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Zalzany Nov 30, 2017 @ 11:47pm
Any Real Excitment Yet?
Its been a while but I love the crafting in this yes, it takes time, and can be tedious but if you want simple magic arcade crafting there is no end to thsoe on steam under survial, hell just go get ark you can make spears wiht your bare heands peeling the bark in seconds and carving the tips with your finger nails, you don't even need a tool, and no penalty to do it bare handed like that at all.

Anyways I been playin ♥♥♥♥ out of Unreal World, and well I want that in a new feeling game. I feel this could be that, but i can't for life of me remeber really struggling in this game. I mean its as if I was put in a virtual pardise like Ark, where you can find food, and what not every where, accept no real things to be scarred of. I don't zombies and crap like that but, is there any real danger now? Like wolves and bears? I mean I played this for a while I think I saw some wolves but I never felt in real danger in this game. Never had to worry about eating next day, or something hungry wandering near by to attack me or steal food.

I mean is there any way their could one day be a hardcore mode in this? That can offer that I know most love the sandboxy saftey this game offers but man I got this itch now from Unreal world that comes from being starving in frozen early spring, starving and fighting a bear for its hide and meat to stay alive another day. Hoping to swap wounds for hundred lbs of meat or so I got hang to dry on my shelter before summer comes so it won't rot for 120 or so days on me when done, as it will rot in days otherwise.

Not saying this game will be it, just noticed you guys like insight, and I am currous if the game got challanging yet. I like this crafting but saddly one player Conan with its lame crafting is more challanging then this. And thsi rate I will have to see if any one does Reign of Kings if I want something like Unreal World, or go back to rust I guess...
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fbspamme Dec 1, 2017 @ 10:19am 
I have been killed several times in the desert anomaly. I have about 7 or 8 dog tags in my bank.

Going up against level 50 or higher scorpion with T1 gear, in a fair toe to toe fight, is liable to be a big time consuming challenge where the animal can kill your character in about 1 to 4 successful blows, where you need about 1000 to 1500 blows to kill the animal. Is that a challenge? There are some other animals that you won't want to fight with T1 gear once they reach about level 45, due to your improved fighting skills.

On the other hand, you might not like this game if you love unreal world. It is a lot easier to add tons of new stuff in 2D top down or a 2D side scroller. Doing stuff in 3D if filled with problems that a 2D game developer does not have to consider.
McMagic Productions  [developer] Dec 1, 2017 @ 12:15pm 
We thank you very much for your knowledge.
Nowadays the game is designed for a peaceful and undisturbed playing.

But as soon as we fine-tune the fundamental coefficients (basically we're just fine-tuning some last details), we'll be able to add something as "survive mode" - when it's going to be a lot more complicated and challenging (something like the difficulty of the game - easy / normal / hard).

But the basis of the game must be really relaxing and it should not disturb the game - when the goal and purpose of the game are headed for production and building.

For players who will want a challenge, we want to prepare the above-mentioned "survival" mode - we will see - we do not want to disrupt the basic logic and direction of the game.
Zalzany Dec 1, 2017 @ 10:15pm 
Not saying its got be hard just last time I played this I liked it just wasn't that tough is all it felt very casual like I had no rush to get good gear as I could kill the wolves i found easy. Not saying I need a 3d real world, just I got this itch from it, and can't seem to scratch with out it. They game is very unforgiving to the point that is why I am looking elsewhere one minute I am feeling like a champ killed 3 bears with fistfull of arrows and a spear, with only a few bruises and some minor flesh tears I could just rest and not even bandage or apply topical heal in a few days. Then next minute I got 600 meat drying on side of my house with 12 days left on the first batch and I am starving to death as all my roasted meat has rotted and the game dried up, and I seem to have ♥♥♥♥♥♥ of the Finnish water god in charge of fishing luck lol

I mean last time I felt like that over a survial was Reign of kings when it was new runing around in t1 gear made of gras and wood, hunting bears with javelins, or do the same in rust. But in both those games its kind of ruined a few hours later when I go from spears and bows to my first bad ♥♥♥ weapon, to wear only the players are scarry, and the critters just source of meat, hide, and fat.

