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purdisc  [developer] May 31, 2017 @ 4:41pm
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Jessy Berbers Jul 8, 2017 @ 6:10am 
Originally posted by Andre:
I'm enjoying the game so far, nice sense of speed, but I do wish airbreaks wouldn't slow so much (I think it has to do with what Dianaranda said above, you have to squeeeze for it to work instead of tapping, so it slows you down while you're squeezing the trigger).

I'd love to see PS4 button mappings on the PC for the people (like me!) playing with a PS4 controller. :)
I already got that, but i got a Gamesir G3S Controller ^^ so it has the button mapping automatically.

But hey, me i would like to see just Wipeout coming to PC after 20+ years, or atleast something that plays similarly in most ways, and looks even beter on PC then it does on the PS4.
Bassically the Wipeout formula and responses and everything, but just much beter.
guicalex Jul 15, 2017 @ 5:45pm 
Originally posted by Hiten:
Originally posted by guicalex:
Guys play 5 minutes Ballistic NG on Steam (it's free!) and see what is a truely real Wipeout game!

Not everyone wants a 1:1 Wipeout clone you know.

Where did I say Ballisitic NG is 1:1 Wipeout clone?? have you played it? Have you ever at least played on wipeout on psx? I hope not, otherwise you should not honnestly write this. Off course Ballistic is not 1:1 clone, it has 100% new tracks!

Formula fusion is presented as wipeout successor whereas it's more like redout, reason why I am such disapointed. Honnestly if you really played wipeout on psx you can't say ff is like wipeout. I repeat: no pilot challenge cause extra large uninteresting tracks, no acurate inertia feeling like on psx, no way to slide on walls anymore, etc, etc!! just good graphics (but not awesome really comparing to what pc can do today). Ballistic has not great graphics BUT brings back all those great features and IS FREE!!!
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moz Jul 16, 2017 @ 8:10am 
Originally posted by guicalex:
Off course Ballistic is not 1:1 clone, it has 100% new tracks!
lol yeah maybe there are new tracks but its still a complete copy of wo3, graphics, art style and gameplay wise. doesnt stop me from liking bng but new tracks and teams don't stop it from being a copy, especially when the devs litterally admitted it
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Seracris Jul 21, 2017 @ 11:46am 
The "enigine sounds" the crafts do sound really boring. It doesn't sound like your flying at incredible speeds it sounds like a broken slow spinning fan or something like that. At least the boost makes this jet engine sound.
woots Jul 22, 2017 @ 2:20am 
air break speed loos issue - lack of correct "turning" management to take turn a "full speed" need to slow down a lot..

You "dont do a Wipeout clone" but imho, you should MORE than grab their airbreak management.


There is imho a huge need to review the various item hit box. You are to REALLY pass on them like with the center of the ship to grab them.
No wonder why game like Wipeout have setup large option on the ground.

That also a design that should be corrected.


The track are still way too short. 50sec or less for one turn is imho too short.
Their global design ( i dont speak about the environment design which are very nice ) of the track is pretty "flat", lack of inspiration :/ guess the worse of them are now the highway thing.

I would SO much prefer see long track ( like 1min30 or so )

In the campain, doing 5 turn of the same track... Meh.

Centroid Jul 22, 2017 @ 5:45pm 
So over the few days i began playing this game... i noticed the ai still doesnt know how to properly space themselves to stop flooding in the first few corners.
i still lose all my shields and half my hp when i try to go past them because they ram into me causing me to lose speed and get hit even more. it really needs a BIG rework.
this is not how release sounds to me by the way.
also, the steering of the crafts seem too small.
even with uprades i cant turn some corners at max speed.
EZ-Target Jul 25, 2017 @ 11:45am 

I too am having issues with frames, lag etc etc. everyone else seems to be as well and you have all said that you are working on it! I trust you all and hope we will get a big old tasty fix soon enough! Big fan of Wipeout and other AG racers and now I have an aweosme one on the PC.
My specs for your big pool of info to work with on the performance issues are:
Windows 10 home 1607, Intel Core i5-4690 3.50GHz, 8GB DDR3 Corsair Vengance Pro, MSI Nvidia GTX 970, DX11. (basically your recommended).
My sugestion / request is with the music. I love all the music tracks in the game but I am SO SURE I have only heard like 3 of them when actually in game. Some kind of random/shuffle tracks option in the music section? I get there are bigger issues and fish to fry but it would be nice to get a better shuffle of the tracks while playing.

