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You can see my hours, I've not had it long but I like the game. I've just completed B. Here are some suggestions that I think would help the setting.

  • The ship can detect planets but can't detect massive gravity objects like stars and blackholes? Maybe there should be some other sort of arrow showing these things but that might both clutter up the screen and make the game too easy. It is fun getting flustered over twin singularities and then weaving the ship through them.
  • Other have mentioned better controls; rebinding keys and controller support. Not a big deal for me but better accessibility is always nice.
  • Invincibility on the final planet of each level (see the thread made 22hrs before this one).
  • After you finish a level and then reattempt it, I think you should be given larger fuel and oxygen tanks to allow for better exploration in that level. Obviously, these 'upgrades' shouldn't transfer to other levels. This would allow 100%-ing the planets in each level.

What do you guys think?
Last Horizon > General Discussions > Topic Details