Formula Fusion
CARD specs - what each card will do to your craft
Here is a list of the different CARDS divided into the specific sections telling you exactly what each card changes, and by what amount.
This was taken from build notes when the card system first appeared for testing a few months back, hope it helps those who find it puzzling.

First category is ENGINE - 4 CARD options.

Rerouted Shield = Acceleration +10%, Max Shield -20%
Reduced Weight = Acceleration +10%, Max Hull -15%
Acceleration Tuning: Medium = Acceleration Curve -Mid
Acceleration Tuning : High = Acceleration Curve - High Tec

Next Category is HANDLING - 4 CARD options

Agile Pitching = Pitching Circle -13%, Pitching Speed +12%
Upgraded Max Pitch = Pitching Circle +17%, Pitch Speed -6%
Agile Turning = Turning Circle -5%, Turning Speed +8%
Greater Turning Circle = Turning Circle +9%, Turning Speed -7%

Next Category is BRAKING - 3 CARD options

Improved Turning = Airbrake Slow +17%, Airbrake Activation Speed +50%, Airbrake Turn +8%, Turning Speed -10%
Improved Braking = Airbrake Slow +17%, Double Airbrake Slow +12%, Airbrake Activation Speed +25%
Improved Strafe = Airbrake Strafe + 10%, Airbrake Activation Speed +60%

Next Category is ANTI GRAVITY - 7 CARD options

Reduced Float Height = Hover Height -9%, AG Band Three Height -7.5%, AG Band Two Height -5.3%, AG Band One Height -10%
Decreased Track Adaption = AG Torque -10%
Increased Track Adaption = AG Torque +6.7%
Increased Anti Gravity = AG Force +40%
Minimized Anti Gravity = AG Force -40%
Decreased Anti Gravity = AG Force -20%
Maximized Anti Gravity = AG Force +100%

Next Category is DEFENSE - 2 CARD options

Improved Shields = Max Shield +20%, Max Hull -10%
Reinforced Hull = Max Hull +25%, Shield Recharge -12.5%
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It looks like the names of the cards have changed on release, then - a lot of them are very opaque, and the general stat bars don't really say much. Anybody know if there's an up to date list?
Strafe got removed, and I think a few of the Cards had their specs's tweaked.
There is no other list as far as I know.
I wouldn't be surprised if the whole Card system had a bit of a overhaul, this would probably coincide with a more discriptive tutorial about what each card does, and by how much [a lot are very subtle on handling changes- depends on speed class ]
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