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Chris@CE  [developer] Jun 24, 2017 @ 11:39am
NEED FEEDBACK! - Tell us your biggest gripe with GRIP
Hey all,

Since we have such a small team, we have a really tight priority list, but we still do our best to take community feedback and sometimes adjust priorities based on urgency of issues. We take all feedback seriously, and I hope that's apparent by our participation in the community, and the changes we make in our updates to the game.

With this thread, I'd like to gauge how people feel about the current version of GRIP and what their most concerning issues are with it. I won't give examples of what I think are issues (spoiler: there are many :p), but rather let you guys spill your thoughts into this thread without any influence.

So, with the current version of the game, what is the #1 thing that bothers you most? What causes you to sigh a deep breath of frustration, or curse loud enough to wake up Elvis, or even rage quit with a nice whip of the controller into a nearby wall?

Keep in mind that all of those things can also happen due to getting beat bad by another player. We're looking for potential problems with the game though ;)

!!PLEASE only comment with a MAX of TWO issues that are at the top of your list!!
This thread was created to narrow down what players are most concerned about, so writing an essay response will not help.

Do keep in mind that the shorter and more succinct your reply, the better! I'm quite busy and you'd probably I rather work on creating more racetracks than read Steam discussions all day, right? ;)
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Having played significantly more now, my biggest problem with this game are the random physics.
I'll land cleanly and still randomly bounce in weird ways, missiles will sometimes throw me into orbit and other times do little more than cause me to slide, tiny bumps and hills cause the cars to freak out. The cars only have downforce when it's convenient, the rest of the time they're weightless and uncontrollable.
JDanny Jul 3, 2017 @ 2:17pm 
1. If i join a race at its end, the next mp race put the resolution back to 1024x600, instead of 1080p . It happened 2 times out of 3 cases.
2. Only on snowy map,in a multiplayer race the game quit suddenly to windows after 4-5 laps.
P.S It is a very good game, it reminds me when i was a little child. Brings me back good memories.
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Razor Jul 4, 2017 @ 4:14am 
Great idea, instead of several threads lying around.

1. Reverse is a bit slow but, with the new boost system, it seems taken care of. My gripe is mostly the wheel animations at low speeds. (Also more work on the garage please).

2. I would love more maps where we can keep a high speed, and long tunnels without rocks and other objects stopping the car. Some tokyo/city maps that feel closed. Not open like almost every map right now.

ps. i dont understand how to "speed boost" at start and please dont change the missiles much more, they were always "unstable" (in rollcage too)

keep the great work!
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nastika Jul 5, 2017 @ 2:09am 
1. too many objects on race line that can force you to a complete stop or face the wrong direction
2. controller support - I want to play split-screen and my cyborg rumble pad is not mapped correctly even with x360ce
Lodreus Jul 5, 2017 @ 11:58am 
1. Allow us to spectate anyone via using controller D-PAD or keyboard arrows
2. Barrels somehow spin you out. Plz fix that
3. Fix the physics when vehicle lands
4. Allow controller menu navigation
5. Unlocks be nice
Apex Azimuth Jul 5, 2017 @ 4:55pm 
-I know this is "GRIP", but the cars have too much grip when sliding at a high angle of attack. As it is we lose so much speed when sliding that being turned sideways is more detrimental to your race time than being flipped into the air. I wish the cars kept more of their momentum. This would help with another gripe I have which is that scorpions flip you backwards always, which slows you down ALOT due to excessive grip.

-related to the above, I wish that the handbrake didn't slow you down as much as suspend your traction while it's pulled. This would hopefully enable better power sliding.

-Camera "recovery mode" should be smarter. It's great for not getting dizzy while tumbling out of control but it's annoying when you're just going slow for a while (e.g. Hairpin corners)

-FOV changes are annoying. It's good that they can be reduced, but I'd love to be able to turn them off.

-Bottoming-out/colliding with the track on high-G regions, especially noticeable on skytrack

-I don't like the camera angle changing while "drifting", it screws up my perception of my actual trajectory.

-Assassin pileup is hilarious but awful.

-I'd like to be able to chat while spectating in MP.

