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AI Carrier Bots + Vitro meat and Food Maker Issue + Suggestion.
-- I gonna try to explain the issue as best i can with arguments and counter arguments as best i can so pl stay with this long thread and sorry my english by the way.

The issue is : My Carrier Bots do not take these Vitro meat if i produce just a little more food than i need and at my stage i have 200 normal food and 200 vitro food.

My storage have only very few normal food and have almost 200 vitro meat at the moment.

I have 80 population + 32 food pad and only 3 vitro meat tissue synthesizer.

So now i turn of the vitro meat production and close all my storage but not the storage with all these vitro meat so now i force all my bots to only use 1 storage so this is what happened :
They place normal food there and next second they pick up these normal food and place them in the food maker.
Well as i say i turn of the vitro production and in one stage i gonna get shorth on food and then my bots is forced to pick these vitro meat and place them in the food maker so now we got a issue or do i say mechanics error because now all my food maker only gonna have vitro meat in one stage well almost everyone.

-- The issue is : My bots just pick any food they need on the top of my storage to place in the food maker and after many hours gaming then i end up with only vitro meat in my storage.
I have 32 food pad and only 3 tissue synthesizer and with that this issue should not occur.

-- At this stage i should have 20 -80 % / 10 - 90 % vitro meat and normal meat in my storage and not 100% vitro meat only.

You need to / should change this mechanics a way where ours bots pick 1 of 6 - 1 of 7 - 1 of 8 vitro meat ( or something ) and not the last food who end up on my storage - basically they should pick vitro food and that mechanics is not in the game yet so now are forced to make a lot of small lab everyplace with only one tissue synthesizer in each of them and we also need to micromanager all these lab and turn them of and on to keep the food balance ( well we need to turn everything of and on to keep the balance but that is not what the case is about here ).

Well this is not a issue if we go for only tomatoes and wheat but that is not the way i wanna play and of course i have make a lot of Wheat and Maize but as you know now my food maker will only produce Basic food when these 200 vitro meat is in my meal maker.
I know very well i can add some few more food pad from time to time and shut down my vitro meat storage and that i have done many time but as you know the Bots mechanics ist still a issue.
Well i could always sell my vitro meat as i did many time early on but now i am forced to sell bioplastic every time i trader pop up just because i have to much Wheat and Maize just because i wanna make some few burger to my population around in my base and as you know now soon i only gonna make basic food with all these vitro meat again.

Well i can micromanager this prosess but that i have done many time and the issue is still here and as i say i wanna make burger to.

-- The way the mechanics work now make a lot of trouble and at this stage i just wanna remove all tissue synthesizer from the map because the cost of the time or do i say all these micro manager i need to do is not worth the effort to just get some few burger on all these food maker.

-- As you know you have the old mechanics issue where we are able to make only pasta with tomatoes and wheat without become malnourished but that is not the way many of us wanna play so by that i hopes you look in to this issue and add some mechanics to the bots regarding vitro meat.

-- Basically you still have room for improvement on the food mechanics.

-- It is hard for me to explain this mechanics issue because of the english but i hope you catch my point and add some mechanics to the game where the bots is forced to pick vitro meat from the bottom of the storage and not only from the top.

-- Basically the bots should doit the same whay as the population need to avoid malnutrition if you catch my point.

Sorry i just fix some english and the content is still the same.
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