Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen

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Zag  [developer] Oct 6, 2017 @ 1:54pm
0.2.20 "Jump Point"
It's here! New Assault Rifle and Railgun artwork, optimization, and MORE!


0.2.20 "Jump Point"

- Spacemen base walk and crouch speed increased by roughly 5%. This is a balance change to help Spacemen close distances more quickly.
- Due to increased player movement speed, Oxygen now decays faster, at a rate of 1 Oxygen per 0.22 seconds (was 1 Oxygen per 0.25 seconds.)
- Automatic doors now open from slightly further away.
- Automatic doors now open twice as quickly.
- Hitmarkers have been moved to the client side. This means even with very high ping, you will still get (usually accurate) hitmarkers instantly.
- Bullet impacts are now client-side for the shooter, meaning even with high ping, bullet impacts will still appear on time (and will usually be correct.)
- The Warmup/Loadout countdown has been improved, both with new coloration and new sound effects.
- The Monster Opt-In button now uses the new monster artwork.
- There are now sound effects when jumping and when landing, in both Spacemen and Monster form, and different sounds for magnetic boots.
- There is now a first person leg animation for jumping.
- The first person weapon/arms no longer bob as if walking while airborne.
- In the main menu, Host A Game button now reads Start A Game.
- Airlocks now have a visible stream of air hissing out of them while armed.
- The XP bar on the scoreboard is now animated and has sound effects.
- You ranked up! popup now comes after the scoreboard XP animation. Not final, but better.

- The radiation (geiger counter) sound on unsealed Research Samples is now a bit louder.
- Research Sample "eggs" now glow in the dark, making them easier to see from a distance.
- The Shuttle Cockpit Door is now painted red, for safety or whatever.
- Research Samples no longer show their HUD waypoint once they have been placed into an Emergency Mass Ejector.
- The Monster can no longer see Research Sample HUD waypoints if the Sample is actively being carried by a Spaceman. This is to help Spacemen complete objectives without feeling as though they're just putting a giant bullseye on themselves. The Monster will have to rely on his senses and intellect to find Spacemen and figure out where Samples are heading off to.
- Security Bots who miss the shuttle are now killed once the doors close.
- Improved the Monster's top-of-HUD objective text to make it more clear that the Shuttle's Cockpit Door can be destroyed in order to win the round.

- Fixed: Corpse piles will sometimes float.
- Corpse Piles no longer impede player movement.
- Parasite Eggs no longer impede player movement.
- Acid Bombs no longer impede player movement.
- New sound for when Monster Form toggle comes off cooldown.

- The Company Assault Rifle now has a brand new look, including new animations.
- The Company Railgun now has a brand new look, including new animations.
- The Railgun no longer has a crosshair when unzoomed. The crosshair will only appear while zooming.
- Zoomable weapons now unzoom automatically once they overheat.
- You can no longer zoom in while a weapon is overheating
- The Rocket Launcher is now colored white to match the other weapons in The Company manufacturing line.
- Scanners now spawn up to 2 per map, up from 1.
- Noise Grenades now spawn up to 2 per map, down from 3.
- The final weapon unlock in Shapeshifter mode has been changed to the Auto Shotty. Previously was the regular Shotgun.
- Added fire sound to flamethrower fire residue

- Janitor Perk now has an added bonus which automatically clears debris when walked over. (Does not activate in Monster Form)
- The Monster's "Patient" Perk no longer stops the Health Station screen from getting messed up while in use by the Monster. Monsters will now need to be a bit more careful when using the Health Station around suspicious Spacemen.
- The Parasite Facehugger is now killed if the Chocolate Milk Perk is triggered.

- All helmets now have multiple levels of LOD, reducing distant polygons by 4x in some cases.
- The default Spaceman Suit now has a proper LOD, reducing it from around 14,000 tris up close, to around 4000 tris at a distance. This means it's rendering about 1/3rd of its polygons at long distances.
- All maps had a Shuttle below the map (for reasons that aren't applicable to the new Shuttle sequence) and this has now been removed on all maps, resulting in improved performance.
- Optimized THICC textures to better support lower end PCs.
- Optimized some more floor and barrel meshes that didn't have any LODs or weren't using them agressively enough. Side-affect of this makes the main menu render around 50% less polygons, as well as Kema.

- Various maps have received an additional 4th Emergency Mass Ejector (EME) to make launching samples slightly quicker. They are as follows:
- Abduction: Added EME by the Barn Landing Pad.
- Duress: Added EME to the Long Hall Landing Pad.
- Echo: Added EME to Blue Mess area.
- Recruitment: Added EME to the Snowball Landing Pad.
- Tidal Lock: Added EME to the bottom floor, planetside.

- Abduction: Replaced extinguisher prop by the tree with an useable Fire Extinguisher item.
- Abduction: 2 "oxygen sheds" have been added to the north and south end of the map, out in the desolate wooded areas.
- Claustrophobia: Replaced extinguisher prop behind the bar with an useable Fire Extinguisher item.
- Claustrophobia: Received multiple new changes including lowering more walls, opening more lines of sight in all 4 of the major areas, and cutting off more entrances for better defensive "back to the wall" positions while still leaving escape routes available.
- Claustrophobia: New lobby image
- Claustrophobia: New layout in Commons, opened up the other side again so there's 2 entrances. Bar now connects to kitchen for an escape route.
- Claustrophobia: All flipped tables in Commons can be jumped over now without having to crouch
- Duress: Tram Station ledges are now a bit more visible in the dark, to prevent APLFisher from walking off the edge.
- Outpost: Replaced extinguisher prop behind the bar with an useable Fire Extinguisher item.
- Recruitment: Improved the chair artwork in the Monitoring Room.
- Recruitment: The main Monster-Tracker in the Monitoring Room now has artwork indicating the Monster's approximate location, instead of text.
- Space Bar: Additional chair and countertops have been added, along with some other visual changes, such as chainlink barriers in some indoor locations.
- Billiard balls no longer collide with players, causing disorienting or game-breaking effects.
- The Experiment: Research Samples have gotten... waxy.

- Fixed: Shuttle Escape ("Leaving on a Jet Shuttle") achievement should now properly unlock.
- Fixed: Spaceman Tutorial does not properly allow for completion of the Debris cleanup segment.
- Security Cameras now face the correct direction after being repaired.
- Fixed: Time Limit in lobby says 15, instead of 18.
- Fixed: Human movement speed is not always synced between client and server, causing "hiccups" when walking, especially while turning a corner or changing direction rapidly.
- Fixed: Keybindings screen can sometimes get stuck on screen at the beginning of a round.
- Fixed: Client/server both see same result of flames being extinguished (particles were not appearing on server)