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quakeman 21 Ago, 2013 às 14:23
Very good performance with medium system (demo not polished)
ACER v3-571G i73610QM, geforce gt640M 2gb, 8 gb ddr3, regular 5400 500gb hdd, the game looks and runs great,with all set to max(shadows to medium) i get around 22-30 Fps, but it moves good, better than 35-40 Fps i get in GW2. The graphics are great for that time, better than risen 1 and risen 2(at characters and weather) and similar to two worlds 2 and close to witcher 2 , i can tell it was a loot of work put in it, and as an rpg fan and a gothic series player- i can conclude that for this price, feeling, work put in details ( i mean its the only game where the hammer actually hits the blade on the anvil) , its a FUC$$$$ awesome game. cheers.
ps a loot of hatefull coments below (the demo is rough not finished)
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ArcaniA > Discussões Gerais > Detalhes do tópico
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