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Mindwalker Games  [developer] Jun 5, 2019 @ 4:37pm
Road Map
Figured I’d put up an idea of what we plan to do and the general order it’s planned.

Want to add ability to save progress between assaults, so that you can replay an assault. Would also want a hardcore mode that removes this ability, and has different leaderboard (perhaps just do this on legendary difficulty).

Saved builds for Onslaught
Builds created in normal game can be saved for play in Onslaught. This would also allow play in Onslaught VR. This would likely just save the placement and order built, as normal Onslaught play allows you to ‘train’ turrets and control upgrading based on landing on the turret.

Gear Improvements
Although the mod system adds a decent level of customization, it only offers kinda a core level of it. I’d like to move a bit more towards items that have baked in properties, and perhaps just one customizable mod slot.

Another possible direction is to have mods that themselves can be modded, essentially like a talent spec in an RPG. For instance, you might have an Assassin mod for commander weapon. This mod could contain a speed boost of 15%, critical boost of 25%, and execution of 40%. The mod could allow 3 gem slots per boost, so that you could, say, put 2 gems into critical, increasing it to 50%, and one into execution increasing it to 60%.

The advantages of this system are that the visual clutter would be reduced, as it’s almost certainly not necessary that I see at a glance in my loadout how I’ve distributed the gems in my assassin mod, I really just need to know that it has an assassin mod. Also, the gems could be creeponium, and we could turn creeponium into a collectable crafting element.

Saved Loadouts
Add ability to have multiple named loadouts selectable from likely a dropdown box. Perhaps just allowing a small number of them selectable with icons. I doubt you’d need more than 5 of them, but we’ll see.

Finish campaign
We’ve been purposefully holding off on finishing the campaign because we wanted to maximize the quality of the introduction of new gameplay elements, but we’ve got things pretty solidified now. While we have a servicable tutorial that gets you started, it’d really be great to hammer out the full blown campaign, likely hovering on the 6 hour range for completion, hopefully around 15 levels.

More Challenge Levels
While the framework is in and a few levels are implemented, we really want more encounters so that each level has some interesting challenges to offer the player.

Cooperative Play
This is a bit tentative, as it’s an awful lot of work, but opens up many possibilities. Cooperative play mode opens up the possibility of players dropping support mods on structures and other players while in tactical mode. This will likely have players either buying buildings so that they can have their own unique build plans without interfering with another player’s construction efforts, or perhaps the buildings will be automatically assigned to players when they start.