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flibitijibibo  [developer] May 12, 2017 @ 12:38pm
Update Log (Latest: 02142019 13:55 EST)
This is where I'll list changes made with each Steam update. Because of the way Steam works I'll just be posting updates in DDMMYYYY format; if you're unsure of the version you're on, simply verify the game cache while connected to Steam.

02142019, 13:55 EST
- Update to FNA 19.02

01162019, 16:25 EST
- Update FAudio to a756af4, cleans up resampling
- Add STAThread attribute to Main, stabilizes Windows version

01012019, 16:00 EST
- Update to FNA 19.01
- Add '-dsound' parameter, may fix crashes on Windows

11302018, 13:15 EST
- Revert to older MinGW for FAudio, fixes startup issues on Win64

11292018, 10:25 EST
- Update to latest FNA master revision, includes SDL 2.0.9 and latest FAudio
- Actually build the C# assemblies on the correct build system...

11262018, 10:00 EST
- Fix Japanese language support
- Update to FNA 18.11, includes FAudio rewrite
- Crash fix for abnormally high mouse button index values
- Music is now back in XACT format, Vorbis has been removed
- Disk usage will now be higher, but RAM usage will be much lower.

09272017, 11:50 EDT
- Generic FNA update, includes SDL 2.0.6 (may fix third-party controller bindings)

09192017, 11:20 EDT
- Update OpenAL Soft for Windows, fixes a critical bug for floating point math

08232017, 23:35 EDT
- Added an experimental '-d3d11' parameter to use Direct3D 11 on Windows
- Miscellaneous FNA updates

05282017, 12:00 EDT
- Add SetProcessDPIAware call for Windows
- Miscellaneous FNA + FNA.Steamworks updates

05162017, 23:15 EDT
- Fix local MP savedata being lost on game exit

05152017, 23:50 EDT
- Fix crashes on attempts to render CJK characters

05152017, 20:40 EDT
- Improve network player ID generation (should fix some crashes on joining a lobby)

05152017, 00:00 EDT
- Optimize leaderboard uploads to make hang fixes less stuttery

05142017, 19:05 EDT
- Fix the mall pet shop having the wrong names for the pets

05142017, 15:45 EDT
- More aggressive hang fixes for leaderboard uploads

05142017, 12:35 EDT
- Fix a crash when unlocking too many achievements at once

05142017, 10:40 EDT
- Fix a hang on exit

05132017, 17:45 EDT
- Add a sanity check to the 'display' config option on startup

05132017, 16:05 EDT
- Fix single-player mosh pit characters not despawning in online games

05122017, 19:00 EDT
- Fixed the music volume not applying on startup

05122017, 18:15 EDT
- Fixed private match invites/joins for Steam friends
- Fixed custom input prompts for Defibrillator

05122017, 15:35 EDT
- Fixed various music playback issues
- Fixed DS4 detection on Windows
- Added a '-lang' launch option to allow users to pick the game language. Valid options include 'en', 'de', 'es', 'fr', 'it', 'pt', and 'ru'.
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