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Hello, is there a way to remove montains and build a large base without them ? terraforming ? map editting ? I wish to build a base without any mountain arround maybe just a enough for minning...
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Village Mar 19 @ 7:36pm 
You can't really remove them.
But if you build something near a mountain it replaces it to flat land.
So what I do is build and delete until I have enough space to fit something larger.
Then repeat to make room.
Hopefully I explained that well.
Bullet Mar 20 @ 1:30am 
yes you did, perhaps we should suggest them to make this type of updates or even the version 2.0 of this game.... I would also suggest to add a side little windows just for the RED and YELLOW allert so we don`t need to constantly use the F6 command.... thanks a lot !
The control center status alarms have hotkeys: 1 (green), 2 (yellow), and 3 (red). (These three numbers on the main keyboard, not the number pad.)

Also you can, to an extent, use mines and to a greater effect connection strips to carve away at hills/mountains. Just note that if you save your game and reload, such terrain flattening modifications will be undone.

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