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Zag  [developer] Mar 2, 2018 @ 4:32pm
0.2.23 "Ice Point" -- New visual overhaul! "Ice Point"

Ice Point
1. A physical process that results in the phase transition of a substance from a liquid to a solid.

General Changes:

- Ambient Occlusion has been turned on by default.
- Fixed: Names of players can extend off edge of Lobby player card.
- Fixed: Monster player name at end of the round can extend off the screen.
- Potential fix for issue where clients would see a black screen in the lobby. [Please report if still encountering this!]
- Potential fix for getting spectator HUD in the lobby. [Please report if still encountering this!]
- Drop Bridges now delay 1 additional second before dropping.
- The creaking noise when a Drop Bridge is triggered is 50% louder.
- Fixed: Generators would sometimes make a global "boop" noise when the map first loads.
- Improved the look of some buttons in the main menu and various "confirm" type popups.
- Reduced jitter on third person spectating cameras.
- Fixed some issues where text was not being properly cropped or was extending past where it should be.
- Fixed: Low Health beeping noise continues after game ends.
- Fixed: Camera starts spinning at the end of the "Monster steals the shuttle" cutscene.
- Fixed: Clients sometimes are stuck looking the wrong direction when transitioning to the Shuttle corner camera.
- When taken to the Shuttle corner camera, the crates and walkways inside the Rescue Shuttle now become transparent. Additional improvements to the positioning and field of view of the corner camera have been made as well.
- Due to some outstanding issues, Keybindings in Lobby Settings has been disabled for the time being. Please modify your keybindings in the Main Menu or during gameplay.
- Last Spaceman Standing notification has been moved to appear below the game time and objective text.
- Spectators can now see the current Color ID of a given Spaceman, located above their floating health bar.
- Some materials have been brightened up, particularly in the Abduction UFO and the Lobby scene. This should help them reflect light, particularly from flashlights and other light sources.
- Landing Pad texture has been brightened to make it slightly easier to find debris.
- Max allowable players in a Shapeshifter game is now 20.
- Fix: The Shapeshifter Match Setting "No Power Weapons" now works properly.
- Security Bots will now perform the interact animation when turning on Transmitters or sealing Research Samples.
- Lobby Text Chat is now limited to 150 characters per message. There is a bar along the bottom of the text input box showing you how close you are to the character limit. (No more Lobby novels!)
- Improved the appearance of the Player Dropdown when clicking on players in the Lobby
- On the Loadout customization screens you can now click anywhere on the loadout instead of just the title, in order to modify it.
- New splash artwork on startup (Work in progress)
- New application icon artwork

Monster Changes:

- The Monster has received numerous minor tweaks to make its early game slightly stronger.
- The Monster's starting Claw Attack damage is now 9, up from 8.
- The Monster's starting Health is now 150, up from 140.
- The Monster's base movement speed has been increased to 730, from 715.
- The Monster now receives about 1/3rd less damage from biting Spacemen with Magnetic Boots. (Now 4 damage per bite, down from 12.5.) This means Monster's can now be less afraid of biting Spacemen, who still receive the full bite damage amount as before.
- The Monster Remote Arm now has an orange outline visible by the Monster and Spectators.
- The Monster has received a few nerfs that make it slightly less powerful in the late game.
- The Monster's HP per level is now +10, down from +12.
- Void Beast movement speed has been decreased to 680, down from 700.
- After the Soft Level Cap is reached by the Monster, Claw Damage gain per level is 0.5, down from 1.
- Parasite Hatch and Leap sound are now twice as loud and can be heard from slightly further away.
- Fixed: If a Monster begins to burrow right as they are killed, they will run in place or otherwise look ridiculous when they should be ragdolling/dead.
- Fixed: The Monster loses its Monster appearance when performing the burrow animation.

Item / Gear Changes:

- Fix: After a Noise Grenade is shot, it no longer can play its finish audio a second time.
- Noise Grenades can now produce Monster Footsteps occasionally as well as the pistol shot and claw sounds.
- Tripmines can now speak more often when Spacemen walk through their laser, once every 10 seconds, down from 20 seconds.
- Tripmines will now detect any Monster who walks through its beam while the Monster is disguised in a human form. When this happens, the Tripmine will NOT explode, but the beam will turn ORANGE and the Tripmine will say "PARASITE DETECTED. PARASITE DETECTED." This can happen once every 5 seconds. Monsters will now need to be more cautious around Tripmines.
- The Monster's Chitin perk now prevents the Monster from being detected by the Tripmine while disguised in a human form.

