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Madbat 20. des. 2014 kl. 0.14
Login Error
I get the following error when I try to log in:
Cannot connect to authentication server. Please try again in a few minutes. (error #2023)

I'd logged in ok earlier today (twice) but this evening, no dice.

No word from Rift, or Trion besides one comment from the facebook page saying we were IP banned. No explanation why.

send emails to appeals@trionworlds.com and to support@trionworlds.com.
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Raytan 20. des. 2014 kl. 1.58 
I am getting the same problem I cannot even connect to the rift website eventhugh my friend can. I dunno what is going on, according to my computer the web site is down and the game servers are down, according to my friend everything is up and running normally, looking for help.
Madbat 20. des. 2014 kl. 2.11 
I posed to the Rift facebook page, there's a number of people getting this error 2023, but so far there has been no response. the first post mentioning this error was from 10 hours ago.
TTV/DirtyDanSully 20. des. 2014 kl. 2.26 
I'm having trouble getting an email confirmation. Been waiting 2 hours now and no email still. WTF
Raytan 20. des. 2014 kl. 2.52 
I cannot even load the website to look at other people isses, it is beyond annoying.
Mistafreckles 20. des. 2014 kl. 4.27 
The authontification thing that gets sent to my email didnt even get sent, ive been waiting for 1 hour and nothing happened, i even made a new email and still the same thing, its so frustrating
Madbat 20. des. 2014 kl. 4.45 
When I click on the desktop icon, I get the following error now:
Invalid version string recieved from the patch server, please try again later. (error #1021) close out the windows error and the glyph login appears, and login attempt produces the error 2023.
DemonX_RD 20. des. 2014 kl. 17.03 
i have the same error all day... 2023.. i cant even visit the rift website
Madbat 20. des. 2014 kl. 17.20 
Yeah, kinda hard to contact support when the websites are unavailable.
Drizzt_RD 20. des. 2014 kl. 18.43 
Well I for one think this is BS, specially when i just paid them money. I thoghtit was just me but apparently it's not
Madbat 21. des. 2014 kl. 4.51 
I pay for this ♥♥♥♥ apparently. that's definitely gonna stop.
Barium 21. des. 2014 kl. 11.44 
for me all trion sites are down. anything to do with trion is down and my login gives a auth error but right now im seeing a steam friend in rift so now im going WTF :( /SIGH
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herwryness 21. des. 2014 kl. 15.30 
I can login but the option to play the game does not come up. Nothing comes up but a black screen. Something is going on.
Raytan 21. des. 2014 kl. 16.53 
Anyone found any fix's yet? Iv'e tried everything I can thing of, cleared catche, compleatly removed and reinstalled the game, added glyph and rift to firewall exception list, then totlly turned off firewall and anti virus, tried running glyph as admin. Im kinda stumped at this point, cant find a fix anywhere on the web, course it would help if i could actully look at the rift website and forum....
Madbat 21. des. 2014 kl. 17.01 
I contacted support (email is up above) but no response yet.
rusT 21. des. 2014 kl. 17.11 
I also contacted support. Whats weird is that i can't access the sites from my pc nor my laptop but i can access them fine from my phone conneted to WIFI.

I checked the forums trough my phone but found almost no posts concerning this problem. And the ones i saw had almost no replys.
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