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Luftmensch 23 grudnia 2012 o 22:07
In which I fuss about controller support like everyone else
This complaint is probably as old as SMB on Windows but what the hell, I'll vent anyway. I play platformers on a keyboard. Partly because I don't have an Xbox 360 controller, partly because I prefer binary inputs anyway, and decades of playing games on the PC has gotten my hands accustomed to it. So it strikes me as a big stupid slap on the face when I play Super Meat Boy and there's only one control option for keyboard, which requires to hold your hand in one of the least possible positions, and they even picked the spacebar as the jump button (sure, it's fine if you don't need precise or frequent jumping, but the spacebar is literally the biggest button on the keyboard, it's not mechanically suitable for the kind of actions and timing SMB demands). Why can't AS or ZX be the run/jump buttons? I dunno. But there's no comfortable way to hold down shift and use the spacebar for long periods of time.

To add insult to injury, every goddamned time the game loads they slap a big messages berating you for not using a 360 controller. FFS why would you make an uncomfortable control scheme, and then say it's my fault for not buying a $50 peripheral?

Until the day Team Meat owns up, I guess I have to go and edit buttonmap.cfg manually. It's a great goddamned game, don't get me wrong, but I don't see how you can program, animate, and playtest for 19 playable characters to work in 240 levels each, but can't put button mapping in the options. Pretty lame.
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zeroxxx 26 grudnia 2012 o 20:43 
This is Indie, that's why. I never buy Indie games unless it's a bundle - they're overpriced and not worth my money because a simple customization functions aren't in them.
Luftmensch 26 grudnia 2012 o 21:21 
Actually my experience indie developers are much more open to listening to players and willing to add features if you ask. I still look for sales and bundles even though they are cheaper, but as far as missing features, I'm usually able to get in touch with the developers and request them if they're important. I haven't even bothered try with Team Meat because I saw a bunch of complaints already, which might be presumptuous of me.
TacDrol 26 grudnia 2012 o 23:21 
I agree, screw controllers, I've been doing just fine with K&M for years.
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