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Zag  [developer] Oct 26, 2018 @ 12:35pm
0.2.30 "ANGSTROM" - Gameplay Hints System, Weapon Skins, Victory Poses, and more!
0.2.30 "Angstrom"


New Gameplay Hints System:
- There is now a Gameplay Hint system built into the HUD in both Shapeshifter and co-op modes, as well as the Practice Range. Hints will pop up fairly frequently, sometimes based on an item you've just picked up and sometimes generic hints will be displayed to provide new information. The Monster and Spacemen receive different tips as well. You can disable these Gameplay Hints in the Settings menu at any time.

XP Changes:
- Many XP values were modified in this update. It's possible your rank will be different than it was on previous updates.

General Changes:
- Spacemen Employee Points are now more in line with the number of Monster Points a Monster earns during a round. (A winning Monster and a winning Spacemen should now have around the same amount of Monster points and Employee points respectively.)
- Changed text when scoring Bonus Crates from "Bonus Cdredits Queued" to "Bonus XP Awarded"
- Spacemen players who rejoin the game will no longer be able to get a new Spaceman character, even if they join at an early stage in the round. This is primarily to fix an exploit where players who died early on could quit and rejoin to re-enter the same round as a new Spaceman.
- Fixed: Fixed an issue with dedicated servers not properly keeping track of the initial players joining a game, causing various small issues.
- Unfortunate Spacemen has received a new and improved game logo.
- If a Health Station is in use by a Monster or Hacked, the user being healed can NO LONGER LEAVE the Health Station until the healing process is complete. This is to make Health Station use a greater risk to the Monster, and make it so Hacked Health Stations become a larger threat to careless Spacemen. The HUD will change to say "HEALTH STATION ERROR. PLEASE REMAIN STATIONARY." instead of instructions on how to leave the Health Station. You've been warned!
- The font in the Server Browser is now easier to read and can fit longer server names.
- Re-enabled player count on the Server Browser. [Known Issue: Sometimes Min and Max player counts do not display correctly and player count does not always update rapidly. ALL New Blood official dedicated servers support up to 16 players.]
- Map text in Server Browser is now always upper-case.
- Audio Input Device can now be selected in the Settings menu. This should help solve some issues with VOIP not properly working in some cases.
- The How To Play Guide has been updated to reflect changed features, as well as new features, and any white squares have been replaced with proper images.
- The Host Match Settings in a Shapeshifter lobby now have more specific descriptions of each modifier, as well as additional recommendations for newer players.
- Fixed: Spectator camera (the one fixed and rotating around a character) jitters uncontrollably and nauseatingly when they are moving, especially noticeable in Co-op.
- There is now a small "+10" text popup in the top right of the HUD when Employee / Monster Points are gained.
- In Shapeshifter mode, Ghosts both in world and in security cameras, can now press the 5 key to teleport to location of the Monster, to better help follow the action.
- Various potential fixes for the Opt-In system picking the same person twice in a row, and other wonky issues.
- Modified the timing on the music, confetti, and Spokesman lines in the Employee of the Month stat screen.
- Dedicated Servers now wait about 50 seconds between rounds in the Lobby, up from 35. This was done to give players slightly more time to customize and modify loadouts between maps.
- The "Your Earnings" screen at the end of a round now fills the bar from the XP correct location and rolls over upon leveling up. [Known Issues: Possibly discrepency in displayed rank vs. previous rank when leveling up, but leveling up occurs just fine.]
