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Unfortunate Spacemen

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Zag  [developer] Mar 24, 2018 @ 1:17pm
0.2.24 "Bodycount" - Stats, Helmets, Co-op Improvements, and more! "Bodycount"
In this update we add loads of stat tracking during matches, tons of fixes and improvements to Shapeshifter, several new helmets, a much-needed buff to Survival enemies, large co-operative improvements, and more!

Gameplay Changes:

- Power Item Canisters can now be easily jumped over once they have opened and will no longer be able to trap players behind them or in corners after opening.
- Transmitters that are powered on now show up with an orange outline to the Monster, indicating that the Monster needs to go turn them off.
- Health Station "Monster Detected" screen is now orange instead of yellow.
- The Shuttle Cockpit Door now has 300 health, down from 425 health. It can still only be damaged by Monster claw attacks.
- Fixed: Ghosts sometimes continuously fall through the map when spawned.
- Grenades no longer collide with player characters.
- Improved various imagery and animations on the You Have Died screen.
- When Burrow Trapped by the Monster, there is now a teeth-shaped damage indicator along the bottom of the victim's screen.
- Lots of various text have received a black outline to help them stand out and better unify the style.
- The Notification Popup (Objectives Completed, Weapon Unlock, etc.) now has a deeper sound effect, and appears on the middle left side of the screen, instead of the top middle.
- The post-game scoreboard at the end of Shapeshifter has received numerous improvements.
- A player's Rank is now displayed on the post-game scoreboard.
- A player's number of Transmitters turned on (or restarted) during the round are now displayed on the post-game scoreboard.
- A player's number of Research Samples Sealed and Launched during the round are now displayed on the post-game scoreboard.
- A player's number of Debris cleaned up from landing pads during the round are now displayed on the post-game scoreboard.
- A player's number of Supply Crates launched during the round are now displayed on the post-game scoreboard.
- A player's number of Murders during the round are now displayed on the post-game scoreboard.
- A player's number of Health Stations used during the round are now displayed on the post-game scoreboard.
- A player's ping is now displayed on the post-game scoreboard.
- The Fun Facts portion of the scoreboard has received some artistic upgrades, and a place for "Rewards Next Rank" has been made (but the feature is not yet implemented.)
- The Employee of the Month (if Spaceman) will have a gold visor icon on the post-game scoreboard, instead of the standard blue visor icon.
- Using a Health Station will now remove a face-parasite. Good luck reaching one in time! This parasite will NOT be removed if it latches on after initiating the healing process.
- Using a Health Syringe on yourself (or having someone else stick you with one) will now remove a face-parasite.
- Hitting someone with a Stun Baton will now remove a face-parasite from them, and the Stun Baton will not deal damage to the victim, but will still electrolock them.
- Being launched from inside an EME, with or without Magnetic Boots, will now remove a face-parasite. This method is not typically not recommended without Magnetic Boots, unless you'd rather die than live without your otherwordly makeout buddy.
- Being sucked out of an airlock, with or without Magnetic Boots, will now remove a face-parasite. This method is only recommended with Magnetic Boots, since you probably don't want to go on romantic space vacation with the parasite.
- Fixed: Late joiner can repeatedly seal Research Samples and/or don't get the correct state of Research Samples upon joining
- Fixed: Doors can sometimes stay open when welded
- Warmup screen countdown has been moved to the top of the screen and now has an animation. It also takes up less room now.
- Sentry Turrets no longer collide with characters and can be walked through.

Co-operative / Survival Modes:

