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Planetary Annihilation: TITANS

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Quitch May 19 @ 3:03am
Linux main menu issues
Linux users have reported that disabling Sync to VBlank (VSync) can resolve issues experienced with the UI.

Nvidia (proprietary)
Disable "Sync to VBlank" within the Nvidia Control Panel - this feature is only present with the proprietary drivers

Everything else
Add the following to the game's launch options within Steam:
vblank_mode=0 %command%
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Thank you, that did the trick.
Cool! That seemed to fix it on Intel too.

FYI you may need to change the semicolon to a space in the `vblank_mode` one.
Quitch Jun 13 @ 11:36pm 
Can you confirm how you do this for Intel? I will add it to the main post.
Neolexian Jun 14 @ 12:09am 
@Quitch Yep. `vblank_mode=0 %command%` fixes it on Intel. Space, but no semicolon— Bash command shell syntax means adding a semicolon (without an `export`) stops the environment variable from applying to the `%command%` (and I'm 95% sure that applies to the command for AMD as well, though I can't test that).

Thanks for making this post and updating it, BTW!
Quitch Jun 14 @ 9:47am 
Thanks for confirming; I've updated the post.
Last edited by Quitch; Jun 14 @ 9:48am
Oh no. If you do `export`, then you do need the semicolon. So it's either:

vblank_mode=0 %command%
(No `export`, and also no semicolon.)


export vblank_mode=0; %command%
(With `export`, and also with semicolon.)

Explanation: Semicolons separate commands, and environment variables like `vblank_mode` usually aren't inherited by child processes. In the first form, `vblank_mode=0` means "Run `%command%` with this environment variable". But if you add a semicolon between them in the first form, then the command is separated from the environment variable so it doesn't get inherited. However, `export` is itself a command that causes child processes to inherit environment variables, and anything that comes after it is given as an argument/parameter to the `export` command. So in the second form, if you don't have a semicolon, then the PA `%command%` is just given as a parameter to the `export` command instead of actually being run, while the `vblank_mode=0` environment variable will be inherited by the PA command even if they're separated by a semicolon because the variable was `export`ed.

I'm mentioning this because I could see myself of a couple years ago getting frustrated with trying to use the command and it not working because of the syntactic shenanigans.
Quitch Jun 18 @ 12:58am 
So for the purposes of this, it's two ways of achieving the same result?
Neolexian Jun 18 @ 10:24am 
As there is only one command being run, yes, in this case the two forms I listed have the same result.

…I suppose without `export` is cleaner. IDK if Steam keeps the same environment around for different games. If Steam does keep the same shell around, and another game also uses the `vblank_mode` variable to mean something else, for example, then `export`ing it for PA may affect how that other game behaves.
Quitch Jun 18 @ 10:53am 
Thanks for clarifying.
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