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base setup
just because i'm curious, what's your preferred base setup?

i personally like starports/landing pads (and a few decorative objects like the monolith, some pyramids, etc.) in the middle, surrounded by a ring of small biodomes with trees (alternating between oak and pine, so one biodome = four oak trees, next one = four pine trees, and so on). then there are some maintenantce/mining airlocks pointing out (for easy access to mines, solar panels and wind turbines), directly opposite of the ones that are pointing in. i also have some small oxygen generators to counter the nightly oxygen drain of the trees and connected to those oxygen generators i have sick bays (2 medical cabinets and 7 beds). i also have some "branches" going off, first on each branch is a large control center with four security consoles, two radio consoles, two telescope consoles and two armories. next is a massive storage connected to two processing plants, then i have one factory connected to each processing plant and one robotics facility connected to each factory. also connected to the storage are two large biodomes (filled with gmo food and medical plants) with one lab (4 workbenches and 6 tissue synthesizers) connected to each of them. after that there is a medium oxygen generator and then it goes on into a massive biodome with food and some starch production. to the side of the biodome i have two more medium oxygen generators which connect to a canteen, a bar and a multi dome. further out i have yet another medium oxygen generator connecting to two large bunk rooms, two medium cabins and another mining/maintenance airlock.

i would post a screenshot but unfortunately the vast majority is still under construction. biodome ring is only about halfway done, only built one landing pad (which is currently turned off), one sick bay and construction of the first arm hasn't even started. my 20 dudes still live in the tiny starting-base that i had to build after landing to keep them alive. i have, of course, already set down all the things that i want (well, not really ALL of them. just the ring and one half of the first "habitat branch" so only what is neccessary to start moving my guys up into the real base and abandon the current one as soon as it is no longer needed), because otherwise building those things correctly would take a lot of time. vast majority of things has even been filled up with bioplastic already. but metal takes a lot of time. especially since i also have to use a lot of it for spares so there is only very small amount of metal being used for construction.

however, you probably do not have such problems, so you can also post screenshots if you like. if you do, however, have the same problems that i have, you can also just write a description.
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What I typically do given the terrain is to surround the perimeter with windmills and/or solar panels to make them easy to get to for repairs.

If there is a ridge or some other barrier to building interior modules I'll use the area on the other side for water collectors and power collectors since they only need maintenance when directly damaged.

My initial base construction is of small/medium structures with a single airlock connected to a landing pad and mine.

About the time I'm ready to create the starport, I'll dismantle my original construction and replace it with a pair of Command Centers with a pair of O2 generators and 3-4 Air locks.

This creates a choke point for armed intruders. It also provides ample ingress and egress for loading up Trade Ships. If possible I'll have my mines located elsewhere by then so as not to interfere.

My core "unit" is a set of spokes surrounding a med. O2 generator consisting of a Dorm, Airlock, Cantina. This gives me two other connection that I'll use for production modules i.e. factories, PP, robotics, biodomes etc. And from these I connect to the next "wheel."

It's far from perfect since I often find I cannot connect all the outer coridors even when I check them ahead of time. But that's my basic mode of building.

This is true for all but the Storm planet. On that one it is simply put a module wherever one can find the space.
Luzilyo Aug 3 @ 3:46pm 
sounds cool. yeah, space can be a bad issue. usually i have to either look for a good seed or use a lot of time with "terraforming" (usually using mines and base pads works very well, but for large mountains it can still take very long and be extremely tedious to do)
If you are looking for a good "seed" here is one to consider on the Desert planet. I estimated that it could handle 1000 colonists but stopped about at about 500. The pics are from at about 300 so you can see the amount of space that is left. And the coordinates are in the first pic.
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Luzilyo Aug 3 @ 5:02pm 
looks cool, thanks. i'll definitely try that one next.
Luzilyo Aug 6 @ 1:20pm 
tried it, and honestly it kinda looked bigger in the screenshot than it actually seems to be. at least to me it seems like N10 W67 is a bit bigger.
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