Love the game, look forawrd to playing at much higher settings than minimal/ medium and higher frames than 40.

Good luck and God Speed Pilots!

decoy Aug 8, 2017 @ 6:33pm 

Just playing the game again after a long break. You have done amazing work. My initial first impression is though that having 8 teams with only 4 different craft doesn't really make each team feel unique. Maybe better to have just 6 teams and 6 different craft? Or just 4 teams now and add more as you are able to introduce more craft in the future. It would also be good to be able to see clearly the differences in handling charaterstics on the team select page.
It's definitely fun to play but I think having a close connectipon to individual teams was a great feature of the original wipeout games which isn't as strong here.
Keep up the good work!

purdisc  [developer] Aug 9, 2017 @ 10:12am 
Thanks for that decoy

We are planning more craft but we take a huge amount of time to design and build them. The teams have to share craft, for now. If we had the resources we would have one craft per team but unfortunately we can’t afford that at the moment.

Changing the number of teams at this point would not be possible as so much work has gone into the design of team logos and sponsors etc

Multiplayer teamplay is something you will see coming out very strongly in the future as we continue to develop Formula Fusion. This is something we had always envisaged but were not able to realize again due to lack of resources.

Originally posted by decoy:

Just playing the game again after a long break. You have done amazing work. My initial first impression is though that having 8 teams with only 4 different craft doesn't really make each team feel unique. Maybe better to have just 6 teams and 6 different craft? Or just 4 teams now and add more as you are able to introduce more craft in the future. It would also be good to be able to see clearly the differences in handling charaterstics on the team select page.
It's definitely fun to play but I think having a close connectipon to individual teams was a great feature of the original wipeout games which isn't as strong here.
Keep up the good work!

Aidan Aug 11, 2017 @ 7:55am 
Steam reviews seem to capped to 1000 words so here's my full write-up I've been working on for a while now. I'll have to split it into two comments since steam has a cap at 18000 chars per comment.

“Formula Fusion is a near-future anti-gravity racing game that brings fast, frantic, adrenaline-fuelled racing together with the raw sound of a thumping dance soundtrack and psychedelic visual effects.” was the pitch R8 Games gave when launching their Kickstarter campaign back in April of 2015. Throughout their crowd funding period their advertising heavily relied on the involvement of several prominent individuals who worked on the original PlayStation 1 Wipeout games. These included The Designers Republic who provided graphics design, CoLD StoRAGE who created the first titles original music, and even members of the Wipeout 3 development team.
This, combined with the closure of Wipeout developers Studio Liverpool a few years prior, Sony looking like they had no interest in the property, and R8 touting many aspects of the original games that fans loved and felt were missing from newer Wipeout titles made Formula Fusion look very attractive.
It’s been two years since the Kickstarter launched and in that time the PC has seen the release of two new AG racing games and Sony have released a new Wipeout title for the PS4. Unfortunately for R8 Games while those games exceed in what they set out to do Formula Fusion seems unsure of what it wants to be and fails to deliver a satisfying experience, either as a spiritual successor to the older Wipeout games or as a new take on the genre.


The striking style of the PlayStation 1 Wipeout titles were provided by Sheffield based design studio The Designers Republic who have returned to create some fantastic animated team logos, fictional companies, and other graphic design. But I can’t help but think that all this design work deserves more prominence in game.
Team identity plays a large part in Wipeout with each team having their own sleek looking ship, logo, and play style. At the beginning of each event the player would choose the team they wish to race with and over time will gravitate to particular teams usually due to it’s design, play style, or a mix both.
Formula Fusion differs from this approach by having a small number of ship designs with their own stats which any team can use. Players can spend in game money earned by participating in races to upgrade their ship and tweak their stats as well as choosing the colour of their ship and save these settings as loadouts for use in races. This huge departure means players now have no real reason or way to learn the teams of the game. Despite the low resolution and aggressive Level Of Detail of the original Wipeout games each team was easily identifiable in races due to their shape and colour. Since any team can have any ship and any colour there is no way to tell teams apart during races with the exception of maybe a small logo on the side of the ship.
R8 games obviously want people to get attached to their teams as there’s a Wipeout 3 style intro showing all of the teams animated logos and they’re even selling merchandise with the team logos attached, but the systems in place don’t allow players to easily differentiate between teams.
The fictional teams and sponsors and all the surrounding design work was a giant part of Wipeout and the changes made in Formula Fusion don’t add anything to the overall experience, only subtract. The upgrade system could still be kept allowing players to fine tune each teams stats but a mechanic similar to the newer Wipeout's loyalty system could be implemented granting players alternate liveries for repeatedly racing with teams. This would allow players to have some degree of customization over the look and feel of each team while still allowing the developers to have each team be unique and identifiable.
Currently outside of the campaign you never see any of the teams logos! I have no fondness or attachment to these bland single colour ships you can created in the garage to use in quick races, the teams should have a much larger focus in this game. I’m extremely surprised that R8 Games failed to understand the importance of team identity, especially when they claimed they have people in their team who were developers on the original Wipeout titles.

