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Waffl3s92 2013년 10월 30일 오후 3시 30분
I can't find the radio for lvl 2
I know exactly where it is supposed to be, on top of the first camera in the first room to your right before jumping off the ledge... But I'm looking right at that camera and there is no radio on top of it... Also in the beginning room, carrying the radio to the button didn't do anything. There was no mores code at all. I don't know what I'm doing wrong unless they removed the achievement somehow? Do I have to play through the game all the way through once first for it to work? When I look through the achievements list I can see "Transmission Received" listed with a "?..." and 0/26 even though I know that I carried the first radio onto the button... Is it no longer possible to get that achievement? But the radios should still be visible right? But the one in lvl 2 is just not there? I'm confused...
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rpgamer987 2013년 11월 1일 오후 7시 44분 
Game must be completed first.
Waffl3s92 2013년 11월 2일 오전 1시 22분 
That explains it... Thanks for clearing that up! XD
Osnik (Sheep) 2013년 11월 5일 오전 8시 44분 
You need to do one of these (best to do both):

1. Take the Radio in your waking up cell (0/19) with you and search the rooms for [BEEB; BEEB; BEEB] sounds. It should pop up somewhere hidden in the level. Sometimes just in the way or sometimes hidden.
2. Complete the game.
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1-33개 댓글 표시
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