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Hello, My name is Xenogears.
I have played the console port of PlanetBase for some time now, and I quite enjoy the game, but something feels off...

I originally picked this game up because I like SimCity and some other Sim like titles, as well as RTS games.
And I like PlanetBase, but more in a conceptual way.

See, PlanetBase suffers from the early 3D game syndrome.
And by that I mean that you are limited to building on flat ground in a 3D space, something 2D games didn't have a problem with because of how they worked around their limitations with clever placement, and tile formats.
This is a problem since the game isn't hindered by tile placement, it has to be hindered by something else.
And the cheap way to make a game such as PlanetBase difficult is to make it so that you can't build on elevated terrain, and make mountains and hills obstacles.
This isn't particularly a problem when you get a great spawn.

The next issue/problems that PlanetBase suffers from is poor build mechanics.
And that's not to say the building system in place, but it has some shortcomings.
First: You can' build directly next to another structure, which isn't entirely a bad thing, but it's an issue exacerbated by the problems mentioned above.
Second: Tunnel size per structure is based on how big you are making the structure.
And this should be bad for obvious reasons.
Which leads into my next point...
Third: Buildings cannot be separated...
I don't know who thought this was a good idea, especially since you can build airlocks, oxygen generators, etc...
This means that from start to finish you have to build a cohesive base, that is constantly connected and cannot deviate from this established protocol, lest the game tells you it can't.

Now there are a few other smaller gripes I have with the game and how it functions, but these two are the main focus, as what I am about to suggest would greatly benefit the game overall.

1: Rework the game to build on a grid/hex system.
-Allows for in tile upgrading of buildings, AKA re-purposing old structures by upgrading them as your base expands.
-Allows for more streamlined and efficient base builds, leading to better bases, and less wasted space.
-Allows for allocated resources to be spent more wisely, leading to less frustration, and wasted potential.
-Eliminates the choppy building system already in place, and removes issues of land formations being a hindrance on structure placement.
-Limits players building to set tiles.
-Honestly can't think of any other con right now, or in general.

2: Allow flattening of hills and mountains.
-Allows for continuous progression and building of the base without limiting build choice.
-Would still keep everything flat and stable based on the current building system.
-Would need to balance resources and material consumption.
-Removal of possible resource sites.
-Removes terrain hindrances.

3: Elevated terrain building.
-Allows for varied base building and progression.
-Eventually removes Hills and Mountains as hindrance terrain blockades.
-Removes terrain hindrances.
-Removal of possible resource sites.

4: Rework building space usage.
This one is honestly all pro.
First, Rework all structures to use small tunnels and connections.
Large connections make no sense, and make too much clutter.
Second, Shorten the length needed between two structures.
Structure placement is a bit too clunky for efficient bases.

Alternatively, allow free build placement, where the structures don't need to be part of the overall base itself to function.

These are at least 4 ideas I've come up with to help improve PlanetBase as a whole.
I personally like the ideas and concepts behind the game, but there are just a handful of issues that keep me from enjoying it more.

I hope you find these ideas interesting or at the very least, like them enough to experiment.

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