Wipeout has always featured sleek ship designs plastered in their respective team colours and logos and as the platforms the games were released on improved more details like sponsor and other text and logo started to appear on the ship designs mirroring what you see on F1 and rally cars.
Formula Fusion instead opts to have very visually busy ship designs with lots of air intakes, small wings, and other things sticking out which ultimately produces some rather inelegant designs.

Less is more when it comes to designing sleek looking vehicles. While the PS1 titles were limited by low poly counts when the games moved onto more powerful systems the ship designs remained streamlined while also having lots of those smaller details like exhaust ports, and spinning turbine fans.
The skins on the ships are also quite disappointing. While some of the team patterns are nice they don’t really stand up to those seen in the Wipeout titles. Ships would frequently have their logos and colours incorporated into the designs in unique and interesting ways but for most of the teams in Formula Fusion it’s just a base block colour with some lines of another colour. Why doesn’t Lions AG’s skin incorporate the lion in their logo into the design in the same way that Auricom does in Wipeout 3 or Goteki 45 in Wipeout HD? There’s so much wasted potential with the team's logos and better incorporating them into the skins would significantly help with each team's identity.

The ship designs could definitely do with losing most of the excess, over designed details. Several of the ships aren’t that bad in general but are very visually busy and distracts from the sleekness of the overall design. The skins should also better represent their teams by incorporating team and sponsor logos on the ship as well as better utilizing all of the team's colours in interesting ways.

Track Visuals

The Kickstarter claimed that the game would contain “tracks created by the WipEout 3 track team” but from what I can tell this only applies to the CEO of R8 Games Andrew Walker, who is listed under the Wipeout 3 credits as an artist. So, having one of the track artists on board with Formula Fusion you’d expect the same attention to detail that was in Wipeout 3 tracks, right? Unfortunately despite looking very pretty the tracks lack the attention to detail and general thought which seems to have gone into the Wipeout 3 tracks.
Despite running on the PS1 Wipeout 3 manages to make its tracks feel alive and believable. Take Manor Top from Wipeout 3 and Manhattan from Formula Fusion, both city tracks. Manor top has lifts on the sides of buildings which move up and down, the green tops of corroded coppers roofs which stand out against the otherwise dark colours of the map, buildings which overhang the track with lights on them, large neon signs, a giant inflatable cat, fireworks going off in the background, and buildings which show crowds inside observing the race. Manhattan, in comparison, just feels empty. The track lacks any unique set pieces or really any moving parts and just feels lifeless.
In case that was an unfair example let's compare to Terminal, also a city track from Wipeout 3 but with a lot less set pieces and moving scenery. Shortly after the start line you have a corkscrew section with rocks on the side and some sort of roof over your head. You also have more traditional city sections with buildings lining the track and even some greenery to mix up the environment. There’s a fancy tunnel entrance which leads to the underground start section with more rocks in the tunnel as well as buildings built into the rocks for spectators. There’s even small banners with the tracks name and the fictional racing leagues logo on it. Despite being a track with no real moving sections there’s a massive amount of variation in the tracks environment which keeps things visually interesting.

This lifelessness unfortunately true for all of Formula Fusion’s tracks whereas all of the Wipeout 3 tracks contain a lot of moving and visually interesting scenery. Another example, Porto Korra features moving cranes, seagulls which fly off the track when approached, moving trains, and water flowing from pipes. Despite the significantly weaker hardware Wipeout 3 was released on so much more care and though appears to have gone into the track design. Unfortunately, there’s another aspect of Formula Fusions tracks which is even more uninspired.

