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Useless Trading Ships
I started a new game and the first 6 tradingships are completely useless . Just need a few metal , you know . Cant the trade-goods be adjusted to what you need ? Pretty annoying .
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Goods are random and can't be adjusted. Sorry. But are not intentionally useless. I have had a trading shop show up with metal just when I needed it.
Yeah, i agree, trading ship land with all you don't need.... great ! and if you want to sell some ressources to make money, you can't because not enough slot in it... really ?
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Guys you're complaining about mechanics which make it a game. If the trade ships had unlimited space and carried unlimited supplies then a lot of the challenge would be gone from the game.

OP, you claim to wish to purchase metal from one of the first 6 tradeships on a new map. I have built many a successful station without purchasing a single metal.

You have mines to produce metal. If you are short on metal then you are probably building to quickly.

Figuring out what you can build and in what order so that you do not run out of supplies and keeping your coloniss alive IS the game.

The trade ship mechanics are just something which makes the game more of a challenge. It's not unlike how sometimes the invaders are extremely successful regardless of your defenses.

The game uses random number generators. Sometimes when the dice are rolled they come up snake eyes.
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Building an stable base is quite difficult, but i think game has been changed. Before the last update, i had stable base, so i close the spaceport (no intruders, no more peoples) to increase ressources. Game speed up x4 and i don't know why my colony "collapse" it is more stable.

However, starting new base is quite difficult, restricted ressources, limited time.... even i build essential: sas,O2 gen, solar+wind generator, bio-dome and "canteen" ,water extractor.

Next step, choose carrefully...: mine, foundry,battery etc... and this is the challenge: The same workers use the mine and the refinery....

F9 is my best friend and i don't remember how many times i restarted....
Rigel Sep 9 @ 2:59am 
I wouldn't say traders are useless but you definitely can't depend on them.

I needed some extra food once because I had overextended and couldn't bring in new biologists because of low morale, it took TEN traders before one of them finally brought some food. Was too late.
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