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Why on earth would anyone want to play with a Gamepad on a PC???
I have a keyboard for a reason. I never really understood why the game says "Get a gamepad, for your own safety" and whatever at the beginning, and shrugged it off as a joke - because I don't see why anyone would play with that thing.
It's not worth my money if I already have a perfectly working keyboard, in my opinion.
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NukeHP 21 ian., 2013 @ 16:28 
I came into PC gaming after around 20 years of being almost exclusively a console player. As such, I'm one of those that very much feels more comfortable with a pad than keyboard controls in a lot of game types. Hell, it even took me some serious time to adjust to playing FPS games on keyboard, and that's a genre that is generally agreed to work much better with M&K controls.

Also, since I have consoles as well, I already had a pad that I didn't have to buy separately. For a while it was my PS3 controller via MotionInJoy and then I got a wired 360 pad for various reasons so that works as well, obviously.
sn00ze 21 ian., 2013 @ 17:33 
Some games are better with gamepad some with keyboard+mouse. SMB is one of those games which is way better with gamepad.
David 21 ian., 2013 @ 17:43 
I don't think there's a real difference as long as you're comfortable with one or the other. Keyboard works just as well as a gamepad.
and first of its a port from Xbox 360 so game is designed to be played with a gamepad,sure u can play it with keyboard but enjoy buying 10 new keyboard cuz u will broke them all xD
dart193 22 ian., 2013 @ 9:19 
Because some keyboards dont accept more than 2-3 key presses at once. If i hold run+left, pressing jump will not make Meat boy jump, and if i hold those 3 keys at once for 2-3 seconds, PC Speaker starts to beep, notifying that too much keys are pressed. On gamepad however, you can hold down every button with no problem. A lot of games require a lot of keypresses aat once. Also, it is called GAMEpad, designed specially for playing games. Keyboard is for text input, not for games.
Good points. I've been playing with a keyboard since 15 years ago, which is why I'm more comfortable with it than anything else. If someone else has been playing Gamepad for 15 years, obviously they'll be better with that. Also, the 3-key limitation is considerable as well.

So that part makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.
I'm used to both and comfortable with both played this game with both and decided i prefer game pad for this, it is much better and you don't have random deaths to to keys not being as sensitive as an analog stick
dblaney1 24 ian., 2013 @ 20:18 
I beat every level with a keyboard and a plussed them all. The game is perfectly possible with a keyboard.
I prefer using the keyboard as well. I bought a NES type gamepad when I bought the game. By the time I got it, I was used to the keyboard controls. Plus the D-pad didn't work...
I 100%'d up to Chapter 5 with a keyboard because I didn't have a controller. Once I got the controller (for Sonic Generations) and tried it with Super Meat Boy I found it to be much easier to control. I've played using the keyboard since Duke Nukem (not Duke Nukem 3D) and Commander Keen, so I was just as skeptical.

Turned out the message at the start was right, at least for me. As other people have said, it's down to personal preference. I'd say if you have a controller, give it a try and see how it feels and then choose which you prefer.
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It's true, gampad is much better. Games like Assassin's Creed are also great with a gamepad. Once you try it, you never want to go back to keyboard. Atleast, that's how it was for me.
Archagon 29 ian., 2013 @ 18:54 
I definitely prefer to play on my Logitech gamepad, but I don't see how anyone could prefer the Xbox controller. The d-pad is mushy and gross (unless you have one of the new ones, maybe?) and the analog stick is objectively far less responsive than a keyboard or d-pad, especially since there's no analog movement in the game. But maybe it doesn't matter all that much. Thoughts?
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NukeHP 29 ian., 2013 @ 22:35 

Having played the game at a pretty high level (A+ everything) using both the d-pad and the analog stick on a PS3 controller and the analog stick on the 360 controller, it really seems like a matter of preference to me. I don't notice any significant difference in my play between any of those methods in any case. One nice thing about the 360 pad compared to PS3, at least, is that it has reasonable trigger shape for running (using X or square I found had a tendency to cramp my hands much more quickly).
dart193 29 ian., 2013 @ 23:23 
My gamepad is w/o sticks - logitech one too. As for me, stick is useful only in racing games when pressing button may cause you to drift
Made and designed for a 360 controller, they're not a bad investment seeing how the industry tends to just port games to PC.
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