inside an oven.
- Lowered the ventilation tunnel between the two restrooms.
- Updated overhead map to better reflect the (now inaccessible) Theatre dividers.
- Added flooring and side panels to vent leading from the restroom.
- Added floor paneling to the Utilities room.
- Added audio to various light fixtures.
- Added exhaust smoke and engine audio to some vehicles in the parking lot areas.
- Added additional light fixtures throughout the map.
- Added audio to sparks in Broken Hall.

The Experiment:
- Fixed a floating item near the teleporter entrance.

- Adjusted sound reverb area in The Kennel to be less extreme.
- Reduced the volume of the light buzzing sound effects.
- Added additional particle effects and steam to roof vents and pipes.
- Added additional audio to various details around the map.

- Added a large number of sound to various objects in the map.
- Added reverb Blue's pool room.

Grand Hall:
- Tentacles.

ENJOY! :) See you tomorrow for Community Games, at 1 PM PST!
Last edited by Zag; Apr 13, 2018 @ 9:27pm
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Zag  [developer] Apr 21, 2018 @ 1:46am "Growth" Hotfifx 1
Lots of quality of life fixes, map updates, and imporovements in this week's patch!

Gameplay Changes:
- The cooldown venting sound on guns will now end instantly if the weapon cools down during it, particularly in co-op modes where weapons vent much more quickly.
- Added additional particle FX when transforming into Monster Form.
- Co-op: If players have not yet left the safe zone, late joining Spacemen spawn in right away instead of having to wait for a Cloning Tank.
- [dev] Security Camera viewing icon (above head) display logic has been changed to be more efficient. (QA Note: Ensure nothing is broken regarding its visibility)
- Fixed: The new player Welcome screen sometimes pops up for players and Dave Oshrys who have played the game many times and have a valid progression save. This can happen upon exiting a game and returning to the main menu or when launching the game initially.
- Security Cameras are now a bit more consistent in their logic when it comes to showing they're actively being viewed by another player.
- Fixed: Security Cameras produce an external green light when the power is out.
- Fixed: Destroyed Security Cameras sometimes show a camera beam as if they are active.
- Body Type icons in the Customization Menu have been updated with new art.
- Body Types have been tweaked some, to be slightly less extreme, but also cause less deformation issues.
- There is now more variety of debris on landing pads, and the visual appearance of debris is synced for all players.
- Fixed: Client (non-host) camera will sometimes go to random points on the map at the end of the game, instead of staying focused on the Monster.
- The quality of the Shark Visor appearance has been greatly improved and should no longer appear pixelated or jagged.
- The Stun Baton can no longer hit Monsters who are burrowed.
- Fixed: If a player quits a match, their Action Hero backpack will float in the air.
- Crosshair is now a dot when carrying Research Samples and Supply Crates.
- The Oxygen "air loss" hissing sound now stops playing immediately if air is returned.
- The Monster now hears oxygen loss and gain sounds, to better indicate if they're in or out of an oxygenated area.
- Removed black outline from "NO OXYGEN DETECTED" text on the HUD.
- Bodies with the Antibodies perk are now in a pale green color, instead of red, to indicate their toxicity to the Monster.
- Ghosts can now see the objective status of Transmitters, Sealed Research Samples, and Launched Research Samples on their HUD.
- The Monster no longer double-taps WASD to dodge. Now Monster Dodging is a single key press, and is now the Left ALT key by default.
- Fixed: Monster Tutorial still says double tap to dodge
- The Emote Radial Menu has been overhauled to allow much faster use. When the menu is opened with O or Middle Mouse Button, simply move your mouse cursor in the direction of the emote you'd like to use, and click once the desired emote is highlighted.
- The Emote Menu now automatically closes if you use a hotkey to trigger an emote.
- Improved Emote and Emote Menu artwork.
- Clients (non-host players) can now view the map list while waiting in the Lobby.
- The map selection screen in the lobby has had its artwork improved.
- Fixed: The HUD is not properly showing the "original" identity of a shapeshifted Monster behind the current one.
- Fixed: The HUD would display your current color twice when you Shapeshift back to your original color.
- Add Nick "Rhogus" Thorpe to the "Designed By" credits for Space Bar, Tidal Lock, Hypertrain, and Spaceburbia.

Map Changes:

- Added Vent steam and audio to housing vents.
- Added vents to both ends of barn plus steam.
- Updated Lobby Map Image.
- Updated Overhead Map.

- Adjusted multiple door panels
- Production lighting build.
- Lowered volume on Monster Stomach entrances.
- Moved an item spawn in Ruins to the roof of the building instead of the wall.

- Added audio to fluorescent lights.
- Reduced audio of spark sounds.
- Added steam and audio to existing vents.
- Added 2 more vents with audio and steam to muddle landing pad.
- Production lighting build.
- Updated Overhead Map.

- Added panel to lab room door.(Blocked view into space.)
- Fixed texture on drill bit in Lab.
- Updated Overhead Map.
- Production lighting build.

- Added Vents around level with steam and audio.
- Production lighting build.
- Updated Lobby Map Image.
- Updated Overhead Map.

- Added audio to necessary fluorescent lighting.
- Added steam and audio to various vents on roof.
- Production lighting build.

- Added sounds to necessary lights.
- Added steam to some vents.
- Added sounds to some vents.
- Production lighting build.
- Updated Overhead Map.

The Experiment
- Added light fixtures to lower lights.
- Production Lighting Build.
- Updated Lobby Map Image.
- Updated Overhead Map.

Tidal Lock
- Added a few vents to roofs of building with steam and audio.
- Fixed floating bowls and spoons in Space cream shop.
- Added audio to rockets of signs on both ends of level.
- Added steam and audio to existing vents on lower level.
- Production lighting build.
- Flipped engine parts to hide see through side.
- Added signs to shops and control center for easier navigation.
- Fixed forcefield doors having no bullet collision.
- Added hum to forcefield doors.
- Removed door to no where in long hall.
- Adjusted heights of lower shop windows to allow player to see through.
- Removed sleeping guy from Space Inn.
- Adjusted audio volume on ambient ships.
- Increased audio volume on vents.
- Increased audio volume on hovering signage.
- Updated Lobby Map Image.
- Updated Overhead Map.

Space Bar
- Updated Overhead Map.

Cheese-Laden Hypercube
- Added light fixtures to lower lights.
- Production Lighting Build.

- Added reflection captures.
- Added audio and steam particles to vents.
- Added icicles.

Grand Hall
- Added reflection captures.

- Set objects to treat as background.
- Added reflection captures.
- Added audio to steam leaks.
- Added audio and steam to Vents.
- Production lighting build.

Spaceman Tutorial
- Added icicles.
- Added steam to exterior vents.
- Added reflection captures.
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