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Grythandril Apr 30, 2017 @ 3:38am
Rogue Wizards - Enjoying it 2nd time round
Am enjoying playing the story version of Rogue Wizards again.

I never achieved the 500,000 gold pieces award and decided to go back and gain this.
Also this time I want to get every available spell which I also did not achieve.
Still love the cartoon style graphics and the colourful creatures/npc in the game as well as the music too.

Notable features

Divine Treasure
I like the new Divine treasure in which you get new items every day which is a nice idea. It nice to see which items may help your character or not.

New Font
The new writing font gives the game a nice and more casual aspect to it.
However because it is big and bold looking it makes the writing look too messy when reading it. Also I noticed (and I may be wrong on this) but there is no option to go back to the original font.

Character movement
Occasionally when moving your hero through the levels the character seems to end up several squares ahead in the direction of your choice which make the game looks rather jumpy and erratic.

The Blacksmith, Armory, & Jeweller (misspelt as Jeweler in the Game).
I may have mentioned this before but it still feels not quite right (from my perspective).

While the Blacksmith comes early in the story the other 2 do not appear until later on in the game.

Now this presents several flaws in the aspects of the game.

1. Shop Level
By the time your character has reach a decent level, the blacksmith level has also increased, creating some high level weapons etc. But by the time the Armory and Jeweller appear late in the story their items are of a low level which make the shop redundant. This means you are far better off gaining better armor etc in the levels itself.

2. Selling your items
When your going through the story you character will pick up weapons, armor and rings etc which can only be sold in the blacksmith as that is the only shop available in the beginning. With the weapons, armor and jewels sold only the blacksmith you gain more money and begin building up the blacksmith level for better weapons etc (providing you get more hammers for this increase level purpose).

3. Price is always the same per shop
With each shop now available in the story aspects I have noticed that when selling the weapons, armor, jewels etc they all have the has the same selling price.

4. Items not restricted per shop
Also there is no restriction on which items can be sold where. That's why the blacksmith level increases so much.

As it stands I have gained over 500,000 gold pieces and the best shop is the blacksmith because of the high level weapons etc. I am ore inclined to increase the level of the blacksmith more than the other 2 shops every time I gain a hammer.
I have tried to increase the Amory and Jeweller shop but their level items are still too low. As it stands so far in the story game this is level I am currently at:

Hero is at Level 67
Blacksmith is at Level 66
Armory is at Level 49
Jeweller is at Level 54


Would it not better to restrict subject items per shop i.e.
Weapons etc sold only to the blacksmith,
Armour etc sold only to the Armory
Jewellery etc sold only to the Jeweller.

I think it would give the game a more decision making aspect because of the restriction which means the vault could now be used more often to store items until the shops become available to sell them.


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CoalWhite May 9, 2017 @ 1:39pm 
As a casual player (non-story) I have no feedback to give. But I do want to thank you for leaving your well articulated thoughts for this game. I hope the devs will give your write-up a read and reflect and how to improve from it. Cheers!
Grythandril May 10, 2017 @ 11:11am 
Your welcome.
Spellbind Studios  [developer] May 26, 2017 @ 4:19pm 
Thanks for your insight and feedback. I've just finished up the iOS launch and will be pushing a bunch of the enhancements to the Steam version, then I can sit down and catch my breath and look over how to improve some of the things you've talking about.

Nantes Jun 5, 2017 @ 3:12pm 
I don't see how you can just infinitely increase the armory as it requires anvils to upgrade. Is the anvil requirement VERY recent?
Spellbind Studios  [developer] Jun 5, 2017 @ 3:22pm 
Anvil requirements have been in there since launch and help to keep the shops in balance. That said, the same could be accomplished with attribute requirements ... but now sure if it's worth changing at this point.
Lemures Oct 4, 2017 @ 10:26pm 
Having a small % bonus for selling items to the correct shop will work. Restricting the sale of items to a specific shop would be a disaster. What if you get a lot more of one shop's items throughout your game? How would you increase a another shop's level if you can't sell the items wherever you please?
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