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The run key - why is it even there?
Perhaps I'm being overly cynical here for such good controls, but the run key is quite a confusing matter for me. I used it twice or so in world 1 on my first playthrough, only in the levels that required it, until I got to world 2, where I kept the button depressed throughout the entire next couple chapters. Which leads to a question: why is the key there? There's no advantage to walking rather than running (that I've seen so far; correct me if I'm wrong), and my finger is quite sore from just holding the key down constantly. I have half a mind to map it to left, right, and jump, just so I don't have to bother with keeping the button pressed constantly.
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I have no idea man, I've wondered that myself.
There are areas where you need to slow down in mid air or make tight jumps and not have run held. But maybe it would have been better to have always run and RT for 'walk' or not-run.
i always looked at it as a "special" button. meatboys special is his ability to run. Naijas ability slows in air, and then when released blasts through the air. though this doesnt work for everyone, like the ogmo double jumping.
I've wondered this a bit myself, many a time has my pinky/ring finger gotten muscle cramp from holding down Shift. Sometimes I'm tempted to use other characters than Meat Boy since some seem to run by default (such as Tim), but I just end up using him anyway because he's awesome :D
But yeah as ElectricShoes said there are certain times when you do need to let go of it to land at specific points. For example last night I was playing a Warp Zone in which I had to land on a 1-block wide bit of terrain. Due to the location of it I couldn't land without letting go of Shift, otherwise I'd fly to the right and into death.
1. Try to compete The Kid warpzone on the run and you will understand ))
2. It's simply tribute to the _nes_ controller
Gaure 2012年9月11日 7時34分 
well I use a keyboard... I don't understand the problem...
so you can move fastur
It's for those like me who don't have a steady hand, and if they run on delicate jumps or run when they are trying to get a key placed next to some sawblades we can walk slowly an with more control to get it without charging face-first into the hazzards.

Also keep in mind the run key is whats used to use abilities on the other characters, like flipping gravity with Captian Viridian or to reverse time when playing as Tim.
For Meat Boy, it gives you more control over your jumps when you're mid-air. Since the left and right are digital, not analog, the speed control makes a big difference, especially if you're trying to land on something like one block.

True, most of the time you'll be holding down run, but only when you're going in a straight trajectory. For weaving between saws and whatnot, the separate button helps a lot.

*Edit: Keyboard is a different story I suppose -- holding down the shift key could get annoying. But SMB's designed for gamepad, and on gamepad the run key definitely makes sense.
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When you go for 106%, A+ all of Dark World, or the harder "...without dying" achievements, you'll get it.
You do NOT want to hold the run button all the time.....particularly on some tricky jumps you will want to let go of the run button and push it again (pushing/holding run affects your AERIAL MOVE SPEED, so you can let go of it to slow down while flying across the air)
For a simple one-sentence answer: Try unlocking the kid while only running. Now you know.
Also some characters cant run, and there special is using shift. Like Naija. Very interesting Arc but holding shift on the ground is pretty useless. Controlling meat boy with no shift makes certain jumps easier, or to lower momentum (sp?)

Btw lumpco...good idea...I'ma try without holding run all the time with the kid. Maybe I'll get lucky..
Yeah, everyone else said it, but in particular, to see the dramatic difference between holding down run on Meat Boy vs not.. jump against a wall and begin sliding down it. Now jump away while holding run. Do the same thing without holding run. Notice how much further you move and the degree of control that changes. There are times you'll need to do stuff like jump "around" something on the same wall you're on, and you'll need to NOT be holding down run or else you'll die.
Letting off the run for an instant is essential for executing some speedruns too, it has it's uses.
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