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HierroTatsu Oct 15, 2015 @ 10:16am
A whole Bunch of Theories to Undertale
Undertale list of things that are known or I want to know etc etc. Spoilers and such.

Gaster does and does not exist in the game. He has form in the codes of the game hidden between a bunch of strips of code but I am not tech savy enough to go hunting for that. Good luck to all you out there. It is canon that he exists since the most direct way of finding out about him is to try to enter his name for the Fallen Child... which I find especially odd.
Asriel is adorable (Duh) but I find it odd that he cannot feel 'love' as Flowey. Why not? He can be afraid, he can be happy, can be sad, so why not be loved?
*theory1* He can, but it's not 'recognizable' to him. Asriel is... well, dead ... as is Chara, so thus leaves Flowey more of a memory then a being. He doesn't feel love for/from Asgore or Toriel because they don't REALLY know him, they just know Asriel, whom he thinks he is.
*Theory2* someone made him not capable of that?

That one amalgam, he appears twice to help you in the true lab. Once in the shower, and again in bed (... that came out far worse then it should...)
*Theory1* a reason behind this? some memory lost to it?
*Theory2* ... just a nice bunch of monsters.

The phone call you get in the True Lab. The Voice you never heard of. I Don't think it's Asriel on the line. It's easy to make that assumption since he's going to go through his omnipotent boss form thing, but I wonder. Unable to make a solid theory.
EDIT: DUNKED. Paying closer attention to it, it sounds like the text from Asriel, but the adut asriel.

The flower bed. At the beginning of the game you wake up in the golden flowers, but if you try to interact with them you dont say anything. It's only after you talk to Flowey and Toriel that you (or frisk) go "oh the flowers must have broken your fall." It becomes even STRANGER in waterfall, when you land on yet another fortunately placed bed of Golden Flowers, though this one you can't interact with (? maybe nothing). This to support next theory.

Frisk is the resurrection of the two souls, or at the very least Chara. Plenty of evidence supports this, the 'bandage' is a small clue. After falling in waterfall you have that very brief flash back about meeting someone, who's name we don't know for sure. Strongest clue is the flower beds. From a fall that looked about as high as it did, probably should be dead after that... also the question of why was there a flower bed around Frisk?
*Theory1* Latent magic? The Golden Flower's seeds are said to be especially clingy from the notes in Alphy's lab. Some kind of relationship with Flowey's (and then Asriel's) Soul power?
*Theory2* side effect of 'rising' up again? Ressurects with flowers?
*Theory3* Flowey's interference? Doesn't want us dying before getting him access to ultimate power after all.

Undyne's ambush echo flower. Who the heck tells you to "TURN AROUND" in slow dramatic letters?
*Possibilities* Sans, for looking out for you. Capable of instant movement. Flowey, want's you alive, for now. Undyne, cus she's just dramatic like that. Gaster, unknown motive.

San's controls and manipulates Space, not time. Normally you see him walk the opposite direction several different points in time, arriving at exactly where he wants to take you. While in geno... well the badtime videos probably say enough about his 'power' doesn't it? Figure he can only deal with space though, due to the fact that if he was truely motivated to 'stop you' then having time travel to go back and break his promise to save everyone would be his #1 thing to do (I'd do that, anyways). But he doesn't, because he can't.

Sans and Alphys have some kind of relationship. Diologue with the two at the end of the True Pacifist leanns towards this conclusion, though Sans once again dodges the question expertly.

The body of Shyren. at the risk of sounding like a wannabe hipster, I noticed Shyren's body doesn't fade away when you beat it, first. Seems odd. originally thought it meant that it was just a statue but apparently, according to the otheres who noticed this, the body takes the hit if you attack? So that means either frisk can't tell the two apart or the lowerbody is intelligent, some how. (Then again you can talk to a rock so who knows :T ) No solid theories yet.

