SAVAGE: The Shard of Gosen

SAVAGE: The Shard of Gosen

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Tobor Prime  [developer] May 3, 2017 @ 4:01am
Patch Notes
Patch notes on latest build updates will be posted here!
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Tobor Prime  [developer] May 3, 2017 @ 4:14am 
Alpha 6.1 - 2017.5.1

  • Running into a slope that sits directly on top of a square-shaped solid is fixed
  • Gettings stuck in an endless air state loop when landing on a slope while your vspd is 0 is fixed
  • lifting solids is less buggy
  • lifting stunned enemies is fixed, especially on ramps, which previously caused the game to crash
  • lifting speed and placement of lifted object accounts for more unusually shaped enemies' bounding boxes
  • carrying enemies and solid objects is less buggy especially while in the air
  • carrying enemies and solid objects while moving into a ramp that is sitting on top of a solid square is fixed
  • Fixed a series of equipment list invalid entries that made certain pieces of gear crash the game when picked up

  • Many GUI elements have been redesigned or gotten another art pass
  • Created new font to replace a series of older fonts to unify GUI visuals
  • Early Argeshii enemies have gotten another art pass
  • Redesigned HUD, also showing appropriate mapped buttons
  • Mapped buttons across all HUD and GUI elements will swap between keyboard + mouse mode, and gamepad mode, depending on what control method the player is currently using
  • Fixed a series of enemy AI issues (more in the works)
  • Item lists rendering method has been rewritten
  • Adjusted the sprites for several spear weapons
  • Fixed SOME of the equipped gear placement drawing issues

  • Mouse support across all GUI elements
  • Completely remappable control schemes across keyboard + mouse and gamepad
  • New 'Video Settings' menu added including a series of appropriate options (MOST NOT FUNCTIONAL YET!)
  • New 'Game Options' menu added including a series of appropriate options (MOST NOT FUNCTIONAL YET!)
  • New early 'Argeshii Thug' enemy types added
  • New early Spider enemy
  • New 'Cave Creeper' enemy types added
  • Nerfed early Cave Bat enemy's AI to be easier to manage
  • Added a more aggressive/difficult bat enemy to compensate
  • Added dialogue for all the NPCs found in the Mining Prison
  • New story elements and quests found in the Mining Prison
  • New rooms and sub areas added
  • Leveling system re-written. Now, players will gain 'Essence Orbs' that they can spend on one of three stats: Might, Resolve, and Favor.Spending an Essence Orb on a stat will increase player level. Also added new UI elements for spending Essence Orbs
  • All weapons, shields, etc. have been consolidated into several damage and split damage types (blunt, slash, pierce, chop)
  • Weapon categories added for additional effects and bonuses (knockback, speed, maiming potential, etc.)
  • Base damage and weapon damage has been re-written to include player decisions on Essence spending (Might, Resolve, Favor) and to include individual weapon scaling for Might and Resolve, and 'Improvement' done at the forge
  • Shields with bonus damage (spikes, blades, other harmful protrusions) now damage enemies when shield bashed
  • New vendor system (now you can actually spend all that gold and sell unwanted items/weapons/armor)
  • New key items
  • New "Keys" inventory section that holds found iron, gold and quest specific key items, and their corresponding item descriptions
  • Added stat requirements for weapons, armor and shields
  • New Blacksmith NPC and location in 'Gussek - the border village'
  • New tutorial objects, prompts, messages and tutorial sequence
  • 6 New songs!
  • FINALLY got rid of crappy footstep sound FX and jump sound FX, replaced with new FX
Tobor Prime  [developer] May 6, 2017 @ 6:07pm 
Alpha 6.1.1 - 2017.05.06

  • Raising a shield against Thug enemies in the tutorial section sent them rocketing into outer space
  • Changing aspect ratios in video options caused game to crash on next startup
  • Using the forge after obtaining smithing hammer crashed game
  • Dropping broken equipment did not update the inventory slot as "not broken"
  • Inventory did not update to "not equipped" when weapons broke from death
  • Shields now take properly take durability damage and will break on death
  • Water FX shader is not drawn on video options screen when turning on the effect - older machines (while possibly running anti-virus software) caused the game to crash when trying to draw water FX shader. IF THIS IS HAPPENING, go into Options > Video > turn Water FX to OFF

