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P0RTAL Weapon Cheats & Extras! ☜═㋡✌Updated!
✪First of all type sv_cheats 1 to activate the cheats. Important to do! ✔

☢Warning: Very few commands can crash the game, but there are warnings about it.

• Most of the commands from P:p2blue:R T A L works in H λ L F - L I F E ² as well.

• You can't get achievements during your gameplay if you activate cheats on!

↓ ↓ Here we go! ↓ ↓

:chainsaw:Weapon cheats:

impulse 101 (Gives all HL2 weps including a upgraded portal gun)

sv_infinite_aux_power 1 (Allows the player to have infinite aux power)

impulse 200 (Hides/shows up the weapon, but you are still able to use it like normal)

give weapon_alyxgun (Spawns an alyxgun under you. Press [E] on it to use it)

give weapon_annabelle (Gives father grigori's rifle which looks a spas 12)

give weapon_citizensuitcase (Gives you a suitcase)

give weapon_citizenpackage (Gives you a package that citizens used in HL2)

hopwire_vortex 1 (Makes sure the hopwire grenade can create a black hole)
give weapon_hopwire (Gives hopwire grenades that creates black hole)

give weapon_stunstick (Gives you 7% suit power instead)

• The stunstick weapon used to be a beta weapon but most valve probably thought having one melee weapon like the crowbar was good enough, so they decided to make it into a weapon for the npc instead.

• The crowbar uses the sound from an beta weapon called ''ice axe'' from the beta.

give weapon_cubemap (Gives you a weapon with 6 balls to test the cubemap)

upgrade_portalgun (:p2blue:You are able to shot 2 different portals:p2orange:)

ent_fire prop_portal fizzle (Erase all portals around the map)

• To make sure your portal will almost never fail type these commands:

sv_portal_placement_never_fail 1 (You can place portals on any surfaces)

sv_portal_placement_never_bump 1 (You can shot 2 portals on the same place)

• The command ''sk_plr_dmg_smg 8'' will make your SMG into a Super SMG.

• It will do just as much damage as the ar2 if the number is set to 8.

☢Note: Do not take the number too high, or else it can crash the game.

• To get ammo for the secret guns like the annabelle, alyxgun and hopwire grenades write this command in the console:
givecurrentammo (It gives you ammo for the current weapon you are using)

:gunner: Type this: bind g givecurrentammo

• If written correctly you should be able to press【G】 and get ammo for doing it.

:physgun:Where the weapons appears:

Slot ❶: Crowbar, Gravity Gun, Portal Gun

Slot ❷: Pistol (9mm) , .357 magnum, HL2#_alyxgun

Slot ❸: SMG, Pulse Rifle

Slot ❹: Shotgun (Spas12), Crossbow

Slot ❺: Frag Grenades, RPG, HL2#_hopwire

Slot ❻: Bugbait, HL2#_annabelle, ㅤ (Suitcase), SMG (Package), HL2#_cubemap

Slot ❼: ???

The portal gun icon glowing when selecting it → :dodcp: ← The symbol of the Portal gun

• Did you know that the Portal gun icon is actually the same icon as the citizen ally icon.

• When switching from the smg1 or ar2 to the portal gun, the icon shows up in specials.

• The icon is not from a normal citizen ally, but a medic on the special ammo!

• The suitcase does not have any name and does have a picture of an old smg1 icon.

• The package got the SMG name for some reason and it got the shotgun icon too.

• There are uknown reasons why the secret weapons on slot ❻ only got random icons.

• ↑Here is where the weapons will show up after you get them.

• There is no slot ❽ but there is few hidden slots which is ❼!

• So far pressing [7] & [0] is the only slots that makes a sound!

• In the console when typing ''slot'', slot 1 to 9 appears. Could there be more?!

• One cool thing I found out long time ago than I was messing around with the alyxgun was that you could switch different modes such as: Semi-Automatic and Full-Automatic.