Track Design

Set in the year 2075 Formula Fusion is supposed to take place in a futuristic racing competition born on the back on F1 racing. But, if this is so then where are the crowds? Why am I racing in abandoned cities on purpose build tracks? While Wipeout is set in the future it’s always been grounded in reality, the tracks you race on in the original three Wipeouts could be build today. The way the tracks were built into the surrounding scenery gave Wipeout 3’s AG racing leagues an air of legitimacy that Formula Fusion never gets close to.
In Formula Fusion almost all of the tracks are suspended in mid air via stilts over the surrounding environment on what looks like purpose built tracks, the race track appears to have came first and then the scenery built around it. In Wipeout the tracks naturally follow the flow of the environment or tracks cut into a hill to then go into a tunnel complete with retainer walls on the side to hold back the ground. This, combined with the stands of cheering audiences at the start line and dotted else where around the track makes these tracks feel believable and that I’m in a real racing league. Do you really expect me to believe what I assume is a massive racing event in the same way that F1 is aren’t selling tickets for track side seats? That this event with teams and corporate sponsors from around the world won’t have places where crowds can gather and observe?

Another huge offender in this area is the inclusion of Mag Lock sections in the track. Mag Lock was introduced into the PSP title Wipeout Pulse and allows the ships to become stuck to the track. It was around this point in the Wipeout series when it also started to divert away from believable tracks to tracks which have you racing on the sides of buildings, upside down, loops, and translucent blue tracks. On initial glance this seems cool but many of those tracks feel utterly uninspired, relying on the “cool” factor of racing upside down rather than designing interesting environments around tracks. Formula Fusion also falls into this trap with several circuits featuring Mag Lock sections which having racing on the side of a canyon, around a loop, and in the sky, which leads to completely boring environments around them. For a game which has repeatedly highlighted the fact that they had Wipeout 3 track members working on the team none of it appears to have carried over. The tracks seen in Wipeout 3 are extremely well designed with loads of small details, moving parts, and memorable set pieces. Formula Fusion seems to have completely misunderstood this.

Ship Handling

Throughout its early access period the handling of Formula Fusion has gone from completely abysmal to mediocre at best. It neither recreates the physics of any Wipeout games or is able to create it’s own satisfying physics system and ends up feeling more like a car on ice skates.
When I say the ships feel like cars on ice skates it’s due to the fact that the ships feel glued to the ground. In Wipeout you could utilize pitch control on all of the little bumps on the track to get air time. Formula Fusions track’s in comparison are very flat. Not flat in the sense of little overall elevation but in small variations of track height. If you look at any of the tracks from Wipeout 3 there are lots of small undulations in the track which will cause you to gain air, your ship then falls back down and bobs above the track a bit before stabilizing. It feels like you’re piloting an anti gravity vehicle.
Formula Fusion has no such sections to the tracks. The only time you’ll ever get air time seems to be on specifically designed jumps, outside of those jumps pitch control seems useless and you’re glued to the track surface.
Another large difference is air brakes. Many AG racers such as the Wipeout series, Redout, and BallisticNG use air brakes to allow you to take sharper corners. While theses games have air brakes which greatly increase how quickly your ship can turn in one way or another Formula Fusion opts to have the air brakes just slow you down a lot.
You build up a great amount of speed when going along straight sections of track in Formula Fusion but as soon as there’s a slight turn in the track which requires the use of air brakes you lose all of that speed and it’s incredibly unsatisfying. What makes the air brakes systems in those other games fun to use is that they allow you to retain a great deal of your speed. Judging the corner and putting just enough pressure on the air brakes to barely scrape through the corner without losing speed is what makes the handling in those games great, but Formula Fusion was never able to recapture that feeling.
By all means make a unique physics system to differentiate you’re selves from the rest of the AG racers, but it’s got to be just as satisfying to play. There’s a degree of smoothness, polish, and satisfaction to racing in those other games I’ve mention which Formula Fusion severely lacks, and that’s it’s biggest problem, not that it is unable to recreate Wipeout’s physics.
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Aidan Aug 11, 2017 @ 7:55am 
Cards and Weapons

