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How to create a game, Ports, and co-op
My friend and I want to play co-op, just the two of us, so i tried to create a game and invite him, however, it doesnt let him connect, I go into the ports area and try to click 'enable UPnP' but i cant turn that on... how do you create a game without having a dedicated server? Please and thank you for any help, also im in IT so dont be afraid you will confuse me with tech talk, please help
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You need to port forward. Open up the ports it tells you to.
I did that on my router, but it says it doesnt work, but i figured it out, says that it wont use UPnP but its now using it so.... i have no freaking idea, thanks though
it is so for me too
Ever since forwarding the ports and hosting a public game, I havent been able to upload any screenshots from any game on Steam.
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I wish this topic could be more helpful. I understand it was made a year or 2 ago, but I'm disappointed not many contributed information. Anyway I know how to port forward but I'm not sure which ports to do so. Someone mentioned it tells you the ports to forward? where exactly?
Why do all of these dumb steam games force you to port forward? Like jesus christ, just make it like Call of Duty or a game like that. Open a private match, then join your friend.
I found out the solution for anyone that is reading this hoping for a solution,
A: Make sure you are on one internet network, if you have a hardline ethernet to your router and you have the wifi connected to get a better signal, don't do it
B: port forward the following ports:
9777 - UDP and TCP, your router may call that option Both or All or somthing simular
8766 - UDP
27016 - UDP
yes,you have to open them in the Firewall and router,but it still doesnt work..this game sucks
how the hell do you port forward???
basiclly! Just google: "How to port-forward"
I still can't find out how to do this, someone please help because I have opened all ports and none seem to work
After a little digging and a head ache later found out to be able to play with friends. Though we were just playing via LAN but I'm pretty sure it will work the same anyway.
I have windows 8 but this should work with other supported versions.

#1 Open control panel.
#2 Click on Network and Internet.
#3 Click Network and Sharing.
#4 Click on Windows Firewall.
#5 Click on Advanced Settings.
#6 Click on Outbound Rules.
#7 Click on New Rule.
#8 Click on Port
#9 Then make sure TCP is selected and also make sure specific remote ports is selected
#10 Next type in the box 9777.
#11 Then click on allow connection.

And there you go you have done the first port. Repeat steps 7-11 for the other ports specified by the game. The list of ports can be accessed in-game when trying to create a game. If any questions arise about this please send a message and I'll try to get to it as soon as possible. Otherwise...

Happy Gaming!!!
sorry for necro. but huxupul opening a port on your pc allows other devices to connect on LAN(local area network). for another friend that is not on ur lan you need to open a port on your router
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