• In HL2 the annabelle and the cubemap appears in slot ❸ but it requires you to press【3】 to be able to select it, because scrolling to slot ❸ won't work.

• When scrolling to slot ❻ it is not possible to see both the cubemap weapon and annabelle weapon because it is so far down the list, but it still can be used luckily.

• In HL2 both of these weapons appears to have the shotgun icon for unknown reasons.


☆Projectile cheats:

fire rocket_projectile (➹ Be sure to spawn a rocket turret before shoting rockets)
fire energy_ball (☉ Shots an Energy Ball with slow speed. It don't affect npcs)
give combine_mine (Use gravity gun to make it friendly)
give helicopter_grenade (Use noclip to not make it explode instantly)
give grenade_spit (➹ Its the spit from the antlionworker, unfortuantly it is invisebul)
give hunter_flechette (➹ The flechettes the hunters shots in HL2 ep2 and it hurts you)

☢Note: The rocket projectile can easily crash the game if there have not been some rocket turrets in the map before you created the server. (A single player server)

• So remember always to spawn the rocket turret first before you are planning to use that command unless there already are rocket turrets in the map.

• I tried to spawn a rocket turret and remove it again and luckily it won't crash when I shot rockets, however if I save the game and load to that part where I removed the sentry and tries to shot the rockets again.....the game unfortunately crashed again. (So becareful)

ㅤ ͏ㅤ Item cheats:

ent_create_portal_weight_box ( ͏ ㅤAim at it, type ent_fire !picker skin 1 = C-Cube)
ent_create_portal_metal_sphere (Ⓞ Spawns the metal sphere from TC 17 advanced)
Createhairball (♡ A very buggy hairball and sometimes spawns invisebul)
give item_suit (ϟ You can now see your health, have the abililty to sprint and more)
give item_healthvial (✚ Gives you a little health)
give item_healthkit (✚ Gives you a good amount of health)
give weapon_stunstick (ϟ Was a beta weapon but now it is a item. Gives 7% suit armor)
give item_battery (ϟ Gives you 15% suit armor)
give item_suitcharger (ϟ Be sure to jump and use noclip before spawning it)
give item_healthcharger (✚ Be sure to jump and use noclip before spawning it)
give item_ammo_pistol (➹ Gives you ammo for the 9mm handgun)
give item_ammo_357 (➹ Gives you ammo for the 357. Magnum handgun)
give item_ammo_smg1 (➹ Gives you ammo for the Sub-Machine Gun)
give item_ammo_smg1_grenade (➹ Gives you a grenade for the SMG)
give item_ammo_ar2 (➹ Gives you ammo for the Pulse Rifle = AR2)
give item_ammo_ar2_altfire (☉ Gives you energy pallets for the AR2)
give item_ammo_crossbow (➹ Gives you bolts for the crossbow)
give item_rpg_round (➹ Gives you rpg rounds for the Rocket Launcher)

More coming soon.

• Spawning the metal sphere and the weighted storage cube only works in P0RTAL.

• If you spawn too many hairballs, it can crash the game. If you are lucky, it will only lag.

• I think I used the grubnugget in portal before to heal myself before steam pipe appeared.

• You can't see the suit model gordon uses in HL2. You wear it automaticly!

✈Vechile cheats:

ch_createjeep / impulse 82 (Spawns a jeep)

ch_createairboat / impulse 83 (Spawns an airboat)

✘ch_createjalopy✘ (☢DO NOT SPAWN, THE GAME WILL CRASH☢)

ent_fire airboat enablegun 1 (Attaches a LMG to the airboat)

ent_fire jeep enableradar; ent_fire jeep enablegun 1 (Attaches a tau-cannon to the jeep)

☢Note: It is only possible to spawn the japoly car in HλLF - LIFE ² Ⓔⓟ② without crashing!

☢Note: If you find an apc you can write down these 3 commands to drive the apc too.