Perk Changes:

- Chocolate Space Milk now shows a visible item (Bright blue container) on a Spaceman's hip. When Chocolate Space Milk is triggered, the Spaceman will grab the item and drink it. After this process, that Spaceman character will no longer have this item on their hip. This will help other players see who has (and doesn't have) Chocolate Space Milk available and help players better pick their targets.
- Fixed: Clients see a messed up left arm when a Spaceman is performing the Chocolate Milk drink animation.

Map Changes:

- All maps have received additional optimization.
- Most maps have received numerous visual enhancements.
- Some destructible props can now be found around various levels. More to be added later.
- Architects has received more walls, creating pathways in the large center region of the map. This is done in an effort to funnel Spacemen together more often to force more encounters when wandering the sandy wastes.
- Spaceburbia has received massive visual updates to all structures, as well as optimization.
- Spaceburbia: The farthest borders of the map (Red's Backyard, Pink Yard, Orange's Backyard, and the Park) have been moved inwards in some areas to increase the rate of player contact.
- Spaceburbia: Blue got a swimming pool and a bowling alley.
- Spaceburbia: Jealous of Blue's pool, Green also got a pool.
- Echo: Improved visuals, props, and added lots of trash.
- Duress: Added potted plants. (Very important.)
- Duress: The Health Station "cubbyhole" in Reception now connects through to the hallway. The Health Station has been moved slightly as well.
- Duress: Added trash cans all over the place.
- Duress: Improved the visibility of many of the lower Tram catwalks.
- Duress: Improved the visibility of some crates in the storage room.
- Duress: The Airlock in Dig Prep now has some warning strips around its activation zone.
- Outpost 13: Numerous improvements to emptier structures, and some additional walls on the exterior portion of the map.
- Tidal Lock: Some areas of the top and bottom floors have been removed to increase the rate of player contact.
- Tidal Lock: There is a now a teleporter between the lowest bottom building, up to the upper airlock/health station room.
- Space Bar: Improved visuals in the main bar area (mostly chairs) and the long hallway.
- Space Bar: Improvements to the Shuttle Arrival hall. (Broken Hall)
- The Experiment (Shapeshifter & Survival variant): The walls have been brigtened up slightly to help players with navigation. This will also make the station platforms on Duress a bit brighter too, as they use the same material.
- The Experiment: Fixed placement of Cheese inside Research Samples.
- Recruitment: There is now a teleporter system, connecting from the upper hall in East Sector to the Monitoring Rooms.
- Recruitment: Added skylights to various areas of the Monitoring Rooms.
- Recruitment: Added bunks along the rear hall of the Obstacle Course.
- Recruitment: Added lots more computers and other props to the map.
- Recruitment: Added a skylight to a darker portion of the Glass Halls.
- Recruitment: The stack of boxes on the Glass Halls Landing Pad is now easier to jump up, giving access to the rooftop of Glass Halls.
- Recruitment: Added fences around the upper areas near Glass Halls.
- Recruitment: The Power Station Room has been lengthened by about 40%, to make it a bit less claustrophobic.
- Recruitment: The very tiny Observation Room in the upper level of Obstacle Building has been lengthened by about 25% to make it a bit less claustrophobic.
- Recruitment: Some Power Item Canisters have been moved around.
- Recruitment: The Glass Halls airlock is now more forgiving but will now also more reliably send Spacemen to their death instead of dragging them along the floor. Its trigger area has been reduced some, the floor now indicates the airlock's hazard zone, and the door coming in from outside has been moved slightly further away so that entering Spacemen have a better chance at avoiding it.
- Hypertrain: The Dining Car (Blue Car) has received a major visual overhaul.
- Hypertrain: There is now a teleporter system going from the center of the Orange Car to the center of the Yellow Car.
- Hypertrain: Removed Power Outage Lever from the Yellow Car.
- Gardens: This map has received a major visual overhaul, including lots of new foliage, interior decorations, and more.
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Zag  [developer] Mar 8, 2018 @ 7:40am 
New hotfix! "Ice Point" Hotfix 1

General Changes:

- Fixed: Clients can not steal keycards from other players.
- Fixed: Thermal images were not showing properly when
- Fixed: VOIP key changed to Caps Lock by default. (It is back to X again.)
- Fixed: Some default bindings were missing from the game, but may still be present for some players. (1, 2 keys for swapping between your items, H key to inspect weapon)
- Fixed: When destroying computers, the particle effect is incosistent at different quality levels.
- Fixed: Spacemen clients who emoted certain emotes at others weren't properly saying "Hello, COLOR!" (for example) and were instead saying "Hello, SCANNING...!"
- Spectator Ghosts can now travel through teleporters to better follow the action. (This happens silently, of course.)