One of the biggest differences with Formula Fusion is the ability to upgrade and improve ships stats. By participating in races players earn in game currency which they can spend on cards which can be equipped in ships to increase stats, change weapons, or add modifiers. Most of these cards either seem horribly balanced in comparison to other cards or pointless. Take the defense cards. Three of the defense cards cost the same but each one has a slightly higher defense than the other with no downsides in other stats. Making the assumption that the defense stat is the shield or armour strength (since the game doesn’t explain anything to you) then why would you ever buy the one with the lower defense increase since they all cost 1000 in game cash?!?! This entire card system seems rushed and incomplete and this is evident by the fact that at launch and still today many of the cards icons say “placeholder”, others have no description or the description just says “description”. On at launch even said “This is a description for the energy bolt it goes pew pew”. Even if this system was fully implemented I’m not convinced it would be a good addition.
Games in the RPG genre usually have skill trees where you unlock new abilities as you progress through the game expanding the options you have at your disposal and give you direct upgrades. The upgrade cards take this form of direct upgrades with some cards being objectively better options. This leads to a situation where you essentially have to grind races to earn enough money to outfit your ships. While this isn’t that bad at the moment I would not be surprised to see the costs changed later on as they are horrifically balanced right now.
This leads to a situation where if you want to be competitive you will need to grind money for cards and will probably lead to certain loadouts ruling the leader boards as opposed to each team having separate stats which could be more easily modified by the devs. Cards should provide side grades instead of direct upgrades.
A better system would be for each team have their own distinctive stats like previous Wipeout games but if you absolutely have to have some form of stat modification then allow the player to slightly increase one stat at the cost of another. You could even explain this with in game lore with something like “by re-routing power away from one ship subsystem to another you can gain a little bit extra performance at the sacrifice of the other subsystems”. This way each team can have their own distinctive feeling leading to stronger team identity, allows each teams stats to be balanced by the developers, and allows the player to make small modifications without their being any direct upgrades.

In a similar fashion to the stat cards the weapons system feels equally under developer and under thought out. Formula Fusion only contains three weapons but allows you to add modifiers to them to alter their behaviour. However, the weapon you choose on the loadout is the only weapon you’ll ever get from the weapon pads in game. This means the weapons are a lot less effective because you are stuck with the two the entire race. If you choose the missile and fly past all of the AI in the first lap (which happens a lot because the AI are dumb as bricks) the weapon is completely useless. In Wipeout weapon pads gave you a random weapon. If you were in first place you could use mines to slow down approaching ships, or hold onto a shield to protect yourself. In formula fusion if you choose the mines and are in last place you’re out of luck. In Wipeout you’ll have the chance to pick up rockets and missiles to get an advantage. Formula Fusion does not offer this variety and as a result the weapon mechanics seems like a second class citizen to the actual racing where as in Wipeout I always felt they were both as important to the game.

The absolutely anemic audio and visual feedback from the weapons also doesn’t help. There’s no satisfying sounds for firing or hitting with rockets, nor are the explosion effects particularly great. The most important thing, however, is that it feels like the weapons are completely ineffectual.
Every time I fire a missile and it hits an AI ship nothing appears to happen. There’s no visible slow down and the ships don’t slide around the track like they’ve just lost control as they do in Wipeout. It makes the weapons feel completely ineffectual even though they are actually taking damage!
The actual mechanics of some weapons is also confusing. The missile appears to function the same as it does in most Wipeout games. If you fire it without a lock on it acts like a dumb missile, but if you have a lock on it will home towards the target. The difference is that you have no way of telling if you have a lock on. In Wipeout there is a audio and visual confirmation that you have a lock on, but in Formula Fusion there’s no way to tell. You just have to hope that you’re close enough and fire. Does it take time to get a lock on? I have no idea! There’s no way of telling, you just have to hope it works.

Weapons need a serious rethink. There needs to be more weapons where all of them can be picked up from the track at any time and they need to appear more effective. You could even keep the weapon modifier cards and have each team be able to use all weapons with the base stats. You then have the option to equip, say, two weapon cards. These could be something like “rockets ricochet off walls” or “Fires three rockets in a spread pattern”. Players can still customise their weapon loadouts based on how they want to play but still have access to all weapons to ensure you have that choice and variety in races.

