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smatsuro Oct 18, 2017 @ 10:25pm
Planetbase Mods to add to your game.
After watching many people on Twitch play, I've asked and found out most don't know that there are mods for Planetbase.

The instructions I'm listing work for Win 7. All of Jpfanias's mods can be found HERE []. All of these mods, save the Planetbase Mod Patcher, go in Documents > Planetbase > Mods.

First you'll need to run Planetbase Mod Patcher. Follow the file description, my file string was; C: > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Planetbase > Planetbase_Data > Managed
I suggest making a copy of the file, and when the patch is done your game version should have a [P] at the end.
And add the Redirector file, without these none of Jpfanias's mods will work.

SkipIntro: Allows you to quit the cinematic landing with ESC and start placing structures immediately.

AutoAlerts: You need to have an operational Security Console for AutoAlerts to work.
Automatically manages alarms in case of disasters and/or intruders. This will only set alarms when the event starts/ends, if an alarm is not yet active. If you detect incoming disasters using the telescope, you'll still need to activate them manually if you want to make sure everyone's sheltered when the event starts. In the case of Solar Flares the alarm goes off about 5 seconds before it'll hit.
In case of intruders, the level of the alarm depends on the amount of guards you have to defend your base. It will only be red when the number of guards is less than 3/4 that of the intruders.

BuildingAligner: This mod adds a new placement mode that snaps structures into alignment, at different angles and distances. Hold 'Alt' while placing a structure to use this mode.

CameraOverhaul: This is a complete revamp to the game's camera.

CharacterCam: This mod allows you to see what your colonists see. You need to ESC out of the camera before a dead colonist disappears as it crashes the game.

FreeBuilding: Place your structures closer together or farther apart. You can even put them on top of resources!

While there several other mods on Nexusmods page I haven't tried any of them save the Storage Guru, but this no long works and crashes my game.
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Luzilyo Aug 6 @ 10:12pm 
i did all the required steps (downloading and running the patcher-thing and extracting the mod files into the required folder) however i do not know where i would get this redirector-file or where i should put it once i did obtain it.
smatsuro Aug 6 @ 11:24pm 
Redirector[] and it's placed in the Documents > Planetbase > Mods folder.
Luzilyo Aug 11 @ 5:14pm 
piddlefoot Aug 14 @ 11:18am 
Awesome thread, needs to be STICKY !
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