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Returning player, what is this?
Played Smite in the beta, when the level cap was 30 and something...about Ymir reward for level 30, I forget. I own the all gods pack from back then it was like $25 so I decided to drop money on it because why not. I log in for the first time in...a long time today, I'm hit with a wave of dozens of rewards, like announcer packs and skins and chests.

One of the chests was a free god chest, but since I own the pack, it's asking me to pick from "Worshiper: team booster" "Favor: team booster" and "Battle Points Booster: team booster"

What are these and what can they be used for? Well, I know what Favor is, but from my remembrance it was only used for buying gods and mastery skins.
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Basically, the boosters can be used in the match lobby before the game starts. It will provide your team with double that reward for the match.

So the Worshipper booster will increase worshippers gained for that game for your whole team.
The Favour booster will increase favour gained.
Battle Points booster will increase Battle Points gained. Battle Points being the way you progress through the Battle Pass.

Favour is still only used for certain skins and buying/renting gods. Along with rerolling your Assault god. Worshippers are the same as they were.
Battle Points replaced the Season Ticket from the last few years.

The Announcer packs etc rewards are likely because you are a returning player. I remember a post a while back saying something about it, though I don't recall the details.
welcome back
Sauvagess Apr 24 @ 12:26pm 
So favor is likely not the option. I assume the battle pass costs money? What do Worshipers do again? I forgot.
Worshippers just increase your mastery level for the god you just played. With 1000 being Mastery X. Every 1000 worshippers above that will give you a star on the gods loading card (placed around the Mastery level icon).

The Battle Pass is explained in game if you click the link.
You can still participate in it for free, but with much less rewards (a handful of chests per pass). Paying for the pass allows you to get more rewards (again, you can see these in game), which include skins and other items.

You can also spend gems to increase Battle Points and pay your way through it, but that obviously gets expensive, so it's best to leave that until the last day of that pass if you really want something from it. The Battle Points also reset at the start of each pass.

Depending on the mode you play most, you probably won't need the Battle Points Booster. If someone else uses it you'll receive the benefits anyway, but it also depends on what you want from the Pass. Again, the free tier only has a few chests, the paid one has other items, so check that first to see if you want anything from it.

If you want to know which to go for, the Battle Points potentially give you rewards as you progress through the pass, even if it's just some chests.
The Worshippers will eventually give minor rewards for mastering gods (like a Diamond Jump Stamp), but there's not many. I think those are viewed in the profile section.
I just came back too. Started in Beta but havnt played for a long time. It was really overwhelming at first
ZomPaul Apr 24 @ 8:44pm 
Originally posted by Sauvagess:
So favor is likely not the option. I assume the battle pass costs money? What do Worshipers do again? I forgot.

Just remember gems being what ppl buy with actual money w a occasional ability to earn some for free doing quests

Favor accumulates by gaming or doing more common quests
I would say welcome back, but this game is a shell of its former self. Every new god has like 4 cc moves, hyper damage and an excape. Also they keep butchering modes with remakes no one asked for.

Still fun, just dont expect the golden days.
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