- Spacemen are now notified on their HUD (accompanied by a unique sound) when HALF of Spacemen are killed. This is done to increase tension and provide more information to Spacemen who have not had contact with others for quite some time, without giving away the exact state of the round.
- There are now HUD hitmarkers and physical hit reactions when punching a Spaceman or Monster.
- The Settings menu has been separated into categories.
- If the Monster dies within 2 seconds of the last Spaceman, Spacemen win and the Monster loses. The Monster must remain alive to win the round, otherwise -- The Company still wins.
- Cooked Frag Grenades (held in the hand until they explode) do substantially more damage than a regular grenade, for more reliable suicide kills due to the high cost of such a play.
- Characters should now spawn in facing the correct direction specified by the spawn point, instead of inadvertently facing walls, corners, and so on.
- New logo added to loading splash image.
- Fixed: Weapon overheat animations get stuck in Survival and Story Missions.
- Fixed: Framerate limit is not properly saving/loading in the Settings Menu.
- Bot and Round select in Lobby Match Settings can no longer be set to a decimal value.
- Fixed: If Unlimited Round Time is enabled and there were no Fun Facts, the default Fun Fact states that the round lasted 1 second, regardless of how long it actually lasted.
- Fixed: When the Monster emerges from a Vent near a Spaceman, the roar the Monster emits can be heard globally.
- Fixed: When the Suitcase Nuke detonates, the scene glows red and abruptly ends. (Now it fades gradually.)
- Late joiners who did not actually play in the round will no longer receive XP.
- Fixed: Clients who join in late or have other network issues can sometimes accrue enormous Employee Points for restarting a Transmitter that is already completed or already in progress.
- Fixed: Holding TAB in the tutorial levels show a code-style text strings for the perks. (Now if perks are unavailable or missing, it will simply say "NO PERK SELECTED" on the HUD when holding TAB.)
- Fixed: Late joining Spacemen can sometimes still possess their character after the end-round stat screens begin, causing overlapping HUD and other strange issues.
- Fixed: End-round Cutscene when the Monster steals the Rescue Shuttle is sometimes wonky and spins around rapidly.
- The Cockpit Door of the Rescue Shuttle now emits sparks when attacked by the Monster.
- The Cockpit Door of the Rescue Shuttle now opens in smooth motions (instead of instantly) when attacked by the Monster.
- Fixed: On the Warmup screen, Late-joiners would hear and see some UI elements related to the Monster slot machine when no such process is taking place.
- Fixed: Weapons would sometimes show the previous weapons overheat animation for a moment when switching weapons immediately after they overheat.
- Fixed: The Health Syringe audio when stabbing Spacemen sometimes isn't heard.
- Fixed: When banned from a game, there is a repeating UI sound stuck playing in the Main Menu.
- Fixed: Spacemen characters can sometimes get out of sync when crouching, causing them to show up halfway into the floor.
- Fixed: If you pick up a skinned handgun and it replaces the handgun in your second slot, you absorb the handgun and are now technically carrying two handguns, one of which you can not drop or use.
- When exchanging a Handgun or Assault Rifle for one with another weapon skin, you are now notified of the exchange on your HUD.
- When exchanging an item with another that is currently in your hands, an equip animation is now played.
- Fixed: Airlocks have various issues with their state not matching the visual and auditory cues.
- Fixed: The map always shows as Echo when a dedicated server is loading the next map.
- Rounded the seconds in the Fun Fact declaring how long the round lasted.
- Fixed: Under rare circumstances, the Monster Opt-In slot machine noise can persist indefinitely throughout a round.
- Fixed: Match settings (checkboxes etc.) don't remain correct when re-opening the menu.
- Host Match Settings now preserve between map changes (back to Lobby) and when re-hosting within the same game session.