• Aim at the apc with your crosshair and write: ent_setname apc

• If it says prop_vechile_jeep than it is possible to drive the apc.

• After that you can write: ent_fire apc unlock

• Once that is done write the last command in the console: ent_fire apc turnon.

• Now you can drive the apc with a terrible camera angle. To fix the camera angle write thirdperson.

☢Note: The only drivable apcs in P0RTAL can be found on HL2 maps.

• This should work! It works in :gmod:mod & HλLF - LIFE ²!

Views & overlays:

firstperson (Changes to first person view)

thirdperson (Changes to thirdperson view)

thirdperson_mayamode (Thirdperson view just that the camera will not turn around)

r_screenoverlay effects/combine_binocoverlay.vmt (Combine binocular vision)

r_screenoverlay effects/tp_eyefx/tp_eyefx.vmt (Weird eye effect overlay)

cl_showfps 1 (Shows the fps rate)

mat_fullbright 1 (Disables all shadows in the map)

mat_yuv 1 (Turns Black & White mode on)

hidehud 5 (Hides the hud)

• The command ''mat_fullbright 1'' disables shadows, and makes the whole map light.

☢Note: Replacing 1 or 5 with 0 will turn the cheat command off again back to normal.


• Aim at a combine soldier while typing this in the console: ent_fire !picker skin 1

• When that is done the combine soldier has red eyes on his mask instead of blue.

• This can be done the same way with the npc_sniper too.

• The weighted storage cube do also have an extra skin.

• Aim at a normal weighted storage cube and type_ ent_fire !picker skin 1

• Now the standard cube have turned into a companium cube if done right.

• This skin command can be used the same way on P0RTAL 2 with the cubes.

✴Npc spawn cheats:

• Remember to point at the ground while doing the npc_create commands

• Typing give npc_( npc name. ) can get you stuck so use noclip before spawning it.

㋡Friendly Npcs:

npc_create npc_alyx (♀) [:alyx:]
npc_create npc_barney (♂)
npc_create npc_kleiner (♂)
npc_create npc_eli (♂) [:eli:]
npc_create npc_dog
npc_create npc_mossman (♀)
npc_create npc_monk (♂,†)
npc_create npc_citizen (♀/♂)
npc_create npc_vortigaunt (♂)
npc_create npc_fisherman (♂) (Error Model)
ent_create npc_personality_core (Spawning wheatley only works in P0RTAL 2) [:p2wheatley:]

• Never spawn the vortigaunt npc while having any foes or cameras in the map. NEVER!

• If that happens the game will instantly crash when the vortigaunt notices the foe.

☹Enemy Npcs:

npc_create npc_zombie
npc_create npc_fastzombie
npc_create npc_poisonzombie (These will throw the npc_headcrab_black at the player)
npc_create npc_zombie_torso
npc_create npc_fastzombie_torso (Error model)
npc_create npc_zombine (Error model)
npc_create npc_headcrab [:headcrab:]
npc_create npc_headcrab_fast
npc_create npc_headcrab_poison / npc_create npc_headcrab_black (☣Poison dmg☣)

npc_create npc_antlion
npc_create npc_antlionguard
give npc_barnacle (Can crash sometimes + very buggy)
give npc_ichthyosaur (Supposed to be spawned under water)

npc_create npc_metropolice [:MrFoster:]
npc_create npc_combine_s
npc_create npc_sniper (☠Weakness: Ignite, explosions, slow death by Energy Ball)
npc_create npc_stalker (Attacks only antlions/antlionguards)

npc_create npc_portal_turret_floor [:p2turret:] (Can't be spawned in HL2)
npc_create npc_turret_floor
npc_create npc_rocket_turret
give npc_turret_ceiling
give npc_combine_camera
give npc_security_camera
npc_create npc_cscanner
npc_create npc_clawscanner
npc_create npc_manhack
give npc_strider
npc_create npc_hunter (Error Model) (☠Weakness: Explodes when Energy Ball hits)
give npc_helicopter (Can crash Sometimes)
npc_create npc_combinedropship
give npc_combinegunship

