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Whole Fn Show 5. jan 2013 kl. 13:16
New controller not recognised
On Win XP. When I first got this game I had the standard trouble configuring my generic dualshock 2 knock off to work with a new (at the time) game, but got it sorted and played the hell out of it, but I recently relented and got a new Xbox controller, and it's not registering any inputs from it. I am seeing A and B prompts in the menus but only the keyboard inputs affect anything. I've tryed to delete the old setting, and of course the old Dinput to Xinput DLLs and configs but I think theres some hidden settings in the cloud I can't reset and I'm terrified of losing my saves, comparatively humble as they are. Can't find anyone w similar problem. Any help would be appreciated, except "upgrade from Win XP" that's happening in March.

Edit: Meant to say I "delete local content"'d, could anyone tell me which files are saves and which settings? If there are any other folders other than the one in Steam/Common/[SMB]?
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Blodskolt 6. jan 2013 kl. 8:38 
The ../UserData folder is your savegames and replays, just backup that entire folder :)

Not sure about the 36+ controller, have you tried downloading these drivers: ?
Whole Fn Show 6. jan 2013 kl. 18:15 
Thanks fellow Grim Fandango enthusiast, I was confused as to what the legion .rpl's where, I did have that driver installed (double checked it was identical to the one you linked) but haven't noticed it do anything useful to anything other than help file, update settings and such.

Through your suggested and similar fiddlings (renaming SMB folder, Clean/Steam cloudy reinstall , delete local content again, disable steam cloud, rename SMB folder again, clean reinstall. I even crawled behind my computer and did that unplug controller, start game, replug controller liked some kind of common human...) I think that the Steam cloud only backs up the save game (In folder it's 7.16KB, steamcloud totals 7.28, so unless it also has a 0.12kb setting somewhere?) I still might just delete the steam cloud as per instructions I found elsewhere in these forums.

Since starting this thread I've realised this isn't the official tech forum, Team Meat have their own, I might (register an account there and...) post this there instead. Or I mightn't. I'm wondering if I'm not kind of nearly done with all this and might just never play SMB again :( Thanks for help though :)


I never bothered going to official site but trying to resolve an imagined Hotline Miami controller issue brought a fresh, successful thought to my SMB issue, I tried re adding the x360ce settings back in and found a "disable" (presumablythe Xinput -> Dinput functions) option and it worked. To be specific I reconfigged a fresh .ini for the new controller and stuck that in. So presumably there was an un visible issue with SMBs setting relying on the x360ce stuff I just deleted as per the x360ce's offical instructions. So happy days, hope this helps some one w a similar problem someday.
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