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Honest reveiw wanted.
I've heard enough of Gothic Fanboys and their "Worst game in history, I'm gonna go slit my wrist I'm so depresed" reviews. I Played and loved Two Worlds I&II, skyrim, oblivion, The Whitcher 2 and verious others. Now, how many hours can I get out of this game and what is there to do. I love open worlds and crafting and hate mindless grinding. Any true reveiws welcome. Please give meat with reasons. I wan't more than "don't get it".
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P.S., it says It dosen't support controller, Dose it and it just not said or do I buy this for my xbox and move on.
Thank you for the reveiw. My copy gets here the day after tomorrow. Amazon had it for $4.
Heh,play Two Worlds. Great gameplay and game, but holy bugs, Batman! Lag in single player, if you could jump and move without crashing you were gold. Forget lip syncing. I did demo on Xbox so I know a little. Can't wait to see whaat my PC can do with it though.
Fuzzy 11.3.2013 kello 14.32 
Sadly, I don't think you'll find an honest review. Most forums and review sites seem plagued with two opposing and VOCAL groups of opinions:

1) The vested interest ones who need the game to sell - devs, publishers, review sites & mags, paid outside marketers, etc.


2) Those who enjoyed the original(s) and didn't want to see drastic changes. Changes in game mechanics, graphic/art/sound/writing style, story direction, main characters, UI, controls, level of polish, alleged 'dumbing down' for wider markets, and probably a few dozen others.

I'd *roughly* equate it to enjoying say.. the first Lord of the Rings movie, then getting Eragon as a sequel instead of the incredible and consistent ones we actually got.

Along those lines, you can usually tell which group a forum poster, review site, or mag belongs to by how happy they are going from Lord of the Rings, to Eragon ;).
I see its $4.99 today good price for a rpg game for 25-30 hours of game play.
i thought the graphics are good and music was ok, if you like rpg's its worth a go
I prefered gothic 3 cause you could go where you wanted at any time like skyrim and i got over 100 hours of game play out of it twice but i never finised it.
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I played it for about 15-20 hours and enjoyed it. It wasn't perfectly smooth, but I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to RPGs...I like some aspects of most of them. Been playing them for decades and nothing I've ever played has topped Ultima 4 on the Commodore 64 -- that doesn't mean games today don't have merit. :)

For $5, it's totally worth it -- you could probably wait a few months and get it on sale for half that.
Rubedo 11.3.2013 kello 18.35 
Personally I will not be buying it now that I have watched the trailers.

A horrible 4 minute assembly of slow motion combat shots (where mobs barely even aim at the player) and entirely too much walking.

Why would you make a game trailer (the selling point) where all you show off is how slow a character can move?
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hexaae 12.3.2013 kello 3.20 
The truth is that Arcania is more like an Adventure (yes, those old point and click adventure with waiting NPCs) of the past, with an RPG-style... For this reason it's stages-locked, linear, etc.
It's not a real RPG in the classic terms and it's not open-world.
So be advised....

It's a pity because some technical aspects are very well done. Bad game direction.
I've played it for about 15 hrs, but for some odd reason I sold it, with a mass of other games to gamestop . . ., so with this great deal, and the downloadable content. I like the game, a odd mix of action adventure, and RPG. Its open-world blocks, are there, but there not that noticable, and its still got a open world feel.
A fairly solid RPG, worth picking up in a sale. I think the metacritic 63/100 is a bit low, and its worth noting that the more mainstream reviewers like IGN and PC gamer give it around 75%, which I would say is closer to the mark.

Nothing ground breaking, fairly simple/easy and not very long. Its not sandbox or even very open world. Think of Fable style of questing and exploration. The environments look great but the character models and voices are a bit shoddy.

I am enjoying it though, and dont regret picking it up in the sale. Would hesitate to recommend it outside of a sale though. I don't see much replay value, and the character development is pretty light.

Edit: just a note on performance/technical. It fired up first time for me with no problems. Apart from a slight tear on the horizon at certain times of the day I have seen no bugs in game yet.
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Santiago 16.3.2013 kello 18.55 
I tried the demo for only a few minutes, so I can't comment on gameplay. The graphics look like a lot of other medieval fantasy RPGs (I like them), but the performance is poor (perhaps it's better in the full version).

That along with the fact that every other game I own (hundreds) works fine without lowering the sound sample rate make this a no-buy.
Ecliptic 26.3.2013 kello 22.39 
If you don't mind a banal action RPG with supremely shallow combat and a gamepath about two millimeters wide, this is right up your alley.
Again, I have closed this. Gou forum someone else! Thank you but I now have the game.
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