Gaster maybe yet evil? At the moment it's just words, but to look at the facts all together. *Gaster was put to work as the head of scientific development, made the Core, another machine, and built a blueprint of the 'soul' to destroy the barrier. Evidence is that Alphys mentions using a blueprint to design a machine to extract souls 'determination' element. *Gaster was able to examine into some other worldly places, looking into something that had the power to bend time n space. Certainly seems likely that a human's determination is connected to this, since that is literally 'our power' in this game.
*Entry 17, Gaster's text (as far as we know) is shaking... there is only few other times when the text does that... where the character is terrified/dying/stressed.... and the intro screen where you name the fallen child... which leads to a whole knew theory!
*Theory1* Human Experimentation. It's difficult to date the game exactly, since all log entries are done in numbers, not days. Even the bit about the time Chara falls into the underground (as stated in calendars). Despite this, I think that if Chara, the first human, falls into the same point of time as Gaster... could lead to Gaster using the child for experimentation. Chara decides that he doesn't like the idea of having his soul ripped out of him for examination, fights back with determination. Leading to the 'accident' of Gaster's machine that broke him.
-supporting ideas- In the diner, Sans says that if he didn't make that promise, YOU WOULD BE DEAD WHERE YOU STAND. ... seems a little drastic, even as a prank would go. Thought goes that if Gaster (who's name is also his font like Sans and Papyrus) is actually related, Sans, the most dimensional of the characters *Badumtish*, could be 'aware' of the circumstances that caused this. He's shown to have some VERY strong bonds with his brother. What with the car magazines, Santa gifts, and so on.
-shaking text- only seems to happen in few times... when the characters are terrified, the intro screen, and log 17. the difference? when the characters are terrified they seem to shake much more violently then the intro screen... 17 and the intro seem to just shiver in place.
-reset name- Instead of just 'not allowing it' or 'someone has it' the game restarts back to the intro if you try that... I find it suspicious. Especially if you consider, maybe, a grudge?
EDIT: I took note of all the journal entries down to the way they were written. Maybe not an experiment in time space but direct SOUL energy? Due to entry 17 being among the other Determination experiments, perhaps what he was looking at was one last experiment on what Determination does. It could also mean that he knew that Flowey, or worse, could be falling into some really dark times. Could end up meaning that it was Flowey is the real cause for his disappearence?

Pre-Muffet's fight. as you battle her she mentions someone with a darling smile that could change shape who warns her of a child with a striped shirt who is evil would be coming, and there is a huge reward out on his soul. Easy theory is that this is Flowey. But he's not capable of changing 'shape', only his face. Possible that he was able to recreate a body? since normally when he laughs you can see his big chinned face pop out but I'm doubtful. Mainly because he was in shadows. He's got no reason to hide, unless, MAYBE from Sans, but Sans isn't aware of him this time.
*Theory* Gaster. As his form is now... undefinable. It'd make sense that it would 'look' like he transforms, or perhaps he swaps bodies at intersecting points of time like he's a cuthulu.

Less Gaster talk, Papyrus has same powers as Sans. Everyone keeps commenting how tough he is, (maybe his determination to make friends n people proud powers his strength?) though we never REALLY get to see it. But if you watch his 'walking' animations they go screwey quite a few times. including sliding entirely backwards, twirling in circles away, and becoming friends with him after his Pacifist fight will show him twirling... through the air.
... no real theories to this, i just thought it was cool.

And now something sad. Most likely Flowey/Asriel goes, suicidal at the end of Pacifist. What with lines like "I can't do that again" "I don't want to let go" and so on. If you start the game after the beating the game in it's entirty, Flowey will say "see you soon, Chara" ... whom he knows is of course, dead. Which makes me feel particularly bad for -

Flowey, his own character. The fact is that both Asriel and Chara are dead. You can't bring them back. (The bodies in the lab 'fell down', most likely they were loosing hope and their weak souls and determination to live was making them turn to dust without 'dying' normally) So this would mean that Flowey would be ressurected with the memories of Asriel, who's essence coverd him as a flower, as he was filled with determination. Causing a strange hybrid. kinda Like Frisk. Flowey must have been struggling with memories of Asriel, which would explain why he didn't feel any affection for/from Asgore and Toriel. They are strangers now. (... i think i said that already... )

Chara isn't Chara. At genocides ending he claims he's been ressurrected as a demon thanks to your efforts of destroying all the things. But again, that seems weird... ? There is the connection with the red text when you look in the mirror and it goes "It's Me" instead of "it's You!" But that doesn't say he's Chara... *Theory* you know i'm gonna say Gaster again.
EDIT: Dunked. No confirming visuals but supposedly if using the true name he does indeed say Chara. Could be lying. Could be not.

Bonus: noticed when playing the game twice in a row with the same Fallen CHild name, a clam person showed up in Waterfall saying something about "I come from the city. Synchronicity...?" "You look about the same age as "Suzy"! you should visit her some time!" "you have a neighbor's blessing!" ... I finished the 'Suzy' playthrough and nothing changed outside the 'wrong number song' which is mostly a random event to begin with.