Last time I played this anomolies were taken out, before that I went to a few and it was just barren lifeless place, but with tons of loot to pick up. Good to hear there is more dangers though, that is kind of why I quit this I hit the point where I was on my 3rd anomally climbing up and down fire escapes where my greatest fear was falling down off a roof or fire escape. I mean I liked it but felt like creative mode, but I still ahd to gather :P

I mean there is the Long Dark for crazy tough survial but, I do love the crafting system in this, rather make my own home, nad not have to fight zombies, seems like that is how genre goes either I got fight players, or zed for a challange these days. I just miss those good old days of thinking I was sitting pretty then oh crap I am out of my element as something mean comes along I pick a fight with I shouldn't have lol.

I guess I play some more go check out the anomlies and what not again see if I can find the scorpions and what not. I mean this game already has mroe content then unreal the comparsion purely for a reference on the survial part. And there is a few out there like I said long dark who get that fear of death by elements, nature, starvation or posion right, but none that have crafting and it, with out silly zombies like 7 days to die as your "nature" risk. I hate zombies but saddly those are teh best in the feild for real survial PVR minus Unreal World, only reason I even have them in my libarary is that, and a few good mangment games like State of Decay.

Anyways rambling I just wanted to know if I logged in and played this weekend on last 2 days of my staycation broke if I would be doing a sandbox building game, or I coudl actually hunt some things in this, sound there is some stuff to hunt.
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Zalzany Dec 2, 2017 @ 12:25am 
Udate I played it again yeah its way more challanging then before wolves all over the first anomoly I went to, feels less safe and calm then last tiem I played. Combat is still not so great easy to just move out the way when the wolf attacks, but at least tier system keeps me from being able to tear up everything so I am still scared of the wild critters for now at least :P
fbspamme Dec 2, 2017 @ 12:47am 
Your should check out the anomalies. The ruined city anomaly has wolves and I would be very surprised if you could avoid meeting the small packs of wolves roaming the city if you are looting the wrecked cars. The desert anomaly has scorpions and basalisks that protect most of the ore nodes, so you could not have missed them if you tried to mine almost any of the ore nodes.

Many moons ago, there were some intial anomalies that had no wild life. There was a cave full of ancient crystal and that did not have any wild life in it. Now that I think about it, I think the anomalies may not have had any wild life in them. That being said, the two remaining anomalies , that they have left in the game, have had wild life in them for so long that I have forgotten what it was like before the current setup.

Subsequently, up north in the tropical area are some elephants, rhino, hippo, and crocodiles. They are not much of a challenge with T10 gear. However, once you build up your attack and defense skills, I would not go anywhere near a level 50 scorpion without at least T6 or T7 gear. T10 gear is the best and I would strongly recommend that.

On that note, I like the current setup where killing animals with a T10 gear is relatively easy. As it stands, trying to collect thousands of pelts to build thousands of arrmour is going to be a major chore. It will be a real pain in the behind, if it takes 5 to 10 minutes for each kill. It would be like every monster is a boss monster and takes a while to kill. I do not wish to spend 100 to 200 hours clicking on the swing button whaling at animals like an idle mouse clicking game just to get those required pelts.

I know that range weapons are on the todo list so I guess it shall be interesting to see where they take their creation to next. I am not sure how much more combat they want to add to this game, but it could be interesting.
Zalzany Dec 2, 2017 @ 1:50am 
Oh none of them had wild life when I first played in the ruins, the desert, the crystal cave, etc they were all baren. Part of why I got bored, it was too easy, I had resoureces every where an no danger minus falling in the anomales.
fbspamme Dec 2, 2017 @ 5:27am 
Originally posted by Zalzany:
Oh none of them had wild life when I first played in the ruins, the desert, the crystal cave, etc they were all baren. Part of why I got bored, it was too easy, I had resoureces every where an no danger minus falling in the anomales.

You are right. There were not many animals animals when I first started playing. At one point, I believe that there was a bug so that there were no animals spawning at all. This has been fixed and I look forward to see what other anomalies they produce next year.
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