Formula Fusion
Is there more than one campaign?
I "finished" the game, but I'm still confused why I have to select the US in campaign selection if it's the only campaign. Are other leagues in other parts of the world planned or something?
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The 3rd Runner Jul 4, 2017 @ 11:47pm 
Yup, apparently more regions are planned as free DLC, one per team (and by that i mean the "campaign" teams, so Midas, Gagarin, etc.) seems to be the plan.
Blackwiggle Jul 5, 2017 @ 12:18am 
Expect each Campaign to have new tracks, and / or New game modes, like ZONE etc [no promise ]

You can view 3 videos of [as yet seen fully rendered] test tracks that were part of a 12 or 15 track test build [NOV 2016], that we on the Test Pilot Program were asked to test, and comment on.
If any of these ones made it through the selection process, I don't know.
What I titled the videos as, were the titles R8 had given them at the time....Midtown 01 is nothing like the current fully rendered Midtown in the Full Release, and Experimental W2 could be a different version of FREEWAY.?
I've got videos of at least another 5 tracks nobody except those asked to test them would have seen.
Put it this way, R8 have plenty of tracks up their sleeve to play with, so I suspect once things sort themselves out to a more finalized version of the game, you'll start seeing these tracks appearing.

Neo Camden C1
Midtown 01
Experimental W2
woots Jul 5, 2017 @ 4:52am 
Originally posted by Blackwiggle:

Neo Camden C1
Midtown 01
Experimental W2

damn, why dont we have thoses track oO thoses feel SO much better than most of thoses we actualy have

I would gladly play thoses even in this visual state honestly

One thing i would like to see, is longer track.. like 1:30 or something most of the track last for like 50sec or so, that's ( imho ) a bit short
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Blackwiggle Jul 5, 2017 @ 5:25am 
The reason you don't have these tracks now is because designing a racing game is a iterative process, when you change the track, you might also have to change the handling of the craft to suit, this process goes on ad infintum till the two work in synergy, it's a long process, and can't be hurried.
Some of those tracks might give people more of a idea on why there are so many options in the Card upgrades for changing AG stat's.
They might seem pretty useless at the moment, but imagine playing at Elite speed on some of those tracks above with jumps, you'd just fly off the track unless you had a craft preset for a track like that, same goes for pitch.
[There are other tracks in the works with some 'really tricky' jumps, their aproaches fool you, making you think the track is going to go the other direction...a lot of swearing went down while learning those ]
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Mental Paradox Jul 5, 2017 @ 2:54pm 
Wow, that's cool news. Thanks.
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