SUM182 Jul 6, 2017 @ 5:09am 
ok my 2 biggest complains about this game

1) BAD PHYSICS: this is an already known issue but i wanted to note it here to denote its importance. i know that at high speeds you tend to go flying when crashing against an object, but sometimes i go flying to the sky for no reason (..another small issue: spending too much time in air before falling..) when i perfectly land from a high jump or sometihng like that. also, sometimes the car bounces at high speed when driving on a wall (sometimes even on a straight flat road)

2) BAD ROCKET/ASSASINS LAUNCH: most of the times i get scared of hitting my self everytime i pick a rocket or an assasin, i have to use them when driving up hill, otherwise i'll kill my self for sure.. and for the assasin, a lot of times it doesn't even hit its objective, and i know you can avoid them by driving on walls, and thats pretty good, but i saw them several times just crashing into a wall or map props
Lodreus Jul 6, 2017 @ 2:40pm 
I would like to address the issue with population. I find that getting into a game can be difficult at times, and I have no clue when the best times are as I'm regularly coming onto this game to see if I can have a race, but sadly unable to do. I don't see the point in joining a Discord as if a game were to be arranged wouldn't it be available through the ingame matchmaking search?

I enjoy this game a lot but can't find people to play with. I would of thought with steam sale there be increase in finding more lobbies, but no.
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potterman28wxcv Jul 7, 2017 @ 1:25pm 
Originally posted by Lodreus:
I would like to address the issue with population. I find that getting into a game can be difficult at times, and I have no clue when the best times are as I'm regularly coming onto this game to see if I can have a race, but sadly unable to do. I don't see the point in joining a Discord as if a game were to be arranged wouldn't it be available through the ingame matchmaking search?

I enjoy this game a lot but can't find people to play with. I would of thought with steam sale there be increase in finding more lobbies, but no.
Hey Lodreus,

There is actually a matchmaking in Grip (kind of). The problem is the population - if you cannot find a game it's because no one is playing multiplayer at the moment.

Waiting for multiplayer to have more mechanisms to retain people, Discord is a great mean to know when someone is racing. Usually all the time when you see 8-9 people in a single race it's because of Discord.

The community is also very nice in there, so no worries about potential fun ruiners
Chris@CE  [developer] Jul 7, 2017 @ 7:55pm 
Alright so after a bunch of input from you guys (thanks!), I see some recurring comments in here, such as:

-Missile deployment. This will be looked at very carefully for next patch, as I see a lot of complaints about it

-Current camera assistance is annoying to some (UPDATE: will be toggle-able in menu next patch)

-Add pitch for Air Control. I agree with this sentiment and will bring it up to the team

-Proper 4k screen support. This is a known issue where the cursor disappears, among other things. Noted internally, juts haven't gotten to it

-Gamepad menu navigation:
You guys would not believe how much of a pain in the♥♥♥♥♥this is due to the nature of our 3D menu and our version of Unreal. We are well aware that this is annoying, and we're sorry - but we've currently got someone on it and hopefully they come up with a solution soon, as yes, it's very much needed!

-Unwanted obstacles and bumps on the tracks. This is all my doing, and I will be taking a very close look at problem areas of tracks, streamlining the driving surfaces without removing wanted difficulty. Showing me places you dislike most obviously helps!

-physics issues: Bouncing and catching on geometry randomly. This has been plaguing us for a long time, but hopefully we can improve upon it soon. This is not an easy fix by any means, but we'll get there.
Bonus mention: car vs car collision. Yes, it's annooying. Workin on it.

-Pickup balance:
A known issue, and one that takes tons of tweaking, especially now as we're still lacking new pickups in the game. We've recently added code for preventing too many Assassins and will be adding a new weapon soon, so that should help spread things out. Plus we're thinking about counters for missiles in general so that players have more of a chance to avoid. But again, that requires balancing other pickups to be more effective keeping the pack together. Anyway, still much work to do here and we won't stop until the game is as balanced as possible. No easy task

Whether it's too far back or in a bad spot where you or another car can hit the spawning one, resetting is still WIP, and will be perfected by the end, no worries

Tons more functionality coming for this very soon, so just hang tight. We know it's not working very well right now, and those nasty crashes or network errors certainly aren't helping.