  • Dodge roll can now be executed by simply running forward and tapping the DODGE button (in addition to ducking and tapping DODGE button)
  • Dodge roll speed is initially set higher
  • You can now drop broken equipment
  • You can now sell broken equipment (at a very low value)

Quick fix on shield bash knockback
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Tobor Prime  [developer] Sep 12, 2017 @ 8:42am 
Alpha 7.0.0 - 2017.09.12

  • Able to attack upward and downward from all appropriate player states (i.e. DOWNTHRUSTING!)
  • New animation sets (across 774 player frames, 2,322 armor frames!!), weapon and shield placements, and armor sprites to reflect the new directional attack feature
  • Dynamic weather added:
  • clear skies
  • cloudy/foggy
  • thunderstorm
  • light rain
  • rainstorm
  • snow
  • blizzard
  • (sandstorms are planned for appropriate areas)
  • The dynamic weather is dependent on the current area (biome) you are in, and what game season (fall, winter, spring/summer)
  • New sun sprites and effects to reflect runrise, noon, sunset, and if there is currently "bad" weather
  • New cloud sprites that actively reflect the time of day and current weather
  • New moon sprites and moon phases
  • New stars and constellations that change over time
  • New seasonal backgrounds for different areas to reflect the change in season
  • The day/night system, along with factors like season, weather, moon phase, and what constellation is currently dominant in the sky will affect the randomized encounters on the overworld map. Constellations and their corresponding gods will also trigger certain events and secrets on the overworld map (MUCH of this is still being worked on!)
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Tobor Prime  [developer] Dec 13, 2017 @ 5:35am 
Alpha 8.0.1 - 2017.12.13

  • Fixed making Crogyle hostile and breaking Losech NPC
  • Fixed game crashing when pushing, pulling, or carrying a solid outside of screen boundaries
  • Fixed player getting "sucked" into an enemy shield when striking enemies with high knockback resist
  • Fixed player not bouncing off of larger enemies that use unusually shaped damage masks when downward striking them
  • Fixed player not bouncing off of enemy shields when downward striking them
  • Fixed downward or upward striking with main weapon causing attacks with sub weapon not being reset to horizontal
  • Fixed a bug where lifting an object near a solid sends you into the solid, getting you permanently stuck
  • Fixed a series of enemy corpse hit boxes to make them more appropriately sized
  • Fixed grabbing onto jump-through ledges sometimes not working. Now about a billion times more reliable (actual math... Actually, not really. But it works way better)
  • Fixed carrying object snap-to location calculation
  • Fixed walking down slopes while carrying an object resetting the state to look like the animation isn't playing
  • Fixed carried block "landing" on a jump-through platform or solids triggering landing FX (like dust clouds) when it shouldn't. This also fixes the player's vertical speed being killed for a frame when doing so
  • Fixed if roll dodging, pushing jump while overlapping ladder will descend ladder - THEN, pushing down to climb down, running out of ladder space, Kell will be stuck in the duck state until landing on solid ground and pushing jump
  • Fixed moving on platform shifts kell when platform changes direction
  • Fixed if vspd < 0 and kell jumps up into platform, kell is stuck in air state, presumably stuck inside platform. he then moves along with platform
  • Fixed Kell rubberbanding around moving platforms if you are in the wall cling state (walljump prepare) and the moving platform changes direction
  • Fixed one-way moving platforms causing issues if they pass over kell while he is ledge hanging/climbing a different platform or solid
  • Fixed Kell not "following" a moving one-way-moving-ledge if ledge hanging off of it
  • Changed the method of corpse hit box assignment, making lifting them, tossing them, and generally interacting with them more visually accurate, AND it just feels better
  • New NPCs
  • A series of new shields
  • New "SKS" flavored easter egg weapons and item descriptions
  • Tweaked stat requirements across multiple pieces of gear
  • Fixed throwing weapons returning "0" amounts of ammo
  • Tweaked spawn types on overworld map
  • Tweaked healing properties on some recovery items
  • Player can now upward/downward strike with weapons equipped to sub slot
  • Player can now attack with throwing weapons upward and downward
  • Player can now lift, carry, and throw corpses (for some savagely humorous results)
  • Added running water FX (shallow water, waterfalls, etc.)
  • New pretty (er, I mean, brutal) waterfall backgrounds
  • Added Noctwurm cultist enemies (with several randomized elements)
  • Completed Hell's Teeth location
  • Added new visual props and graphics elements for Noctwurm cultist locations
  • Added consistent visuals to the contextual item menu
  • Changed the "level up" menu method (now, drinking from Essence Vessels gives you "level up" option. Choosing this takes you directly to the level up menu where you can assign stats)
  • Begun work on "Kuchvek's Crossing" area
  • Changed frequency of bad weather
  • Tweaked "darkness" of bad weather (especially at night)
Tobor Prime  [developer] Jan 19, 2018 @ 10:24am 
Alpha 8.6 - 2018.1.19