- Your allies now show up on the left side of the HUD, including their health, oxygen, current items, and kill count.
- A quiet sound and accompanying HUD animation now plays when an ally is killed in a Co-operative Story Mission.
- A bunch of co-op stats are tracked and now show up at the end of a co-op story mission. Things like deaths, drone kills, teammate revives, number of jumps (yes, really), railgun penetration hits, enemies shoved, deployables used, and more! This stat screen is a work in progress and more will be added in the future. Any stats that read "N/A" are not currently being tracked.
- Health Stations in co-operative story missions now turn off their waypoint after players reach a certain point. This is to avoid confusing players with waypoints showing up on now-unreachable health stations.
- Fixed: Spectator HUD will sometimes remain on screen after a player is revived from a cloning tank in Co-op Story Missions.
- In order to make Recruit Difficulty a bit easier for new players and non-FPS players, Co-op Story Missions now always have the "helper" sentry turrets placed throughout the mission on this difficulty. The description of Recruit in Host Match Settings has been updated to reflect this change as well.
- Survival: Drones now grant a flat +5 Points, regardless of score modifier or wave.
- Fixed: Monsters will sometimes pause when they reach you, instead of clawing your face off. (Now they claw your face off again. Survival mode just got a LOT more challenging.)
- Fixed: Player/Bot on the F1 player list shows incorrect information in Survival and Story Missions.
- The post-game scoreboard at the end of Survival has received numerous improvements.
- A player's total Monster Kills during a Survival round are now shown on the post-game scoreboard.
- A player's total Drone Kills during a Survival round are now shown on the post-game scoreboard as well as the HUD during gameplay.
- A player's Best Wave Streak during a Survival round is now shown on the post-game scoreboard.
- Fixed: Slot Machine for Monster picking shows up in Co-op and Survival mode and the sound never goes away.


- *NEW HELMET* The Infection Helmet: You seem to have some kind of space infection. You should probably get that checked out. Unlocked at Rank 30.
- *6 NEW HELMETS* The Company Set: A set of new "Standard" helmet color themes complete with striping and The Company logo are now unlocked for when you reach the following ranks.
- Rank 3: Cadet Helmet (Blue trim)
- Rank 5: Unpainted Helmet (White trim)
- Rank 8: Construction Helmet (Orange trim)
- Rank 13: Supervisor Helmet (Yellow trim)
- Rank 17: Manager Helmet (Purple trim)
- Rank 23: Medic Helmet (Green trim with red detailing)
- The Survivor Helmet now has slightly more red in its trim detailing.
- Fixed: Helmets are not unlocking on the rank they're supposed to, but the one after. (ex: Helmet that was meant to unlock at Rank 25 was unlocking at Rank 26.)
- Helmets unlocked via Rank are now shown first in the list, instead of simply being shown in the order they were added to the game. (There is still some sorting work that needs to be done here, but it's much better now!)
- Fixed: First-time players who have not yet selected a preview color would see their customization Spaceman revert to the color black upon selecting a helmet. Now this defaults to White if no preview color has been selected.
- The Eyeball visor now shifts side to side instead of simply vibrating.


1 - Wharfage (Co-op)
- Upon beating this mission, there is now a scoreboard as well, showing your stats from the mission. Take a screenshot!
- Moved an item spawn by some back-alley dumpsters up to a more obvious location.
- The falling tiles can no longer shove or move players around as the platform wiggles before it falls.
- There is now a second Health Station in the final landing pad area.

Grand Hall (Survival)
- Updated overhead map.

Claustrophobia (Survival)
- Updated overhead map.

UFO (Survival)
- Updated overhead map.

Cheese-Laden Hypercube (Survival)
- Updated overhead map.

- Updated overhead map.

Space Bar
- Multiple performance improvements.
- Several dozen visual improvements throughout the level.
- Fixed missing collision on Front desk.
- Fixed missing collision on bar tables.
- Removed collision that was blocking the Shuttle Waiting Area drop through in the roof.
- Adjusted table sizes in break area.
- Changed glass that divides the two theatre entrances.
- Removed glass in Projector Rooms to allow players to jump down into the theatres again.
- Added a ventilation tunnel from the center of the two restrooms that leads to the Power Switch in the main bar area.
- Added more reflection captures throughout the level.
- Replaced restroom props with new ones.
- Made Shelves in Projector main area more maze-like.
- Adjusted lighting throughout level.
- Added plants outside of the restrooms.
- Added icicles to the Freezer.
- Updated overhead map.

- Swapped out restroom props with new artwork.

- Loads of performance improvements.
- Moved position of warmup camera.

- Moved position of warmup camera.

- Replaced some of the lower tram-way platform ramps with better looking ramps.
- Added more reflection captures throughout the level.
- Multiple performance improvements.

