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PRAZ  [developer] Aug 31 @ 4:42pm
GOO PHASE 2 | Q3 2018 DevUpdate
New media & video footage available in official announcement thread:

We are updating the release window targets for Guardians of Orion Phase 2.

This is our largest production to date and has been underway for about a year now. We knew going into this it wouldn't be easy just with the modules and content we wanted to deliver, but also the unexpected variables that can and do popup when lifting the hood.

In my opinion GOO PHASE 2 is our greatest product to date and we cannot wait to share it with all of you - but only when the time is right.

The good news is we've done most of the critical components already, including major aspects such as but not limited to:
1. New game engine & technology integrations
2. New FPS Module
3. Optimizations & Polish (Technical)
4. Optimizations & Polish (Rendering)
5. Completely Remastered or Rebuilt Regions
6. Harvest v2.0
7. New Player HUD
8. SFX/VFX Remastering (Enemies, Worlds, Characters, Abilities, etc)

The remaining aspects are not nearly as complex as what has already been achieved, just more-so time consuming. However we have missed our targeted window and have now entered a segment of the year in which is overly saturated and populated with other amazing games. There are currently many things in motion and others that need to still be determined. There is nothing specific to announce just yet as we evaluate new release window viability between ourselves and intended partners/platform(s).

We are planning for ways that fans can play PHASE 2 before it officially comes out. We are working on setting up a Playable Preview so those interested can experience things a bit sooner. Beyond this and closer to the official public debut will likely be a 2nd play session in the form of a Beta. More details as we get closer and finalize key aspects.

The sooner it's released, the better for EVERYONE so this choice is made with a heavy heart but one that is ultimately best for the game.

We want to get this out to all of you to enjoy and experience. We have been working very hard on this product and are so proud of it. This is by far the best work we've done to date and we cannot wait to show you what we have been working on so hard.

The best way to help is simply spread the word!

Encourage people to check out the game or even all of the work completed on Phase 2 so far and helping bring additional awareness as we inch closer and closer.

Thanks for reading and more to come soon.

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Been itching to play but I dont want to wait forever.
PRAZ  [developer] Sep 17 @ 12:14pm 
This is a significant update, largest production we've ever done (including ORION: Prelude). Includes a new game engine, entirely remastered content and so much more that it's actually difficult to convey.

The short answer is however long it takes. This is a production we simply can't rush and it's very special. We had a small closed DevAlpha test yesterday to test some additional performance and polish, which you can check out some off-screen gameplay of that on our Twitter feed:

We hope to illustrate this less through words and more through a playable experience for you all as fast as possible. We are currently working on the finer details of setting things up like an Early Preview, Alpha Test, Beta and more as we continue to wrap up the development and coordinate the release with all associated partners.

Will continue to share things as we can!
So will i have something to do in game? Will there be missions? Having a npc tell me to go to the horde mode and come back, doesnt count as a mission. The hub areas i find super cool, but it feels like wasted potential. There is nothing to do! I say this not out of hate, but for general concern, and want. The game has good visuals, and a decent core of mechanics. Just give me something to do!
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No words about balance? I'm so dissapointed... Pyro still OP and the only playable guardian
Originally posted by Loyalist scum:
No words about balance? I'm so dissapointed... Pyro still OP and the only playable guardian

Weapons and Guardian abilities have been rebalanced for the patch. Here is some info from the tentative patch notes:

1. Adjusted Auto Pistol: Increased Ammo, reduced ROF, increased DMG, improved aimsights.
2. Adjusted SMG: Increased Ammo, modified ROF and DMG.
3. Adjusted Turret: Default Shader
4. Adjusted Auto Rifle: Now the LMG (Increased Ammo to 150, modified ROF/DMG).
5. Adjusted Combat Shotgun: Slightly Increased DMG.
6. Adjusted Sniper Rifle: Removed ChargeUP, Modified DMG, ROF & Accuracy.
7. Adjusted Jetpack: Remade from scratch, no altitude cap, improved refresh rate.
8. Adjusted Healing Bubble: Improved refresh rate.
9. Adjusted Portable Turret: Improved refresh rate.
10. Adjusted Blaster: Increased DMG, improved aimsights.
11. Adjusted Magnum: Slightly increased DMG, improved aimsights.
12. Adjusted Cloak: Improved refresh rate.
13. Adjusted AutoShotgun: Slightly reduced DMG, made into a “true automatic”.
14. Adjusted BurstRifle: Slightly increased DMG.
15. Adjusted Carbine: Slightly reduced DMG.

orionx2 Oct 10 @ 5:34pm 
A new game engine? or an updated game engine? and what is it?
I believe they mean a current build of Unreal Engine, not a port to a new game engine. They've also indicated that GOO 2, an unrealeased game will use Unity istead of Unreal.
Originally posted by sir_derlin:
I believe they mean a current build of Unreal Engine, not a port to a new game engine. They've also indicated that GOO 2, an unrealeased game will use Unity istead of Unreal.

GOO 2 (Unity version) was cancelled and all development effort was refocused to improve GOO.
PRAZ  [developer] Oct 11 @ 6:17am 
@orionx2 / sir_derlin:
New engine = Unreal 4.19. Previously the game was running on a much older form of Unreal.

@Other Projects
We had a GOO prototype underway using our new technology which runs on top of Unity. Over time we found an engineer capable of working on the existing project/foundation and this is no longer being used. Instead it's been repurposed for one of our other IP's for future use.

I really wish there was something to do in game. It seems the hub is a waste of potential. There is nothing to do
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