Someone who has guts to murder through this game, tell me if Flowey has a dialogue if you double back after every room. I'm somewhat sure that there is a connection to 'saving' him through this, since he is one of the few characters you COULD interact with that have some idea on what's going on.

Sans: Genocide Fan. a random thought that if the human experiments killed Gaster (as far as he knew) Or if gaster was a bone brother to him at all, that Sans would have been the one to fight the majority of humans. *How?* 1. Sans knows how many times you have died from the experession on your face. How would he know otherwise? 2. that whole "you'd be dead where you stand" thing. 3. Couldn't be Undyne, since in her fight she says "I heard Humans were really tough-!" so meaning this might be her first fight against you.

More notes. Thinking maybe i should remove the dunked ideas from the list entirely but then, if people are actually ending up following this, might get confused.
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{FP$}Alexeyka Oct 15, 2015 @ 1:51pm 
game theorists should notice this game asap....
I'm stuff (Banned) Oct 15, 2015 @ 2:14pm 
Originally posted by {FP$}Alexeyka:
game theorists should notice this game asap....

unikirin Oct 22, 2015 @ 6:54am 
'There is the connection with the red text when you look in the mirror and it goes "It's Me" instead of "it's You!" But that doesn't say he's Chara...'

I just started a bad time run and named the human Chara -- and when I looked in the mirror they said "It's Me, Chara".
Flip Z. Fox Oct 22, 2015 @ 6:59am 
Originally posted by {FP$}Alexeyka:
game theorists should notice this game asap....

We don't need Matpat herding his idiots into this fandom with his dumbfounded theories. Please no.
The voice you've never heard before on the phone that initiates the true ending is Asriel. It's his talking text sounds.

Note:it's the sound when he transforms, not when he's a kid.
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Boosius Dec 29, 2015 @ 12:14pm 
Something about the sans fight during genocide makes me think that grillby's could possibly be some sort of "purgatory" or "Hell."
nekosetsuka12706 Feb 3, 2016 @ 6:04pm 
I'm thinking that the smiling figure that can shape-shift during Muffet's fight isn't gaster and more likely Mettaton...
HierroTatsu Feb 3, 2016 @ 9:39pm 
Originally posted by nekosetsuka12706:
I'm thinking that the smiling figure that can shape-shift during Muffet's fight isn't gaster and more likely Mettaton...

I think that's a good one, considering he was hiring hitmen later on, but he was waiting to transform at just the right moment, what with his switch being on his back. There's also the fact that he doesn't seem to have a complete loss of interest in Alphys' plan until after the play fight.
Diddy Doodat Feb 3, 2016 @ 9:43pm 
Maybe Frisk is human
Cheese Feb 3, 2016 @ 9:48pm 
D-does anyone have a loaded shotgun? I thirst for it's lead.
HierroTatsu Feb 3, 2016 @ 10:21pm 
Originally posted by Glad-iator:
D-does anyone have a loaded shotgun? I thirst for it's lead.
"We're sorry, this one goes over this one's head. Please answere the following question"
... wat?
boot Feb 4, 2016 @ 10:00am 
Best theory made by the best theory genorator ever: Asgore is actaully a guy.
HierroTatsu Feb 4, 2016 @ 4:46pm 
Originally posted by Scoobert Doobert:
Best theory made by the best theory genorator ever: Asgore is actaully a guy.
Now let's not stick CRAZY theroies in here... >_>
HgGriffon Mar 24, 2016 @ 7:03am 
Here is my crazy theory:
Ness isn't Sans, He's Frisk

First, think about it. It isn't confirmed that Frisk is a boy or a girl, even if Frisk is a boy, because Ness would've died, and could have been reincarnated as Frisk. What about the world where the robots were left at the end of earthbound? What is that world? My theory is that that world, is the world that became undertale. Think about it, when Ness died, he could have been reincarnated as Frisk, no matter boy or girl. He would still be a human, which would explain why Frisk has such a strong soul. Maybe in that world, since gygas was defeated everything turned out differently. Maybe Alphys is Jeff, Maybe Undyne is Poo, maybe Paula is Toriel, Ness could be Frisk, there is a whole list I could write about who is who, maybe Porky is Sans. But maybe that's what happened, maybe when gygas was defeated, it changed the timeline. It might not be true, but hey that's just a theory, an undertale theory.
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