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GraZC Jul 8, 2014 @ 2:55pm
Sprinting mod!
How on earth they didn't include sprinting is beyond belief. Relying on a rune to give a temporary run increase is silly.

Here are two mod's to provide relief to this.

Enables you to sprint by pressing the Shift key, this includes running indoors and running with a weapon.
To install you'll need to find the input.xml file and insert this at the end of the file:
(input.xml is found in your documents/gothic4)
(taken from:
<Input command="sprint" set="1" > <Key name="shift left"/> <Activation type="active"/> </Input> <Input command="sprint" > <Key name="shift right"/> <Activation type="active"/> </Input>

#2 Indoor walking speed is no longer reduced

Requires mod installation here:


Two pages of mods are available for ArcaniA, Shame theirs no item comparisoon for tooltips, hate having to remember each individual item i am wearing when browsing traders.

Hope you all enjoy these anyway.
ArcaniA > General Discussions > Topic Details