The health system is also a weird one and seems at odds with the way eliminations work in this game. Getting eliminated is not the end of the race, instead you will respawn back on the track after a few seconds. However, the health system seems setup to better accommodate the Wipeout style of permanent eliminations.
Health is split into two sections, a recoverable shield section, and a non recoverable health section. Losing all of the permanent health means your ship will explode but you will respawn shortly after, back on the track. But, before you can deplete the health bar you need to take down the shield which can be regained by flying over purple shield pads on the track. In a permanent elimination system this would work really well, you don’t have to worry as much about small wall collisions if you health gets really low as you can easily get shield back from the on track pickups to have some basic protection. But where being eliminated means respawning back where you were a few seconds later, the over shield seems redundant. Having a single bar shield such as those in Wipeout makes more sense where elimination is not as big of a deal. Wipeout and Formula Fusion seem to have their health systems mixed up.
I really like the idea of a rechargeable overshield and I think you could do some really cool stuff in regards to regaining shield or having weapons which interact with the two bars in interesting ways, but having eliminations being non permanent just waters down the system. Knowing you’ve knocked out an opponent in a race adds to the satisfaction of the weapons, something with formula fusion is sorely missing.


The biggest indicator that this game may have been pushed out a bit too early is the UI. Initial impressions are fantastic with the intro splash screen along with the loading screens have received a designers republic makeover since leaving early access. The rest of the menus along with the in-game HUD have not, and it shows. While mostly functional the in game menu is rather ugly and there’s a lot of unused empty space. Why do the main menu items scroll away when there’s plenty of room for every item to be shown at once. Why, to update a loadout do I have to re-type the name of the loadout so that the button changes from save to overwrite?

The in game HUD, however, is where the UI changes from mostly functional to bad. Disregarding the same ugly style as the menus R8 games seems to have a weird idea as to which HUD elements should take precedent over others. Why is the ordered list of racers larger than the lap counter and why is it even there at all in single player races? I can understand multiplayer since the other racers are real people, but single player? I don’t care where the other AI racers are, there’s no need to have this in single player races and just further distracts from the already tiny lap counter.
The HUD elements themselves are also far too close to the edges of the screen. Most racing game HUDs have their elements pushed in from the edges so you don’t have to look away from the game as much. Wipeout HD had a screen size option which allowed you to change the amount of padding around the edges of the screen. This is a much needed addition as players could set it up to their liking, this is especially needed for those who use TVs as overscan issues could currently cause parts of the HUD to be cut off.
The weapons icons are also extremely small and hard to read. When you don’t have a weapon both of the icons are still there but it’s just a more transparent orange colour. When you pickup a weapon it changes to a brighter orange. Sometimes, this makes it really hard to tell if you’ve got a weapon or not, especially on tracks which have a lot of bloom and other lighting effects which causes the icons to get washed out. Wipeout typically had large icons with a solid background which would appear at the center top of the screen, it was always obvious what weapon you had and there were never any readability issues. Weapon icons should not appear on the HUD if you don’t currently have a weapon, they should also be made larger and give some sort of background so they are always visible.
A lack of colour is also a recurring issue I have with the menus and HUD. Previous Wipeout titles have used colour to highlight specific information, but in formula fusion everything is just white with a transparent black rectangular background. The HUD really needs a major redesign, I hope both the menu and HUD will receive a much needed designer republic make over in the future to bring them in line with the splash and loading screens.


There are lots of other little issues as well. Why does it take eight seconds from pressing the skip intro button at the start of a race until the actual countdown starts? If I’ve pressed the button to skip the intro start the race countdown right away!
The game also loves to never explain stuff to you, how do all of these stats effects the ship? I don’t know, game never told me. What does the anti-gravity stat effect, haven’t the slightest clue. How does the boost system work, from what I can tell it just accumulates over time? But I’m not certain, the game doesn’t tell you. Wipeout games have always been criticized for being difficult to get into, and when you’re creating a Wipeout inspired game with the same difficulties I’m shocked there’s no explanation of anything. This is especially important as you don’t have the Wipeout name to carry the game.