✿❀Peaceful Npcs:

npc_create npc_breen (♂)
npc_create npc_crow
npc_create npc_pigeon
npc_create npc_seagull
give npc_grenade_frag
give npc_grenade_bugbait (You will notice the bugbait effect around you)
give npc_grenade_hopwire

ㅤHidden Npcs:

give npc_apcdriver (Use ai_disable before spawning it and do NOT turn it off)
give npc_cranedriver (Use ai_disable before spawning it and do NOT turn it off)
npc_create npc_bullseye (Safe to spawn, so you do not need to use ai_disable)

☢Note: Do not enter any vechiles if you have spawned the helicopter npc or the ichthyosaur npc because it can crash the game!

☢Note: Be sure to type ai_disable before spawning the hidden driver npcs or else the game will unfortunatly crash instantly, however the npc_bullseye is safe and won't crash.

☢Note: Killing the antlion npc by driving on it with the vechile can also crash sometimes, but using guns in the vechiles works better because that will not crash the game.

• If you wanna know how to change a npc_citizen into a medic then you have to point at the citizen you want to be medic and type in the console 'ent_setname medic' or whatever you want to call the npc and then type 'ent_fire medic setmedicon' so he can be a medic.

• If done right your squad member will get a M icon instead of a C one.

• To change the medic back to a normal citizen type: ent_fire medic setmedicoff

If you want your squad member to give ammo type: ent_fire medic setammoresupplieron

If you don't want him to give you ammo just type: ent_fire medic setammoresupplieroff

• For some reason he does not give me ammo when I need so I am not sure if this works.

• To make sure you remove all of them when using a vechile make sure you write this command:
ent_remove_all npc_helicopter
ent_remove_all npc_ichthyosaur

• Before Spawning the npc_vortigaunt make sure you remove every foes npc and also the portal security camera npcs.

• To remove every security camera in the portal test chamber write this command: ent_remove_all npc_vortigaunt

• Do not spawn over 100 npcs in one map or else the game will maybe start to lag.

• To make sure the npcs ignore you, type: notarget

• To make sure npcs won't move at all, type: ai_disable (Turns npcs to idle animation)

• To feel immortal type: buddha (Player takes damage but won't die)

• To make sure the npcs can't damage you, type: god (You are invincible)

• Play as a ghost by typing: noclip (Player becomes non-solid and flies)

• To remove npcs, props and more type: impulse 203 (Removes what you point at)

• To rotate a npc type: ent_rotate #number (Rotates an entity by a specified # of degrees)

• Examples:
ent_rotate 270 = ◕
ent_rotate 90 = ◑

• To create an earthshake type: shake (This command makes the screen shake)

• To make sure you spawn npcs with weapons write this command: npc_create_equipment weapon_pistol or weapon_alyxgun.

• These are the only weapons that work for npcs in portal unless an enemy has it.

• Enemies can only use melee weapon that work to attack.

• Example: npc_create_equipment weapon_stunstick or weapon_crowbar and than spawn npc_metropolice.

• Burn any props or npcs you look at by typing this command: ent_fire !picker ignite

• To burn yourself type this command in the console: ent_fire player ignite.

☢Note: Burning yourself can kill you even if you have health generator, however it depends also in what difficult you have on.

☣Biohazard cheats:

• To start the neurotoxin fast, type: startneurotoxin 1 (You will die quickly if you do it)

• It is very similar to the way you get damaged by ignite, just incredible faster.

• The neurotoxin will easily drain down your health to 0, which means it is a quick death.

• To start the timer, type this: startneurotoxin (In 3 minutes, you are dead.)