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Zag  [developer] Mar 31, 2018 @ 3:54am "Bodycount" (Hotfix 1)

New Achievements:
- High Five!: Reach Wave 5 in Survival Mode.
- Ten to Win: Reach Wave 10 in Survival Mode.
- Sweet Fifteen: Reach Wave 15 in Survival Mode.
- Five to Life: Survive 5 waves without dying in Survival Mode.
- Survival of the Fittest: Survive 10 waves without dying in Survival Mode.
- King of the Ring: Survive 15 waves without dying in Survival Mode.
- Hidden Achievement: Camera Shy

General Changes:
- The basic movement keys can now be rebound. (W,A,S,D, Gamepad Forward/Back, Gamepad Strafe Left/Right) [As there is currently no "Reset to Defaults" functionality, if you encounter any issues with rebinding movement keys, please let Zag know at discord.gg/Sandswept]
- Health Stations lights and screen are no longer green when available, they now have a more blueish-cyan hue. This is to better differentiate between red and green for colorblind players.
- Health Stations now continue to show their waypoint if you're below 75 Human HP, but instead the waypoint shows in RED if it's unavailable (either in use or on cooldown.)
- Map Selector in the Lobby now shows the map you currently have selected instead of defaulting back to Echo every time you open it.
- Fixed: Monster can not activate airlocks by swiping them with its claws.
- The Monster now gains 75 HP from eating a corpse, up from 50.
- Antibodies Poisoning now only lasts 120 seconds, down from 180.
- Shapeshifter and Survival scoreboards now stay up for 25 seconds, instead of 15, so players can enjoy their stats and post-game banter for a longer duration.
- There is now a countdown on the Shapeshifter and Survival scoreboard, showing how long until the post-game phase ends.
- Each player's total Damage to Monster now shows up on the Shapeshifter scoreboard.
- Void Beast Blink ability now has a brief trail behind it indicating where it came from and where it went.
- Fixed: First person shoving animation doesn't play when playing as the Monster in Spaceman form.
- Syringes are now removed from the Monster if they burrow.
- Fixed: Chocolate Space Milk container is visible on a burrowed Monster.
- Fixed: Turret kills aren't being properly awarded to the Spaceman who placed them.
- There is now a Modifier the Host can select for disallowing Monster Opt-In. If this setting is set to True, the Monster will be picked entirely at random and opt-in will be disabled on the Warmup screen.
- Fixed: The Monster "terror" sounds (when a Spaceman sees or is close to the Monster) don't stop when the game is over.
- Fixed: If a Spaceman is in two or more overlapping oxygen zones, they receive oxygen at a substantially increased rate.
- When a player is picked as Monster, they are now notified as to how many other players they beat in the opt-in process.
- Survival Mode: There's now an informative notification at the bottom of the screen which pops up when unlocking new Survival perks after each wave survived.
- The crosshair reticle now does a spin when a weapon comes off of cooldown.
- There is now a "pop" animation on the HUD overheat bar when a weapon goes on cooldown.
- There is now an additional (distinct) sound when a weapon overheats as it's fired.


- Added a Health Station to Station 3 area.

- This map has received numerous optimization and visual improvements.
- Overhauled the Kitchen area in the Dining Car.
- Crew Car renamed to Recreation Car.
- Added Bar around the Health Station in Recreation Car.
- Added lavatories between the Dining Car and central Landing Pad.
- Added shelving and engine parts to Thruster Car.
- Added a second airlock to the Thruster Car.
- Added additional caution labeling around all airlocks.
- Added more room detailing to the Bunk Car.
- Updated Overhead Map.
- Added crew bunks in the Rear Rescue Pad building.
- Added Captain's Quarters in the Thruster Car.
- Added some forklifts in the main hallways of the Thruster Car.

- This map has received numerous optimization and visual improvements.
- Many ambient sounds have been added.
- Added many additional vines and foliage.
- Fixed a spawn that put Spacemen inside a stack of boxes.

Tidal Lock:
- The shipping yard has been converted into an interstellar truck stop, including shops and spaace-diner, and is undergoing a series of other changes as well. This change should be completed by the next major patch.
- Description updated to reflect change.
- Cargo ships now occasionally fly past the station.

The Experiment:
- Added a Health Station to Orange quadrant.
- Added a new glass platform area above the maze (near the ceiling) that can be accessed via a one-way teleporter in Orange quadrant.
- Changed some wall colors to help differentiate the quadrants more visibly.
- Updated reflection captures within the maze.
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