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Meteor Challenges
I would like to make special missions (challenges) of the game where the arrival time of meteorites is set. So that at one time a whole rain arrives from meteorites to a given territory.
Can someone help create a similar challenge?

It is possible to create special missions in the game taking into account the features of meteorites.
It is possible to create for this type of mission where the initial buildings and life on the planet already exist.
This type of mission downloads information to start the game from the game save file, which we can edit.

Since we can edit the game’s save file and specify conditions for meteorites in it, it is possible to do, for example, the following:

1) Mission where the coordinates of the points of incidence of meteorites are given.
The list of such coordinates of the points of incidence can be quite long.

2) The mission where the time is set after which the event will occur with a meteorite falling.

By combining points 1 and 2, it is possible to create such missions where, after a certain time of the game, there comes a moment when meteor shower from a variety of meteorites falls on the base.

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