• To see under the acid in the test chambers, type: fog_enable_water_fog 0

☢Note: Challenge mode with time will allow you to see the 3 minute timer you got left before the neurotoxin starts! If you choose steps or portals, then it will start to count down seconds! Typing ''startneurotoxin 1'' will switch the timer to 0:00, however if you type ''startneuroxin'' the timer will restart to 3:00. As long as the timer don't goes down to 0:00 then you won't be poisoned by the neurotoxin.

ⓍChoose difficult

skill 1 (Easy difficult. Npcs will do weak damage to you, not including the npc_sniper)
skill 2 (Normal diffcult. Npcs do more damage and take a little more damage too)
skill 3 (Hard diffcult. Npcs will do way more damage and take a lot more damage)

• To have a better change to survive in the two hardest difficults, be sure to give yourself some suit armor items.

☂Gravity cheats:

• The gravity can make sure that the player will fall slowly like the player had an umbrella or fall faster like his weights just as much as steel.

• There is ∞ of fun with the gravity!

sv_gravity 600 (Default gravity. Normal gravity on this game and HλLF LIFE ² games)
sv_gravity 800 (The gravity becomes heavier the higher it gets. CS:S default gravity)
sv_gravity 1000 (Realistic Gravity)

• The higher number, the heavier the gravity gets. The lesser numbers, the lighter the gravity becomes. Don't take the gravity number above 9000.

☢Note: Taking it OVER 9000 could crash the game! (It is not recommended)

☀/☾Controlling Time:

host_timescale 1.0 (Normal speed)
host_timescale 2.0 (2x faster speed)
host_timescale 3.0 (3x faster speed)
host_timescale 0.5 (2x slower speed)

• The higher number you add, the faster the game goes.

• The lower the number you add, the slower the game goes.

• Do not take above 50, because it can crash the game maybe!

• Here are some comands for controlling the prop time.

phys_timescale 1.0 (Normal prop speed)
phys_timescale 2.0 (2x faster prop speed)
phys_timescale 3.0 (3x faster prop speed)
phys_timescale 0.5 (2x slower prop speed)
phys_timescale 0.25 (3x slower prop speed)
phys_timescale 0.0 (☸Freezes the prop speed☸)

• phys_timescale works the same way as the host_timescale, just with props instead.

☬♛Special Props:

Explosive Barrel: prop_physics_create /props_c17/oildrum001_explosive.mdl
Sawblade: prop_physics_create props_junk/sawblade001a.mdl
Gascan: prop_physics_create /props_junk/gascan001a.mdl
Propane Tank: prop_physics_create /props_junk/propane_tank001a.mdl
Paintcan: prop_physics_create props_junk/metal_paintcan001b.mdl
Melon: prop_physics_create props_junk/watermelon01.mdl [:melon:]
Wooden crate: prop_physics_create /props_junk/wood_crate001a.mdl / prop_physics_create /props_junk/wood_crate002a.mdl
Table: Table: prop_physics_create /props_c17/FurnitureTable001a.mdl
Glassbottles: prop_physics_create props_junk/garbage_glassbottle001a.mdl / prop_physics_create props_junk/garbage_glassbottle002a.mdl / prop_physics_create props_junk/garbage_glassbottle003a.mdl

• Use the gravity gun to pick up the sawblade and then launch it off to cut the zombies.

• It is possible to paint walls by picking up a paintcan and launching it off forward walls.

• Melons, glass bottles and wooden props will be destroyed in few pieces when damaged.

• The rest of the props will explode if getting shot at or launched off by the gravity gun.