Spaceburbia Improvements:

- Spaceburbia has received received additional optimization.
- [known issue] The overhead map is not yet updated to reflect some of the latest changes.
- Approximate reduction of 500 actors from merging pieces of the map.
- Adjusted door's and walls that intersect in ugly ways throughout the map.
- Added additional detail to the areas outside of the playzone, particularly southeast of Blue House.
- Fixed an issue where Spacemen ejected from the Park EME would get deflected at a strange angle due to the Security Camera above it.
- Removed Yellow House backyard. Added fences between Yellow-Pink and Yellow-Red.
- Moved Yellow House rear door from west side of house to the south side of the house.
- Improved some lighting in Orange House.
- Additional props added to various houses.
- Moved Park Storage building forward.
- Improved visuals of Park Storage building.
- Added an upper-floor balcony to the front of Blue House for easier egress.

Zag  [developer] Mar 10, 2018 @ 12:27pm 
New hotfix! "Ice Point" Hotfix 2

Gameplay Changes:

- Automatic Doors are now super responsive for clients. You should no longer find yourself smashing your face into doors in order to open them.
- Fixed: If a Spaceman character doesn't have anyone controlling it, hit directional indicators show up on the host player's screen when this character is damaged.
- The Monster can now show up as the Monster's killer (if they killed themselves.)
- The Monster's killer (if there is one) now shows up immediately (in blue) on the Game Over screen, just below the "Was The Monster!" text.
- Fixed: Killer information could be invalid or blank if a Spaceman's killer dies at the same time they kill someone else.
- The "Death Proof" Suit ragdoll has been improved. (Probably.)

Map Changes:

- Spaceburbia has received multiple visual and optimization improvements, listed below.
- Replaced all Bathroom props throughout Spaceburbia with newer models.
- Added shelving to washrooms.
- Replaced flooring in Red house Washroom with Tiles.
- Replaced flooring in Upper Washroom of blue house with tiles.
- Added missing roof trim to southwest side of Blue house.

- Echo has received multiple visual and optimization improvements, listed below.
- Added Lighting strips in Bridge.
- Added a Captain's chair to the Bridge.
- Added loads of shelving to various rooms.
- The Engine Room now looks more like a proper engine room.
- The Laboratory now has a second floor and more sciency stuff.
- Fixed various gaps in doors, walls, and floors.
- Added Kitchen area to back of lunchroom.
- Added proper space toilets (and other bathroom things.)
- Added more things to the Blue Mess, mostly just messy things.

- Outpost: Optimized various portions of the facility.
- Outpost: The Freezer is now very cold.
- Outpost now has some icicles. (Work in progress.)

- Abduction: Various graphical errors on the terrain/texture blending on grass and dirt has been drastically improved.
- Abduction: Spectator Ghosts can now pass through the windows of the house in order to enter quickly.

- Recruitment now has icicles.
Zag  [developer] Mar 16, 2018 @ 11:02pm 
New hotfix! "Ice Point" Hotfix 3

General Changes:

- Monster Opt In should no longer be picking the same person over and over (or frequently) as monster.
- The Monster has received numerous balance tweaks to push early game survivability while lowering late-game destruction.
- Monster Claw damage per level is now +1, down from +2.
- The Monster no longer gains additional Claw Damage after Level 5.
- Monster now gains 40 HP per level, up from 35, until Level 5.
- Monster Health Gain after level 5 is now 8 HP per level, down from 10.
- Monster Digestion now takes 150 seconds, down from 300 seconds. With the Decorpsinator Perk, it takes 75 seconds, down from 150.
- If the Monster is burrowed, the burrow crack now glows orange for spectators ghosts.
- Fixed: Messages about innocent kills and smelling murderers can show up after the game has already ended.
- There is now a "slot machine" of sorts when the server is picking the Monster each round. This is done to better help Spacemen understand the complicated (read: totally simple) process The Company undertakes to ensure you feel like your input matters at all in the universe, even if it.. Well, never mind that. Enjoy the new spinny thing!
- The Warmup (Loadout Select) screen has been improved with various blurs and fades.
- The Monster Opt-In button now changes to say whether you are a Spaceman or Monster, with appropriately colored text.
- The Health Syringe now becomes stuck in its target for 30 seconds after they are stabbed with it, in roughly the same spot they were stabbed. This includes when a Spaceman sticks themselves with a syringe, which will appear on their left forearm.
- The Health Syringe now has first and third person animations when used.
- The Health Syringe has been resized and is now properly held in the hands, especially during animation.
- Research Samples and Supply Crates are now carried in a universally consistent position, meaning they will no longer block the camera.
- Made most of the gray text white on all menu buttons to better illustrate they are active buttons.
- Flashlight on/off is now instantly responsive for the local player, even if they have a high ping to the server.
- The Assault Rifle now has a fire-mode indicator on its crosshair. 3 bullets for full-auto (unzoomed) and 1 bullet for semi-auto (zoomed.)
- Doors can no longer be repaired for 1 second after taking damage. This was done to prevent the notorious "inifini-repair" griefing tactic.
- Fixed: Flamethrower residue doesn't count the Flamethrower wielder as the damage dealer.
- The Acid Bomb now leaves a gooey orange splat once it's destroyed.
- Added collision to Sink and Toilets.
- There are now bubbles inside the Colorblind Virus Jar, because glub glub.
- Hit reactions (from being shot) no longer make the character's weapon arm flail around so much, and all round look a tad more realistic (but still funny.)
- Weapons can now have different impulses on hit reactions, meaning the Railgun pushes a Spaceman's body around more than a lighter bullet might.
- Lobby: The host now sees "Change Map" text on the map lobby image so Dave can find the button more easily.
- Lobby: Improved the overall look of the map lobby image animation.
- Lobby: The Map Selection menu has had improvements to its look.
- Lobby: In the Map Selection menu, "Hazard Rating" has been changed to read as "Environmental Hazards."
- Lobby: In the Map Selection menu, All maps have had their Environmental Hazard rating shifted according to how frequently Spacemen fall off ledges, drop-bridges, and airlocks. Maps without airlocks or bottomless pits are only 1 Environmental Hazard rating, whereas something like Tidal Lock would be 3 Environmental Hazard rating, for obvious reasons.
- Lobby: In the Map Selection menu, maps no longer show recommended players, as this was mostly useless and not very accurate. All maps are now adjusted to be playable at under 5 players, BEST at around 5 to 15 players, and support up to 20 players for maximum chaos.


- NEW HELMET: The Champion Helmet. Celebrating the Early Access of AMID EVIL on Steam, anyone who owns this game will receive this badass helmet.
- NEW HELMET: The Riot Helmet. Available on the Unfortunate Space Store.
- NEW HELMET: The Surveyor Helmet. Unlocks once you reach Rank 25.
- Helmets have shifted in their unlock order.
- The Pilot Helmet now unlocks once you reach Rank 10. (Was 15.)
- The Bubble Helmet now unlocks once you reach Rank 15. (Was 18.)
- The Hazmat Helmet now unlocks once you reach Rank 20. (Was 25.)
- The 5 available "Eyeball" visors (Blue, Green, Brown, Cataracts, Dilated) have received some artwork improvements and now animate in a nervous manner.
- Improved appearance of Robro head at short distances.
- The Helmet selection screen now shows all helmets available in the game, and an icon showing the various ways of obtaining them. If there is a number instead of an icon, this represents the level you need to be to unlock the helmet.
- You can now click on shop helmets that you don't have and it will take you to the shop page where you can obtain said helmet.
- There is now a large tooltip when entering the Helmet selection screen, explaining how multiple helmet selection works. (For the noobs.)
- The Helmet, Visor, and Suit selection screens now use orange button outlines instead of blue, to better differentiate between selected items and items highlighted by your cursor.

Map Changes:

- There is now an outhouse.

- New Map Lobby Image
- Moved a Power Item Canister in Blue House upper floor that Spacemen could get stuck behind
- Moved a coffee table in Yellow House so Spacemen can walk around it

- New Map Lobby Image
- Fixed an issue in Red's Shack where Spacemen would visually sink into the floor.
- Various optimizations
- Added some particles to the outside vents
- Fixed some door panels that were stuck inside of the walls

- New Map Lobby Image
- Various optimizations
- Added warning stripes around the Blue Hall airlock.
- Added more blood to the Laboratory
- Blocked off the area above the upper Blue Hall, where Monsters could jump

Space Bar:
- Both theatres have received updated artwork.
- Seperated the upstairs Projector Room into 3 separate rooms.
- Various visual improvements throughout the map.
- Added 2 break rooms to the Projector area
- Optimize some particle performance in the Kitchen
- Removed plants from main bar and added glass instead
- Removed glass on the hallways to the theatre rooms

- Added more icicles
- Various optimizations
- More blood in various locations
- Better reflection captures throughout the map
- Fixed a specific item spawn that would put a radio inside a desk
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