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misfitInABox 13 SEP 2013 a las 15:52
Shadows and textures acting weird
I found that mainly people with armor would just be completely black, if I walk around them sometimes the textures would come back, how do I fix this?
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Gropax 13 SEP 2013 a las 16:12 
sounds like a driver bug do you have the most current drivers for your card.
Puppymang 15 OCT 2013 a las 2:54 
hi these black textures bug was happening to me too. after a few minutes of playing characters clothing would go black and when i made it off the beginning island even the fishermen's homes were black.
heres what i did considering im currently running the latest beta drivers for my gpu amd hd 5770 so the drivers are probalby not the issue
i edited the main executable's header file to use more than 2GB memory. some games will not load properly because they don't have enough memory for whatever reason.
i used CFF Explorer and edited Arcania.exe (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arcania Gothic 4)
- open with CFF explorer (google it or something)
- click on "file header" (3rd tab down for me)
- click on "click here" on the bottom right box (meaning column, characteristics row)
- check the box "app can handle >2gb address space" and press ok
- save or make a backup of the original file just in case

this was taken from FO3 texture modes that required more memory than the game could handle by default so it was necessary to use it in order to exceed the memory limits otherwise you would get pink textures/missing textures but i realized that it can be handy for other games that arent optimized for 64bit as well
hope it helps someone
The Inventor 1 ENE 2014 a las 12:09 
Is there any option so that the grass does not disappear in your path?
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