Other commands:

disconnect (Disconects the game from server)
quit (Quits the game engine)
killserver (Shutdown the server)
loadcommentary (✉Brings up a window ingame where you can load commentary maps)
pause (Toggle the server pause state)
restart (Restart everything on the same map)

More coming soon!


play music\portal_procedural_jiggle_bone.mp3
play music\portal_youre_not_a_good_person.mp3
play music\portal_you_cant_escape_you_know.mp3
play music\portal_4000_degrees_kelvin.mp3
play music\portal_stop_what_you_are_doing.mp3
play music\portal_no_cake_for_you.mp3
play music\portal_subject_name_here.mp3
play music\portal_android_hell.mp3
play music\portal_self_esteem_fund.mp3
play music\portal_party_escort.mp3
play music\portal_taste_of_blood.mp3
play music\portal_still_alive.mp3
play ambient\music\looping_radio_mix.wav

• Copy & paste these soundtracks one by one in the console.

• If you want it to be silent again than you have to write this command: stopsound

• The command ''snd_restart'' works better for stuck loop sounds.

• This command is supposed to be used to remove any loop sounds that are stuck, but also works to remove the soundtracks that are begin played in case the soundtrack gets boring or annoying.

☢Warning: Be aware of the engine errors that can come when using these cheats!

• If you have used noclip all the way to the outside part where there are ruins of GLaDOS, DO NOT use any of your portals or else the game could crash and leave with this engine error message appearing: IVP Failed at ivp_object_polygon_tetra.cxx 830

• Also in the same place, remember to remove or kill the hidden npc that is on the radio. The reason is that, if you decide to drive with a vechile and you drive at full speed on that npc, the game will instantly crash. Best idea is to remove both the npc and the radio to make it a better surface to drive on, if you also remove the other glados parts that can be easily removed.

• Like I said earlier, using the rocket projectile without having the rocket turret npc on the server at least once can instantly crash the game with this engine error message appearing: 339/ - rocket_turret_projectile: UTIL_SetModel: not precached: models/props_bts/rocket.mdl

✎Remember to write down any forgotten cheats in the comments✍ �Any questions?�
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Remember to subscribe for more! (:demoneye:_:demoneye:)
Viimeisin muokkaaja on ; 21.9.2013 kello 17.05
Wouldn't this be better as a Guide?
22.9.2013 kello 2.45 
Yes, but the issue is that making a guide is impossible because it requires an avatar. Putting an avatar ingame of portal will not work. Yes the only way to create a guide in portal is to find it while ingame.
Thanks so much! Now I can create a shooting range with melons!
3.10.2013 kello 8.14 
Farriba lähetti viestin:
Thanks so much! Now I can create a shooting range with melons!

Lol and a lot more things that just that can be done by using these commands. Hope you enjoyed this! :D
FireBjorne 16.10.2014 kello 11.10 
BTW, for the suitcharger, instead put ent_create item_suitcharger wall. Also you can add the healthcharger by replacing "suitcharger" with "healthcharger"

Also, try doing "ent_create item_suit floor"
16.10.2014 kello 11.28 
FireBjorne lähetti viestin:
BTW, for the suitcharger, instead put ent_create item_suitcharger wall. Also you can add the healthcharger by replacing "suitcharger" with "healthcharger"

Also, try doing "ent_create item_suit floor"
ent_create item_suit was a command I already knew but is floor also a part of the command?
FireBjorne 16.10.2014 kello 11.33 
yea you can put floor, wall, ceiling, etc to put the point of spawn for the item

Actually, never mind. it doesnt work lol
Viimeisin muokkaaja on FireBjorne; 16.10.2014 kello 11.45
FireBjorne 16.10.2014 kello 11.38 
oh and type "picker" to highlight whatever entity your mouse if hovering over. Very useful for using ent_remove.
FireBjorne 16.10.2014 kello 11.39 
and for a glitch disclaimer, NEVER shoot an RPG round at a fizzler. The firing sound gets stuck looping.
16.10.2014 kello 12.42 
FireBjorne lähetti viestin:
and for a glitch disclaimer, NEVER shoot an RPG round at a fizzler. The firing sound gets stuck looping.
If you hear any sounds looping over and over again becauuse it's glitched just type in "soundscape". I also knew about "!picker" command.
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