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Why not Multicore Support?
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Shouldnt really need it, not a huge amount happening really.
Callipso Aug 10 @ 5:10pm 
There would be no benefits to doing that in this game since it doesn't even use your CPU that much to begin with
piddlefoot Aug 14 @ 11:26am 
If there were armies we could send at eachother, and up to 4 players then yes multithreading and using multiple main threads and re-syncing them like Unity does naturally would become a huge huge advantage for the game but the game doesnt do or need any of that in its current form.

Single thread on a single core is what it looks like it was designed around, which tells me the dev never really has plans to make it MP or Co-op or a huge game but more of a specific management game on a smaller scale.

Which is fine too, but the game needs to be aiming for outstanding and if you look at some of the mods for the game, I wonder why a couple of the modders, who have done work as good maybe better than the devs on this game, why they are not yet employed by the game !

Has development almost stopped on this game or something ?
Just patches now ?
Doesnt seem any different to a year ago when I played it.
Jatlen Aug 14 @ 12:31pm 
Originally posted by piddlefoot:
Has development almost stopped on this game or something ?
Just patches now ?
They are developing the game "Dawn of Man" atm.
piddlefoot Aug 15 @ 10:17am 
Oh fekik, I see, ok well this game is done then.

Feel a bit dissapointed really, game doesnt feel finished.
I mean its a nice game, and can qualify as finished sure, but it just feels like it lacks features o me, and longterm playability for most people is just not there.

I just looked at Dawn of Morons.
Its just like 20 other games out there in that genre, so I dunno how well that will go, Conan is pretty cool and getting popular, games like that will be hard to steal playerbase from.

Anyway time will tell I guess, but I feel they really missed the final mark with this game Planetside, like it was just a practice run.
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I would pay for some DLC but I suspect this is it. The current beta is a nice touch. I can't complain - I've spent 240 hours on it and about to play some more tonight.
piddlefoot Aug 15 @ 11:38am 
Ok Im curious.

How do you have a Kebab with no onion ? !!!!!!!!!

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