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I'm wishing for exactly one thing.
Higher game speed that is. How about 20x?
Yes, I want to see that done. Hopefully someone will make that possible.

I know bjmoreton already wrote a script that can increase the speed but it's not working anymore and only causing problems now.

[Yes I could imagine more done/changed, but the time-multiplier is the most important]
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martiño  [developer] Aug 2 @ 3:16am 
We have up to 8x on debug builds, the problem with this is that it can cause glitches sometimes, as que colonists go so fast they might go through things and stuff..
Aaaa k I understand that.. :calm_creep:
Well thanks for answering.:happy_creep:

If you want to, could you tell me why some games have problems like that when increasing the speed too much? I'm just curious, would be nice to finally know that.
Luzilyo Aug 3 @ 4:35am 
all games (and other programs where such things are relevant) have the same problem. it is because if you turn the speed up too high, calculations become less and less accurate, to the point where they start causing glitches. small example:

let's assume planetbase calculates the current colonist location in float (meaning, there are values like 1.5, 2.227, 0.34, and so on. not sure what is the proper term in english). to turn up the speed, it gets to the point where the pathfinding algorithm has to calculate with bigger values for the colonists, in order to let them walk faster. so, instead of making the colonist progress on his path in 0.01 increments, it suddenly has to do it in 0.5 or 1 increments. this means, usually on a path between 1 and 5 it will always check for obstructions (walls, corridor destroyed by meteor, etc.) at 1.01, 1.02, 1.03 and so on. but with very high speed, it will only check at 1.25, 1.5, 1.75. then you turn the speed higher, suddenly it will only check 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. past a certain point this can easily cause them to walk through walls because the walls simply happen to be inside the range of values that the pathfinding has to ignore due to the very high game speed. theoretically, this can always happen, the only way to completely prevent it is making the walls so thick that the pathfinding calculations will always determine it's current path as invalid, if it encounters a wall. but this, of course, works only up to a certain speed.

of course, this is just a guess based on my personal experience with programming. i do not have knowledge about the game's source code so i might be wrong. but it is the only possibility that i can think of, from the top of my head.
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WOW! Luzilyo, thanks for that great explanation! :tlove:
Luzilyo Aug 3 @ 4:55pm 
no problem :)
Malak Aug 6 @ 7:19am 
I never speed my game up at all and I don't have glitches as a result. ;-)
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