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Challenge "Island State"

The peculiarity of this challenge is that you have to complete the task on a very small stretch of land (island). On a small island you need to place all the options for structures and achieve a high amount of prestige.
The "Island State" challenge is a continuation of the "Island Resort and Hospital" challenge.
The "Island State" challenge is more complex than the "Island Resort and Hospital" challenge, since you will need to place more buildings on exactly the same area of ​​the island.
On this area of ​​the island it is possible to place all the buildings and structures that exist in the game Planetbase.
The size of the island in the challenge "Island State" is exactly the same as in the challenge "Island Resort and Hospital", and larger than in the challenge "Small Mountain Island".
In the challenge "Island State" there are no mountains and there is no need to flattening landscapes. However, ore and iron will have to buy from traders.

You can view and download files with the source code of this Challenge at this link:

  • You can slightly increase the area of ​​the island.
  • You will have to rebuild buildings and use places in turn.
  • Get technology.

Collection of all missions with maps in the shape of islands: Collection "Challenges with ISLAND-shaped cards":

I tried to make this new challenge interesting, special and unlike all the other Challenges.

Please send your feedback about whether you liked this Challenge and what is possible to do better. It is possible to create several variations of the challenge with complicated and simplified conditions.If this Challenge becomes popular, then continued missions with many different islands will be released.

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