Customization Changes:
- Weapon Skins are now fully supported in the Customization menus. If you have any skins they will appear on the Weapons Customization screen. All Early Access owners have received a black and red "Survivor" skin for the Handgun. There is also a paint stripe on the side which can be colorized the same way you would colorize the default Handgun.
- The SMG can now be colorized in the Customization menu. It is currently not applied anywhere, but will be in the near future.
- Fixed: Beer Visor, Blood Bowl Visor, Mana Visor, and some other visors with similar liquid-like appearances sometimes show themselves as transparent or even invisible.
- Victory Poses can now be selected in the Customization Menu. Currently there is one default, and one which will soon be available on the store. More planned in the future. You can select multiple and one will randomly be selected each round. These poses show up at the end of the round if you are selected as Employee of the Month (seen by everyone) and they will also be visible on Your Earnings screen.

Monster Changes:
- Monster's base claw damage is now 16, down from 17.
- The Monster's base HP is now 220, down from 280.
- If the game has 10 or more players, the Monster starts with 290 HP.
- If the game has 14 or more players, the Monster starts with 330 HP.
- When the Monster is inside a specific vent, the vent now has an indicator for Ghosts.
- When the Monster is inside a specific vent, Spacemen with the Thermal Vision Enhancer can see that the Monster is inside the vent.
- Fixed: The crack formed by a Monster burrowing at a location sometimes doesn't fade properly after the Monster unburrows.
- The Parasite from eggs must now check line of sight before being able to jump to a target, and their general speed and reliability has been greatly increased.
- Having a Parasite on your face no longer inverts your walking controls.

Ghost Changes:
- Ghosts are now notified in the text chat box when a Spaceman is killed, and if applicable, by who, to help Ghosts better follow the action.
- Ghosts are also notified in the text chat box when half of Spacemen have been killed.
- Drop-bridges no longer affect Ghosts. Ghost can walk across the original position of the bridge as if it had not dropped.
- Fixed: Ghost counter sets to 0 when Ghosts transition from their Ghost character to the end-round Rescue Shuttle corner camera.
- Fixed: As a Ghost, can't type in text chat while viewing the Rescue Shuttle camera near the end of the round.
- Fixed: As a Ghost, can't access the escape menu while viewing the Rescue Shuttle camera near the end of the round.

Item Changes:
- The Handgun is now roughly 10% more accurate.
- The Assault Rifle is now roughly 5% more accurate.
- Potential fix for the LMG and Assault Rifle firing sounds not playing properly in certain circumstances.
- Spacemen now receive 15 Employee Points for shooting a Noise Grenade.
- Fixed: Frag Grenades can beep after they've detonated in certain circumstances, such as after cooking them.
- The Flamethrower now does 12 damage per tick to Drones, up from 7, making it far more effective in co-op modes.

Dedicated Server Changes:
- The Dedicated Server lobby now indicates how many players are required to start. (3)
- Fixed: The Flamethrower does not deal anywhere close to its proper damage on dedicated servers.

New Music System:
- All Co-op maps. There is now combat music during high-intensity moments (mostly around swarms) in Co-op mode and dies down when intensity is lower.
- There is now combat music that ramps up in intensity and changes theme as you progress through waves in Survival mode.
- Co-op 1 - Wharfage: New looping soundtrack. (Previously had no soundtrack.)
- Monster Tutorial: Combat music now plays during the final encounter with the Cleanup Crew.
- Each co-op mission now unlocks a special visor once completed. (2 currently available.)

Map Changes:

- Fixed Oxygen signs that were skewed or stretched strangely on certain doors.
- Additional walls added to some of the more open areas outside.
- Moved a particularly sneaky Research Sample to a more visible location and orientation.
- Reduced fog/dust amount by 20% for better visibility.
- Fixed a Security Camera that was floating.
- Removed a wire that was floating.
- Improved the LODs on doorways to make them less harsh when approaching.

- There are now Crumerian drone corpses spread throughout the map.
- Fixed collision between some beams in the Warehouse where characters could get stuck.
- Fixed an item spawn that couldn't be picked up by players.

- Moved some of the light posts outside of Greenhouse so characters can walk between the building the post without getting stuck.
- Removed an errant "Oxygen" decal that was floating in the center of the room, intersecting an item canister in Support building.

- All glass dividers in the Green (Bunk) Car can now be passed through by Ghosts.

Tidal Lock:
- Bottom floor teleporter room now has proper shelves, walls, and a new item spawn.
- Added multiple oxygen signs to doorways that were missing them.
- Fixed a mis-aligned oxygen sign.
- Added "Watch Your Step!" signage to the door just before the tricky airlock located at the end of the Space Inn.

- Added floor, chairs and other props to the observation room inside the Radiation Room, so players can no longer see a hole in the map when peering through that window.

The Experiment
- All of the walls are now colored to match the sector they're in, for easier navigation.
- All oxygen signs fit the doors better and are no longer scrunched.

- Fixed a typo in the subtitles of the Monster Tutorial dialog.
- Fixed a typo on the Spacemen Tutorial's Overhead Map image.
- Fixed: Spacemen Tutorial completes the Debris Clear objective before the Landing Pad is actually clear.
- Fixed: Bots can be killed by punching them at the end of the Spacemen Tutorial.
- Fixed: Monster Tutorial doors are not starting locked in the EME and Burrow sections.
- Jenkins now has an ID card.

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