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SnapperTheTwig  [developer] Oct 12, 2017 @ 7:27pm
A very rough roadmap. Will be edited as time goes by. This covers "big stuff" only.

Short term:
- Teach AI to expand
- Faction system for MP. Players can join factions and appear as the same colour on the map
- Henchmen that follow you, have traits, level up, etc. Give you a "gang management" vibe rather than solo-dude vibe.

Medium Term (Months)
- City building patch. Adds stuff like highways, utilities + traffic and pollution mechanics

Long Term
- Trains patch (Months)

QoL and polish is to be sprinkled in throughout

No price rises are confirmed yet (I may raise price to $9.99 post City-Building but that'll be it).
No paid DLC planned either.
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SnapperTheTwig  [developer] Oct 12, 2017 @ 7:30pm 
EDIT: This step has been implemented in Patch 1.1.0! It is currently in the game.

Teaching AI To Expand
Copy pasting from another thread:

My proposed changes for Strategic AI:

AI Base Expansion:
What I'm thinking of doing is providing 3 options that can be picked when you start a game:
1. AI never creates new bases
2. AI can make bases up to the size of the largest player or AI faction (possible default)
3. AI is not restricted and will expand based on resources. AI will make new bases when it runs out of stuff to racketeer.

We need an option 2 for players who take a long time to get off the ground. We need expansion to make the game more interesting late game and make the AI more of a strategic threat.

AI expansion can either be though:
1. Bandit Bases defecting (if there are more than ~5 free Bandit Bases on the map)
2. The AI launching a Base Attack on a bandit base, then annexing (this would be very cool to see in-game!)
3. AI randomly placing a new base in open territory. (I don't like this, this may get messy)

AI Resurrection
1. If there is free bandit bases then dead AIs have a chance to re-spawn.

AI Building:
Two presets:
1. AI can build (proposed default for Turf Zero and Strategy)
2. AI can't build (proposed default for Turf)
3. AI can build once players have grown to a certain size

AI would build roads and zones if it has adequate money and has reputation

The AI can be taught to lay down roads and zone land. There is already a buildRoad function in lua, and it would be trivial to script lot zoning. It also gives you more stuff to capture. This would also make Turf Zero super interesting
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SnapperTheTwig  [developer] Oct 12, 2017 @ 8:14pm 
EDIT: This step has been implemented in Patch 1.2.0! Its currently in the game (though details may have changed)

As with all posts in this thread, consider this a rough plan, subject to change and time constraints.

Faction System
Purpose: Make multiplayer more interesting and persistent. Give new players to an established server something to do.

1. Factions should be visible from the "players and diplomacy" screen.
2. A faction works as a mutual alliance block. DoW'ing a member DoW's everyone.
3. Players are free to join a faction. Joining weaker factions gives a reputation boost. Players can also play independently.
4. Faction members pay a fee that is redistributed to all members.

Strategic Buildings
Purpose: To give static points of conflict on the map that can be contested without going to a full on Turf War.

1. Strategic buildings are placed around the map. These function similar to bandit bases, they have enemies inside and can be captured.
2. Holding the building gives a bonus to all faction members
3. The building can be captured by another faction after being held for ~10 minutes.
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SnapperTheTwig  [developer] Jul 9, 2018 @ 12:59am 
Current plans for development (may be subject to change):
1. Gunplay improvements, enemy improvements and more enemy variety - EDIT: Implemented in Patch 1.3.0 and is now live
2. City management improvements (power & water utilities, highways)
3. Possibly railways (would also serve as a fast-travel system, depends on how on schedule I am) - Cancelled - will be in Turf 2 instead
4. Some more missions & achievements are planned - Achievements brought up to date in patch 1.5
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