One of the biggest miscellaneous issues is the track unlock system. Why do I have to play through the entire campaign or grind for in game money to then buy tracks to be able to play any track in the quick race option? It feels like progression for the sake of progression, having to grind for credits to unlock tracks isn’t compelling gameplay. If a player doesn’t care about the campaign and just wants to race around all the tracks or focus on time trials why should they be penalized by having to repeatedly play the handful of tracks until they’ve reached an arbitrary number of credits to unlock the next one. Keep the progression in the campaign for those who want it but don’t impose that on people who just want to have a race around, there’s no reason to lock stuff behind meaningless grinding for quick races.

Maybe if Formula Fusion was the only new AG racer out right now I would recommend it, but the PC and PS4 both have far better AG experiences right now.
If you’re on PC and want a classic Wipeout experience then check out BallisticNG, it’s completely free on steam and does a superb job of recreating the original Wipeout’s physics. If you want something different to Wipeout then look no further than RedOut, it has a unique visual style and a very enjoyable although different ship physics system. Although Formula Fusion has yet to be released on the PS4 the Wipeout Omega Collection is available. It may not offer much new but it is an extremely polished package with a lot of game.

Formula Fusion isn’t an offensively bad game, it looks good and runs fine but it’s systems and their implementation ultimately doesn’t produce a very compelling game. Formula Fusion should be a game I love, from it’s announcement they were ticking all the right boxes in regards to what made those original Wipeout games so great. But now, two years down the line they seem to have completely misunderstood what was special about them and were not able to create something new and compelling to replace it.
retr0 Aug 11, 2017 @ 7:58am 
Ghost_Train Aug 11, 2017 @ 11:19pm 
Please work a little more on Elimination races. I keep finding myself in first place and alone most of the race just waiting for the rest of the racers to get eliminated so it can be overwith. Finally Lap 11 rolls around and its over. Im not even saying its too easy. It just feels too long and boring this way. Also don't get me wrong on that. I love the game. It's just that Elimination feels long, boring and eventlless. After completing one I just feel Formula Fushion'ed out and need to a break. Im sorry I can't think of suggesting something to make it feel better. Except maybe adding checkpoints instead of the 1 lap marker. Then it will feel more critical to stay in first and would definitely shorten the race. Something like that.
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TN Hoff Aug 23, 2017 @ 7:20am 
A few critiques of the most recent update (which I love) -

  • Manahatta rain effect is kind of bad; aside from being dense and distracting (drops too thick?), the field of rain is tied to the player ship rather than the level, so the drops follow the ship rather than falling in place, making the effect look cheap. I'd rather have it turned off while you guys are working on a better effect.

  • AI ships are way too easy to defeat. I usually pass the whole field within the first half-lap; what if we had difficulty settings alongside the speed settings? The difficulty could effect things like accelleration and top speed of the opponents as well as the quality of their piloting. I think this could provide an enjoyable experience for a wider range of players.

  • Exhaust effect: I know you guys are probably sick of me saying it, but this effect stands out as weak compared to the excellent visuals of the rest of the game. It looks visually cheap, oddly sedate, and even a little hokey on the ships with many exhaust ports (Sabre). I think speeding up the particles themselves, adding a blur effect, using an animated polygon instead (Wipeout 1), or my favorite option: even just replacing them with a static flickering lens-flare sprite (subsequent Wipouts) would make for a cleaner, more convincing effect. I'd be satisfied if I could just turn it off and have the trail on its own.

    My thinking goes like this: the gasses coming out of a propulsion engine should be the fastest looking element in the scene - it's the explosive force driving the ship forward at blistering speeds - but they're one of the only things in the scene that don't look fast and don't have motion blur.

Really, though - that's about all I can think of at this point, at least for now. FF has come a very long way, and is starting to look and feel truly solid. It's at a point now where I'll be recommending it to every AG fan I know, where I'd previously been advising them to wait. Props for sticking with this project and continuing to improve it after release! It's becoming one of my favorite games.

Hiten Aug 23, 2017 @ 1:14pm 
Majority of tracks still much too narrow for FF1000/Elite speeds. Not sure how you guys expect the majority of people to get any enjoyment from these narrow tracks at ludicrous speed. There's a small percentage of people who will see it is a good and fun challenge, the 98% remaining will just quit out of frustration...

Other than that patch looks good, still hoping to see more seasons, tracks (and improvements), craft, liveries, and upgradable visual parts (pretty sure a dev mentioned this?).
Last edited by Hiten; Aug 23, 2017 @ 1:16pm
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