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so i just got this game and saw they are now mking another one does that mean they are done with updating this one as i think its a really great game
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Rigel Jun 1 @ 10:19pm 
The devs have just announced that there will be more updates for PlanetBase, as soon as they have time.
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Pneumo Jun 6 @ 7:33am 
As soon as they have time? Finish the game you started and stop making everyone that paid into the game wait!

Looks like these guys are going to do like most other EA developers and never finish a game.

Planetbase had such promise yet here i am, several years after buying the game, and ALOT of old bugs still exist.
not just that u finish it so fast not enough building variation and tech to research etc just not enough to do need a hell of a lot more content
understand everyone. these games can take a long time to get out of early access


take on mars game took over 5 years.

5 years watching the game and lurking in discussions every now and again

and still not do what you think they were gonna do lol

im sure the game devs of this game wont do that.

but if there working on something new like ive been told.

wouldnt you rather want planetbase 2? i would
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Umm... well, sadly this game is not in EA. Not to excuse unfixed bugs, but it seems as though some of you in this thread are under the impression that it is. By all accounts, the game was finished and officially released. Bugs or not.

Although after 100+ hours and 100% completion, any said bugs I've encountered haven't been THAT bad.
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