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calexil Oct 2, 2017 @ 1:26pm
Marco Window Manager crash and compton issues in windowed mode on Linux Mint 18.2 SOLVED
Had to refund the game because trying to play it in windowed mode caused Marco(Mint Mate 18.2 Window Manager) to completely crash(and unable to restart).

This is a no go for a streamer like myself.

Some other oddities: Disabling Compton(compositing) allowed the game to be played in windowed mode without marco crashing, but the screen tearing was awful and made the game unplayable.

I messaged aspyr support already, but figured I should post here for posterity

Edit1: the canned response from aspyr is that only steamos and ubuntu 16.04 are supported. :/

mint 18.2 mate is essentially 16.04 mate... so thats not a real answer, more like a shrugging off.

If someone from aspry can provide me a testing code(since they seem hesitant to do the work themselves), I can probably trace the crash and provide an answer


This was SOLVED by adding a shadow exclusion to compton :
"name *= 'LOF'",
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