To those of you saying it's too low, it's actually 1.5x normal gravity. Just observe cars in cinematic mode and you'll see that when they go off of jumps they fall irregularly fast. The only reason it feels like you're flying into the air so much is because you're smashing an indestructible car into an immovable object, the energy needs to go somewhere - your car.

You guys do know that TAPPING the handbrake initiates a drift best, right? Do not just SLAM the handbrake and expect to drift around a corner. Tutorial here:

Do keep in mind the speeds these cars go at, and if we had them drift like other games, they'd be practically uncontrollable outside of specific situations. Landing on an angle would send you skidding into a wall, trying to make a basic turn would make the understeer even worse. These cars have to have an incredible amount of Grip to even stay on the track. You will never be able to drift in Grip as you would in most other racers, strictly due to the speed a weight (plus other cars shooting at you)

-RaceTrack issues:
If you know of specific parts of tracks that peeve you off, please show us either in a screenshot or video! This makes it much easier for me to identify and fix quickly!
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I have a different opinion than most about mid air control and car-to-car collisions. I love the fact the control is limited in air. The current design forces you to be aware of obsticals and overall become a better driver. There are last second choices you must make. Say, if you overturn, you hit a ramp wrong, and it dosn't allow you to get to the shorter path. Once you learn the track, you will avoid those situations more offten. Senarios like this would be completely negated if mid air control was more precise.

As for car-to-car collisions. I also like the brute force stopping it causes. Maybe a little leniency could take place for perpendicular collisions, but again, I feel like this is a skill you will develop through play. Identifying stopped/potential future hazards and driving around them is part of the dexterity required for the game.

The feedback everyone is giving for this game is awesome, and I'm only one opinion. I mainly wanted to let you guys hear a minority opinion. Keep up the great work!
Lodreus Jul 8, 2017 @ 9:13am 

I don't think be needed for screenshot or video as it's the only part of the track that happens, but I like to mention the track SkyTrack. After the big loop you drive off, you land on 3 platforms / tracks that act as stairs. When you hit the first platform after the loop your car bounces, and same goes for second platform. Last one your fine.

Doesn't happen all the time and I'm unsure if this fault of the player for not maintaining steady speed or track.
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Usman.Saleem Jul 8, 2017 @ 11:50am 
Love Grip!

My biggest gripes is the random crashes just before the menu is displayed - I think it might have something to do with my USB Xbox 360 controller.

Would love to see:

1. Destructible environments
2. More tracks
3. Weapon power ups
Rathori Jul 8, 2017 @ 12:33pm 
Those blue crates in the middle of the track on Transport should be visible from any distance, on all graphics settings, rather than pop in when it's almost too late to adjust your trajectory (definitely happens on low settings, which I'm forced to use atm, unfortunately). This applies to any other obstacles, although I haven't noticed any other popping in unexpectedly.

And I hate the fact that rockets always flip you car to face backwards, this is so annyoing. It would be nice to have some variety of angles, at least (as well as some ways to shake them off, but it has already been discussed in this thread).

I also managed to figure out how air control works. It turns out, it starts VERY slow, and then gets somewhat faster. I do realise this isn't a flight simulator, but the problem is pretty much all the jumps are too short to get any meaningful rotation done, so air control as it is is pretty much useless.

BTW, I do like the obstacles on tracks such as crates I mentioned earlier and walls in tunnels on Transport. They make the race more interesting and (especially the walls in tunnels), are fairly easy to avoid once you had a race or two on the track and know they're there.
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Jerbe887 Jul 9, 2017 @ 7:35am 
okay, i found something that i find infuriating, when i hold the reset button to put me back on the ground/road and get back in the race, it respawns me from a 5 second distance before the spot where i fell/got stuck on! i was in 1st and i ended up in 7th place because of that respawn! what is that about?!
why doesn't it respawn me exactly at the same spot? just put me in the middle of the road please, i already screwed up, no need to punish me that hard
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