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Why the bad reviews ? I think its good
Honesty i think people are to far to fussy these days.
Ive been playing pc games for 30 years i dont get so upset if a game doesnt come out to MY specifications exactly.I try to make the best of it.
Ok the lip sync wasnt perfect and it was a bit easy to kill mobs but other than that i loved it, as i do most rpg games. I play a lot of GOG games i know bad graphics,poor stories,bad AI's etc.
but this game had great graphics an interesting story a good section of armour ,weapons lots of mobs to kill etc.
i played gothic 1, 2 and 3 also good games but not perfect hopfully gothic 5 will be better if it comes out
It boils down to your own opinion but saying things like worst game ever is just stupid. I would give this game a 7.5/10 and for the $7 i payed for this, well worth it.
ps i also had no problems with installing it and it never crashed on me 1 time how many games can do that
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I think its hard core gothic fans that had different expectations,I never played Gothic series , I just tried demo, like the combat and Having an addictive great time with Arcania.

I'm enjoying it as much as Oblivion probably a bit more than Oblivion because I hate weight restrictions...It adds nothing to the game Its only there to claim 100s of hours game play...Well alot of that time spent with weight and inventory management.
This game does not do that.

This is as much fun asDAO (Can't beat companion content though), Visuals are really nice,story is fine, Mostly its straite forward fun,Very well put together as you progress.
And I realy like weather changes,Day Night, Rain ,Storms,Sunshine.
Very good game
Even in Gothic 1 you could sleep at night. In Arcania you could only lay in bed, but can't sleep.
dont have the game but it ssems the people that actually took time to enjoy it liked it look if you want everything exactly the way you want it go creat your own video game ok settles that problem lol
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Even in Gothic 1 you could sleep at night. In Arcania you could only lay in bed, but can't sleep.

Well in Arcania you dont have to sleep until a tradeing post opens,their open 24 hours a day.You dont have to sleep to spend skill points either.Or go to sleep and wake up to meet a certain npc at a certain time of day or night just to do a quest.

oops no monster here i better take a nap and come at a more convenient time... lol

oops I've been disemboweled,A nice power nap will zip me right up
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It's probably because people were expecting something that would compete with the previous gothic games, and that is not easy. I'm waiting for a 75% sale to pick this up, and then maybe I'l have a better understanding of it.
i was blown away by the graphics, ok, no anti-alias, but a dx9 fxaa injector soon sorted that out, loved the game, end was a bit confusing, but not as bad as mass effect 3 lol!!! it kinda reminded me of alot of other rpg's, ok it's not hard core like gothic, or oblivion et al, but it had a beautiful charm, the fighting was ok, but the best bit was the wind in the trees (why doesn't skyrim have this?) loved every minute of it, took 3 days solid to beat, even though the end boss was a bit tedious, great game that got a beating unfairly imho.
I played this game on console and I did really like it. Hoping I can pick up the PC version of this game as well as the previous Gothic games as I have never played them before.
thhis game(arcania) is very good, buy all gold edition.
Taken as a whole, Arcania is a fantastic action/adventure game - a little light and streamlined in the RPG department, but an overall excellent and very well paced game. The combat is superb, and the graphics are beautiful, especially the violet/purple sun shafts at daybreak - just jawdropping a lot of the times.

So, to sum up my brief overview, I would have to rate Arcania -

As an action/adventure game - a 9+ out of ten.
As an RPG game - a 7.5+ out of ten.

If you want a stellar action/adventure game, do not pass this up - If you want a hardcore RPG, there are plenty of other games out there for you.
Thing is, Gothic 4 is very generic in all of its presentations. As a world in its own its very jarring to come from playing Gothic 3 which was open world and had a lot of interesting concepts and creatures to Gothic 4 which took all that sort of adventure away and made it very cookie cutter. I'm not saying you can't like or dislike the game, but imo coming from playing a ton of RPG games as well as the Gothic series number 4 is very boring and generic and doesn't offer anything interesting and for a game series that hasn't been to main stream you had better bring something interesting to the table. Its a shame though i really did like Gothic series but number 4 is definitly an eye sore in what other wise is a sold series.
When I played gothic 2 it was amazing but I noticed the combat was maybe a bit lacking somehow. In gothic 3 it hadn't improved alot although it was different, it was still very limited. In gothic 4 it's still not the best combat seen in a game. But that could be said about elder scrolls games aswell. Still all these games are enjoyable.
I thought this game was great. I don't have it on PC but played in on my 360 before it red lighted and never bought a console again. I liked the story and the gameplay was fun and addictive. I've never played previous Gothic games to compare. I think maybe it got a lower rating is because of other games at that time this was released. It's well worth the 7.49USD or whatever currency you're paying for the sale.
This is not the best arpg ever but its also far from being a bad game.
In alot of ways it plays alot better than the other gothic games. Thanks to things like the tree limbs go transerant so they don't block your view while fighting, The roll option that replaced the other games strafe is much faster & more refined. I got the gold edt for several bucks, It was very worth it to me.
I agree. I think this is a very solid game with good graphics on the PC. I think the combat is more enticing than the Witcher games, but the story obviously pales in comparison, which is where those games shine.

As far as comparisons to the previous Gothic games, I would say this is a more focused and paced experience. In the other games, you could wander around anywhere and everywhere and end up being owned by mostly every creature until you purchase some training and mastered the awkward controls.

This game though, you have to set the difficulty to Hard or Gothic to get a similar challenge and that free roam yourself into trouble mechanic doesn't really exist. You also don't have to find people to train you for everything like the Gothic and Risen games. Mining comes standard. Alchemy already mastered, just need to learn the potions/elixers from scrolls. Magic and combat abilities are recieved from putting points in trees rather than finding experienced practicioners in both which usually involved joining a faction and not being able to learn combat or magic.

The main thing that I love though about this game is that the locales are thoughfully made and the graphics are good. Yes, character models are repeated. Yes, the main character looks like a twit. Oh well though, this game still impresses. The disappearing vegetation as you approach is odd however and so are some of the low-res clothing when everything else is remarkably high-res.

Overall, if you like action RPGs and can play along with the often silly Gothic storyline, which I have to say is done better in this one than the previous games, then please get this game and enjoy.
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