  • Fixed insect nest spawner sometimes turning invisible or being assigned an impact sprite instead of nest sprite
  • Fixed enemy objects and corpse objects landing on spikes and displaying the correct blood color on spikes
  • Fixed enemies getting thrown into solids or other enemies, if they can bleed, dripping the correct blood color
  • Fixed enemy hitbox check when initially lifting a stunned enemy to allow for more successful lifting of stunned enemies
  • Fixed spike spring traps not getting bloodied when player hits them
  • Fixed "platform wasps" not moving
  • Added corpse lifting tutorial slab
  • Added upward and downward attack tutorial slab
  • Fixed some tutorial typos
  • Fixed Kell getting stuck in the ground (especially slopes) when holding "up" and jumping into grabbable ledge that is too close to a solid below Kell
  • Added new Essence Orb pickup
  • Player now drops Essence Orbs and BP on death -- can return to the site of their death to reclaim them
  • Conditions on death can potentially create some interesting and deadly results (including spawning in a shadow version of themselves)
  • Randomized encounters on the world map will now be "locked" on death, allowing you to revisit them to reclaim your essence. Elements like time of day, season, etc. will still change the encounter appropriately, but room composition and location will be locked.
  • New Gosen Hills Binding Stone location
  • Fixed getting stuck inside of elevators by... well, killing the player.
  • Added random essence drop encounters being SAVED to your save file, if for example, you quit the game without reclaiming your essence/orbs. Your last death location ad the type of dropped essence will be loaded up the next time you play
  • Fixed random encounter room arrays not producing the correct information (and breaking the death essence drop locations)
  • Fixed the manner in which the game records the last "safe" location of the player (like when you die on spikes and have a ressurection token)
  • Fixed dropped essence/orbs NOT spawning on the player's last "safe" location on room start if you enter the room you died in last. This keeps them from spawning on spots with hazards like spikes
  • Fixed a certain weapon spawning ALL THE TIME in EVERY broken container
  • Fixed weather FX drawing in the foreground when the character is underwater (looked stupid to have snow and rain falling all around the player while they are underwater!)
  • Fixed some of the ocean and underwater parallax effects, especially to accomodate deeper underwater regions
  • Fixed some unusual room choices and tidied up some object placement
  • Kuchvek's crossing now has raisable platforms
  • Rewrote some dialogue
  • Added a 'burning' status effect to enemies and corpses
  • Nerfed the 'stunned' state for most enemies. Enemies now have a default maximum stun time (weaker ones remain stunned for longer). This will also work with one of your sub stats dealing increased stun time to an enemy
  • lessened the amount of essence needed to create an Orb to compensate for the new Essence drop mechanic
Tobor Prime  [developer] Nov 30, 2018 @ 3:19pm 
Alpha 9.0.0 - 2018.11.30

