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onilink_  [developer] Oct 6, 2016 @ 2:26am
Current status of the trailer's content - Roadmap
Content of the trailer in game
Current status: 79%
0% ||||||||||||||||||||||||||----| 100%

In the trailer's order
+Mining: yes
+Fighting: yes
+Building: yes
+Farming: yes
+Free the chloridians: yes
+Village: yes
-Canon: no
+Magic: yes
+Rocket launcher: yes
+Shadow armor: yes
-Robot: no
-Mecha: no
+Transformation: yes
+Capture: yes
+Forest boss: yes
+Chick boss: yes
+Dragon boss: yes
-Futurist armor: no

In game features (15/19)
+Free the chloridians
+Rocket launcher
+Shadow armor
+Forest boss
+Chick boss
+Dragon boss

Not yet implemented(4/19)
-Futurist armor

General Roadmap - Implemented features
Project Start
Onidev engine rework
Physics engine v1 (blocks only, no slopes)
Lighting engine v1 (cpu intensive)
Player sprite layer rendering (armor etc)
Monsters, combat and basic AI
Prototype : Wiring
Prototype : Programmable robots
Prototype : Grapple hook / ninja rope
Physics engine v2 (handles slope blocks)
Prototype : Colorblind filters
Prototype : Hoverboard / Vehicles
Prototype : Sea rendering
Prototype : Technology (firearms, grenades..)
Night & Day cycle
Prototype : Agriculture
Prototype : Custom magic
Prototype : Monster taming
Onidev engine rework + Centauri engine rework
Monster buffs & suffixes
Food and stats
Skills and experience
Lighting engine v2

Indiegogo campaign
Terrain procedural generation
Plains, Desert, Mountain, Underground biomes
Dual Action bar (0.1.2)
Dungeons procedural generation (0.1.4)
Custom magic
Attacks raycasting
Weapons upgrades and levels (0.2.0)
Monster taming, pet level up (0.2.0)
Improved save file compression (0.2.2)
Title screen (0.2.2)
Forest and Hell biomes (0.2.2)
Steam version (0.2.2)
Bow and Shield (0.2.3)
Custom Key Binding (0.2.3)
Dynamic UI (0.2.4)
Chests rework (0.2.4)
Farm\Breeding (0.2.4)
Reworked physics for spheres (0.2.4)
Slope blocks placing (0.2.4)
Villages and NPCs (0.3.0)
Monster metamorphosis (0.3.1)
Linux port (0.3.1)
Runes (0.3.3)
Rare monsters (0.3.3)
Unique weapons loot (0.3.4)
Custom magic creation v2 (0.3.5)
Multiple maps and players (0.3.6)
120 blocks types added (0.3.6)
2 new bosses (0.4.0)
Parallel dimensions engine (0.4.0)
Quest engine (0.5.0)
Tutorial as quests (0.5.0)
Underground microstructures (0.5.1)
Items quick move (0.5.1)
Grenades and explosions (0.5.2)
Smart items placement - remove plants/rock automatically (0.5.4)
New equipable items:rings, necklaces, gems (0.5.4)
Backgrounds for caverns (0.5.4)
GUI visuals improvements (0.5.4)
New audio engine (0.5.4)
Game introduction (0.5.5)
Phenix and Phenix sword (0.5.5)
Character creation (0.5.9)
Translations (0.5.9)
Inventory V2 (0.5.9)
New armor, better weapon effects generation (0.5.10)
Exclusive pet (0.5.11)
New biome (0.5.11)
Safe village, new plains, new musics (0.5.11)
New game modes: difficulty/hardcore and challenges, building mode (0.6.0)
Chests fast transfert - maintain shift (0.6.0)
Multiplayer Beta (0.6.0)
New fighting system (0.6.1)
Skill tree (0.6.1)
New craft system, fundry, crusher, polisher, transmutor (0.6.2)
Chinese translation (0.6.2)
Event engine (0.6.3)
Donjon engine v2 (0.6.3)
Building export engine (0.6.3)
New biome: post hell (0.6.3)
2 new bosses, new weapons (0.6.3)
Halloween exclusive pet (0.6.4)
Deformation effects on vegetation (0.6.4)
Non integral zoom level, borderless fullscreen upgraded (0.6.5)
Pet healing table (0.6.8)
New magic: healing (0.6.8)
Physics updated, one way blocks, pillars (0.6.10)
Laser engine, light beam magic (0.6.11)
Monsters unique stats (0.6.12)
Monsters levels / pet leveling v2 (0.6.12)
Forest boss, new armor (0.6.13)
Minimap (0.6.15)
Weather V2 (0.6.16)
Chunking system - Save/Load/Multiplayer optimizations (0.6.17)
Procedural V2
Challenge rooms
Alien world
Steam Multiplayer
Steam Cloud
Transformation V2
Donjons V2

General Roadmap - Futur features
Work in progress
Magic engine v2
UI engine v2
Tech 2

Middle game features
Quests & Events
Themed dungeons
Biomes : post-hell
Biomes : sky
Themed parallel dimensions

Pre end game features
Vehicles & Mechs
Grapple hook / ninja rope
Tower of 100 challenges

End game features
God Saucer (minigames area)
Biomes : oceans
Programmable robots
Space exploration & combat
Achievements / Game encyclopedia / Compendium

Bonus features
Modding compatibility with lua scripting
Fluid dynamics
Fire (buildings can catch on fire etc)
Gas dynamics
Dynamic buildings (build your ship)

Transformation V2
Shield V2
Pets arena
Village V2
Upgrades V2 with effects reroll, curse, colored slots
Magic creation V3 (fusions, chaining, etc)
User Interface V3
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anonymous Oct 6, 2016 @ 5:26pm 
when you thinkl all will be implemented ?many month , or what ?
2d0x Oct 6, 2016 @ 5:35pm 
Originally posted by antitrust38:
when you thinkl all will be implemented ?many month , or what ?
anonymous Oct 18, 2016 @ 4:25am 
ok so i wait for whole game before to bought ! thank you , i appreciate the answer
Umbra Animo Nov 7, 2016 @ 11:03pm 
i so thoughht the forest boss was some transmoation of the player
guymine123 Nov 22, 2016 @ 1:55pm 
i am excited to see all the new stuff when it comes out keep up the good work
Last edited by guymine123; Nov 22, 2016 @ 1:55pm
Broken Dragon Dec 12, 2016 @ 11:35am 
Thank you for sharing the roadmap of the game with us. I have already bought the game, and will wait patiently for the rest of the features to be complete, so I can enjoy the full glory of the trailer that enticed me so much. ;)

Keep up the good work!
Nebukader Dec 25, 2017 @ 1:11am 
That Roadmap looks Really nice :)
soloofiron Mar 28 @ 12:16am 
shadow armor.....sounds familar
Чет слабо за несколько лет в раннем доступе
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