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How to Fix: "Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime is required" error message
We are using the absolute newest version of Visual C++ 2015. Microsoft requires your PC to be up to date for certain Windows Update Security Patches related to Visual C++ .


You download 129Mb and are unable to install Squad and see the following error message:

Error: The following component(s) are required to run this program: Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime


Your PC has not run Windows Update in a long time, so long in fact that you do not have the Windows security updates required to install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015.


It's a bit of a PITA but you'll have a better secured PC out of it in the end. And you'll get to play Squad. And most new games in 2016 will require these updates also, so get it done now.

Update Dec 30th 2016

down with mao Dec 30, 2016 @ 11:19pm
I know this thread is a bit old but I just had this exact issue and managed to fix it by doing this:
  • 1. Installing the latest version of Internet Explorer (currently 11) and rebooting.
  • 2. Installing Windows6.1-KB3020369 and then Windows6.1-KB3172605 then rebooting.
  • 3. Since I already had both the x86 and x64 versions of the Redist installed, I went to the control panel, and repaired both of the redistributables by double clicking them.
After this I was able to run my game. I think it has to do with some windows updates that require Internet explorer.

Update January 4 2017:
uppermostking01 Jan 4 @ 9:31pm
finally figured out how to get this to work on win 8.1 so frustrating. first thing you're going to want to do is uninstall visual c++ 2015 completely restart your computer. and then go to control panel go to all control panel items go to Windows update in the control panel go to change settings and then enable never check for updates. restart your computer and then go to this website https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2999226 and download x86 or x64 install it then restart pc. then install visual c++ 2015 restart your computer . and then you're done it's fixed I hope this helps because this problem was a nightmare. at least for me. works for Windows 8.1 most likely will work on all operating systems from Microsoft.

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Ben Dec 27, 2015 @ 11:23pm 
"Your PC has not run Windows Update in a long time."

Because I literallty can't. Wasted the past 24 hours of my life trying, but did not make any progress. I also linked to another game that had this same issue.

I provided more details like DxDiag, installed windows updates, windows updates i can view but not install, installed programs, etc...


Hopefully a solution exists, or I can atleast help a solution be found.
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Other games have been dealing with this also:


Starbound now uses Visual Studio 2015 for the windows builds, which means you need the Visual C++ 2015 runtime to run Starbound on windows. When you run starbound on steam it should automatically install both the 32 bit and the 64 bit versions of the Visual C++ 2015 runtime.

This thread is for you if you are having trouble installing these runtimes, or experienced any of the following issues:

Error: The program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-I1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer.

0x80240017 - Unspecified error

Windows 7 requires Service Pack 1 to install the Visual C++ 2015 runtime. To see if you have Service Pack 1 installed:
Click the Start button , right-click Computer, and then click Properties.
This will open a control panel page with information about your computer.
If Service Pack 1 is installed it will show under "Windows edition", if you do not see service pack 1 there you need to install it.
If you have service pack 1 installed, or you are not on windows 7, it wouldn't hurt to install all available service packs anyway.

For windows 8.1 a specific update is required (KB2999226). If for any reason you can't install this update, take a look at this thread for a possible solution: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/...e-getting-error-failed-to-configure-per-machi

These issues are not specific to starbound, but to visual c++ 2015, and if none of this helps you may be able to find an answer outside of the starbound forums. Please post here with any logs or other information that can help!]


Some people have reported uninstalling and reinstalling the .NET framework helping.
Ben Jan 1, 2016 @ 12:39am 
I backed up my entire PC as a system image file and then backed up a ton of files/folders individually. Then I reinstalled Windows 8 via USB/DISK, then went through all the updates. Really didn't want to do that, but doing a repair install (only reinstalls Windows files and leaves all other files alone) was impossible due to something related to this issue that caused a lack of partition space error.

Now I am able to play the game.

The issue that I had was probably related to core Windows corruption/bugs/errors, which judging by other's online posts, could have been caused by something like a bad Windows update, a specific program or program combination, DELL, or some other thing. Whatever it was, its hopefully gone for me now.

I spent a week on this issue, so for others with the same issue, don't waste all your time trying to fix the broken Windows install, unless you really know what you are doing.

My issue was here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/393380/discussions/1/458604254439214924/

I tried to provide a bit of guide on how I reinstalled Windows to fix the issue, and backed up literally my entire PC before doing so.
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Tony Jan 6, 2016 @ 4:24am 
I make that problem:
1.install Windows Servise Pack 1.
2. delete and install Microfost Visual C++ studio 2015.
Mic.C++ studio 2015 neew SErvice Pack 1 for work.
[EC] CLUBs37 Jan 7, 2016 @ 9:13pm 
Someone like to help me with this issues; dont want to wreck the computer.
ECG White_Ninjaah Jan 18, 2016 @ 9:41am 
Are you guys planning on fixing this problem soon? i have had like 3 different friends try to help me with this error, i have run updates after updates tried repairing the C++ and updated my drivers. So are the developers gonna be able to fix this or should i just refund?
captain banqer Jan 20, 2016 @ 7:16pm 
I just bought the game and I can't play because this error. I cant reinstall. any other solution?
ECG White_Ninjaah Jan 20, 2016 @ 7:21pm 
none that i know of i just refunded this game, hopefully they fix this issue and ill buy it at a later date.
captain banqer Jan 20, 2016 @ 7:23pm 
I guess I have to refund as well.
logicdat Jan 29, 2016 @ 5:01am 
I cant fix this, anyone help me plz :((( :csgogun::steamfacepalm:
Kdog78 Apr 7, 2016 @ 1:55pm 
i am all up to date with windows updates and the c++ 2015 and still will not worki wasted a lot of time doing this for it not to work. i dont know what els to do ... the devs need to figer out a user friendly way to make this game work.
Gameplay soave Apr 8, 2016 @ 9:08am 
this and ♥♥♥♥ was so excited about the game I and my clan of 30 people and now all we will refund all the had the same problem find a lack of respect paid 100 in a game that does not work will end up losing $ 3,000 by this bug sincerely hope to solve
SSOCRATES Jul 5, 2016 @ 11:58pm 
I only left my contribution to this, i fix this problem this night only update my windows 7 to SP1 and done, i can install the Visual c++ 2015.
[TVM]Miss Chloe Oct 14, 2016 @ 8:18pm 
I still can't figure this out. I need API-ms-Win-crt etc, which requires me to do Redist C++ I would but in order to do so, i need to apperantly update my windows. Okay, so that means I HAVE to have Win 10??? Because that's the only Update I have available. If anyone can help me out and stay and talk with me (Not just one post), then i'll forever be in your debt.
No-Neck Oct 15, 2016 @ 2:56am 
You do not have to have Win 10. You have to have 64 bit and you probably have to have the latest service pack installed. Is your Windows Update having some kind of error while checking for updates?
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