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kay 2013年8月17日 19時00分
Contoller or Keyboard
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cy 2013年8月17日 20時10分 
I've beaten the game with both, use whatever you want.
If you're using a keyboard, though, make sure it can actually handle the # of consecutive key-presses. For example, you can't press L-Shift, Space, and Right Arrow consecutively on a Logitech G510.
There's only 4 controls, so it doesn't really matter either way.
I find it's harder with the keyboard but I have gotten used to it.
Platformers should be played with a controller
Controller is much better
Less cramps with a controller
VetaL 2013年8月23日 4時58分 
Both, i prefer keyboard, but it just pretends what you're used to play with.
It's not even a question. Controller. Anyone playing with a PS3 controller other than me? What software are you guys using?
Nomah 2013年8月30日 8時14分 
Many persons find it more easier with the controller, but keyboard isn' impossible, the world record on 106% is made by keyboard :)
I think the controller is better for this game because by my keyboard I must do some jumps over it ..... :D
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1-15 / 60 のコメントを表示
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