  • Added weather and region specific dynamic background tile layers
  • Added functionality to pressure plates
  • Added new item sprite and description for the Walljump item
  • Added new "shard" themed props and assets
  • Added exciting, horrible and frustrating new hazards, like beams and lasers
  • Added streams of lava and large bodies of lava
  • Added new "Slave Garb" armor set, including new pieces to allow me to make more visually different armor sets
  • New status ailments: Drowning, Burning, Poison, Paralysis, Curse
  • New status ailments "bars" that appear above the player
  • New enemy healthbars
  • Added Leeches (cures Poison)
  • Added Crogue Needles (cures Paralysis and mitigates being grabbed)
  • Added Soothing Balm (cures Burning)
  • Added God Bone (removes Curse)
  • Added several new NPCs
  • New rooms and buildings in Gussek, the border village
  • ALL NPCs can now be attacked and/or made hostile, and as a result, can be killed New NPC related items
  • New lock and key system for "background" doors
  • New shortcut within Devil's Shade, both in the actual level and outside on the overworld map
  • Access to Gosenian Highlands and dungeons (Hell's Teeth, Highland Cliffs, Kuchvek's Crossing)
  • New CUNNING stat
  • New player sheet with redesigned UI elements showing which sub stats are being affected when leveling up main stats (Might, Resolve, Cunning, Favor)

  • Rewrote physics for pickups and items
  • Dropped items from inventory now get "dropped" in the direction you are facing
  • Improved and fixed many rooms (traversal problems, prop placements, etc.)
  • Skull Wound tokens now equal 4 hit points per Skull instead of 2 hit points per Skull
  • Fixed torches outside at certain times of day drawing an ugly transparent square (improved "lighting" FX)
  • Changed texture page sizes to 1024x1024 from 2048x2048 - Overworld map runs MUCH better as a result, as well as improved performance across game
  • Game is now compiled in the YoYo Compiler for Windows target platform resulting in (pretty awesome) improved performance (mostly during testing now - future builds will be compiled this way)
  • TONS of code and asset optimization, resulting in better performance
  • Fixed AI behaviors for Argeshii Brute and similar enemies
  • Carried undead corpses, if flagged as able to return to "life", once re-animated, will be dropped and do damage to the player like a normal enemy
  • Changed the color of "healing" number popups from green to gold (green looked like poison and was terrifying)

  • Fixed NPC in border village turning into headless corpse
  • Fixed items from crates and other breakables getting stuck in walls (FINALLY)
  • Fixed giving Gal'Vek's remains to Losech and the player freezing up bug
  • Fixed Kell appearing in middle of screen in mid air if exiting left from the small cinematic intro screen of burning village sequence
  • Fixed dropped Fetishes giving you FAVOR (i.e. player could pick up a new Fetish, get FAVOR, then drop the Fetish again, pick it up again, and still get FAVOR)
  • Fixed using Fetishes NOT removing FAVOR
  • Fixed Kell NOT locking to breakable solid container objects when ledge grabbing onto them
  • Fixed hit box NOT updating to smaller size hit box when dodge rolling out of a ledge climb animation
  • Fixed Kell's feet getting stuck in a moveable block when ledge climbing up onto the block (if block is on upward moving platform)
  • Fixed inventory screen matching a fade in or out - you can now see it clearly if you pause during a fade
  • Fixed falling hazards landing on enemy corpses crashing game
  • Fixed a bug where Jailer in intro prison cell scene is in a constant attack loop
  • Fixed a bug with brown spider enemy "jittering" between animations during an attack
  • Fixed game crashing when viewing the level up screen when sub slot 2 has a weapon equipped to it and NO weapon is equipped to sub slot 1
  • Fixed a bug where, carrying a corpse and jumping up into a solid (i.e. ceiling) would cause the player to get stuck in the solid, or slowly travel up through the solid
  • Fixed carrying corpses marked as undead, returning to "life", then crashing game
  • Fixed carrying corpses marked as undead stopping their "coming back to life" animation when carried
  • Fixed game crashing when ledge climbing up onto a "push block" resulting from variable "can_move" not being defined
  • Fixed certain enemies, when carried by player and killed, crashing the game
  • Fixed Star Flail breaking game on pickup, or creating a Pocked Sica on pickup
  • Fixed Blacksmith in Gussek not caring if you RETURN to him either naked or wearing slave garb (he should be upset)
  • Fixed "angry" NPCs not deactivating their dialogue interaction objects
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