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• Who are the one who have all the "Achievements" ?
... you get all Achievements for Dungeon Siege III and you want to add yourself to the list "HALL OF FAME" you just can do it here.

- My idea is to build a "HALL OF FAME"
- Later it'll be listed in "The Best Player" of today- of the week- of the month- of the year !
- I spend so much time to help friends in game to get all "Achievements" !
- So i search and invite all to be interested !

* Tell your friends to join the club !

* alone is strong enough ...

Please take part in discussions!

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[ENG] From this place, and from this day forth begins a new era in the history of the world, and you can all say that you were present at its birth.

[GER] Von hier und heute geht eine neue Epoche der Weltgeschichte aus, und ihr könnt sagen, ihr seid dabei gewesen.

- [J. W. von Goethe nach der Schlacht bei Valmy]

ENG] These entries are displayed only with your voluntary consent to the list !
[GER] Diese Einträge werden nur mit Eurer freiwilligen Zustimmung in der Liste angezeigt !
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Of course, I 'm also willing to help.
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After the first Guide (Achievements - Dungeon Siege® III [GER]) and the second Guide (Achievements - Dungeon Siege® III [GER] - Treasures of the Sun - DLC) is also now my third Guide finished. Here all active players are invited to make. For only he who has all Achievements, the possibility has to be entered in the "Hall of Fame".

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Please tell me : What do you think about "HALL OF FAME" for DSIII
I'll create a list and work on it for all who wana play DSIII Co-Op 4Player Hard-Level - thats takes time - i tell you all if its ready !

There are also Player they help if help needed !
... managed - I also did it! My last achievement are unlocked: Apr 25, 2013 7:52am
Who gives a crap? Why do you have 2 threads?
[ENG] Now - there are people who do not like Lyric ... hmmmmm

Take it easy! There is no need to be rude...

What I'm most concerned with the question to 'HALL OF FAME'. Do you not want to join or your afraid to because you low demand, which can not be! Or is it the mortification in multiplayer mode in which you will possibly ever kicked? Is it the camera work in which one is bound to the host radius? There are still things right!

- "Man, people, the internet is full of things like 'HALL OF FAME' in different platforms PC, PS3 & XBox, so why not one on Steam?"

- "What are you guys doing with your achievements in DSIII if your ok because they all have, you'll have your achievements on Steam, etc. I would even go one step further, so that in Steam 'HALL OF FAME' is present here. Would be great! Since there are certainly still many open questions, but to solve this just is not so easy."

- "Therefore, my appeal to all who are really interested: "Come on, help and participate with you in 'HALL OF FAME'!"


[GER] Nun - es gibt Leute die mögen keine Lyric ... hmmmmm

Immer mit der Ruhe! Es besteht keine Notwendigkeit, unhöflich zu sein ...

Was mich am meisten beschäftigt ist die Frage um 'HALL OF FAME'. Habt Ihr keine Lust mitzumachen oder scheut Ihr euch wegen zu geringer Nachfrage, das kann nicht sein! Oder ist es die Kasteiung im Multiplayermodus bei der man unter Umständen ständig gekickt wird? Liegt es an der Kameraführung bei der man an den Host-Radius gebunden ist? Dafür gibt es doch Abhilfe!

- "Mensch, Leute, das Internet ist voll von Dingen wie 'HALL OF FAME' in verschiedenen Plattformen für PC, PS3 & XBox, also warum nicht eines bei Steam?"

- "Was macht ihr eigentlich mit Euren Achievements in DSIII, wenn Ihr sie denn alle habt? Ok, Ihr bekommt Eure Achievements usw. bei Steam. Ich möchte hier noch einen Schritt weiter gehen, damit auch in Steam 'HALL OF FAME' present ist. Wäre doch toll! Da gibt es sicherlich noch vielen offene Fragen, aber eben Diese zu lösen ist auch nicht so einfach."

- "Deshalb mein Aufruf an Alle die wirklich interessiert sind: "Kommt rein, helft mit und beteiligt Euch in 'HALL OF FAME'!"
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