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onilink_  [developer] May 5, 2017 @ 2:52am
Complete changelog...
... from the first alpha version.

Patch v0.9.2.d - 14 sep 2018 Add: - Possibility to throw an object on the ground with the keyboard key T - New magic affixes added to enemy - Added a rarity color under the effects icons on monsters stats - Some screen shaking Change : - 2 skills already unlocked at the start of the game Fix : - Pets with overpowered projectiles fixed - Fix: crash in the alien dungeon

Patch v0.9.2c - 1 sep 2018 - Player can Freeze, Shock & Petrify monsters now - All monsters have now all rarity colors.

Patch v0.9.2b - 24 aug 2018 - Persistent worlds bug that could reset the alien biome / dungeons - HP / SP bug when changing dimension - Burn / poison on the crystals - The portal of hell destructible - The boulders that had no rock damage

Patch v0.9.2 - 23 aug 2018 - 38 magical Scepters - New chest (need to create a new world!) - Crystals will appear in the world and will need to be broken to get the scepter inside - Tiny dimensional breach will appear in the world and give you a random item if you click on them. - Many little bugs fixed

Patch v0.9.1 - 4 jul 2018 - Transformations (also legendary armor) can pick up loots and souls - Transformations (also legendary armor) can interact with objects using the R key - Added some infos on the tutorial about the hammers Fix: - We can loose the content of a chest by removing a platform below (drop the chest, but not it's content) - Traps don't inflict damages to transformations - Can't change motion of spell in spell creation - Dungeon's rooms are not triggered by transformed players - Error if try to return into the main world from the leaf fairy or the dragon on an old world (old portals are now deactivated)

Patch v0.9 - 30 june 2018 - 7 New dungeons (with 2 levels of difficulty for 6 dungeons) - New bosses and mini bosses - The first legendary armor: shadow armor - New vanilla equipment for multiplayer (glasses) Fixes: - Doors do not open in multi for other players - The "Coming trigger" triggers even if another player is already in the room - The "Leave trigger" triggers even if another player is still in the room - Player who dies does not return to the crystal if he was in a dimension - Event that spawn "balls" (physical snowballs) did not work in players (client side) - It was sometimes impossible to unlock some spells in multiplayer. - The boar was poorly syncronized - If a player (client side) had a pet release and another player dies in play, it caused a crash. - If one of the players (client side) was disconnected (voluntarily or not), the other players were also disconnected - Fighting against the dragon boss could cause a game crash - Changing the screen resolution could cause a game crash - You can now use F2 to switch to fullscreen on the multiplayer mode.

Patch v0.8.9 - 7 may 2018 - Transformation V2 - Sacrifice - New UI engine (used only on the transformation table at this point)

Patch v0.8.8 - 5 april 2018 - Pathfinding system for all monsters and villagers - Monsters attacks reworked (exclamation points on some attacks to anticipate)

Changelog 0.8.7 - 6 mar 2018 - Steam cloud is now associated with saving your characters (and only characters)

Changelog 0.8.6 - 20 feb 2018 - Multiplayer use steam connect - no port forwarding needed anymore - Particles customisation for modding and fast integration - Particles added on ice and gold set Fixes: - Multiplayer: fixed "Failed to instanciate pet" when join a map - Boulders and balls collides on columns

Changelog 0.8.5 - 25 jan 2018 - 4 new customisable spells - Rarity is now visible directly on items Fixes : - Items cannot be removed from grinder and other special craft stations - Missing crafts for fence blocks

Changelog 0.8.4 - 21 dec 2017 - The contents of the chests have been redesigned - A New item that will allow you to teleport into the alien biome (you can buy it in the alien biome at the selling machine) - An new (icon) option will allow you to teleport to a friend in multiplayer (work only if your friend is on the same dimension than you) - The combination Shift + mouse click (which allows you to put objects directly in your inventory) works with quest rewards now Fix: - Hell portal can spawn into lava

Changelog v0.8.3 - 14 dec 2017 Fix: - Monsters don't despawn, causing lags - Monsters can spawn on another biome - Visuals bugs on sky stars - Harvesting: Somes seeds are invisible - If the player open 2 UI, keep the 2nd and close the 1st, it causes a crash of the game. - If the player cross a dimensional portal while we are on a mount, this teleports the player outside the game map - Bug when writing custom spell name (opens menus etc related to keys) - Guns problem that allowed to recharge cumulatively a weapon by switching guns during the reload - Some arrows of the dungeon are destroyed directly Fix Multi: - Crash of the server if client leaves while it is in another zone at the moment where are monsters. - Client: If invokes a pet but the pet has no room for spawn, then the pet not spawn + impossibility to invokes a new pet - Client: If the player invokes a pet and turns into a monster, he can then throw another pet and can no longer recall the first pet - Client: if the customer places a pickaxe, and the server has his mouse over a block, the block will be digging but only server-side. [Verify that well resolved] - Cow & Spells (lightning, rock slide, healing) in multi were totally desyncronized - When joining a map with pets, the client can kill the pet - Bug if join a map when a player is transformed into a monster

Changelog v0.8.2 - 8 dec 2017 Change - In addition to giving HP/SP gradually, food also gives immediate HP/SP now! Fix: - Sometimes, monsters on slopes can't be hit - Aliens don't drop souls - The raptor could attack without delay - Small changes on food crafts Fix multi: - When a player open something involve UI interface, it also opens on the screen of other players - A new spawn system who solve a lot of little bugs. Fix multi if more than 2 players: - If the client player dig, only the server is synchronized - If the client player loot something, only the server is synchronized - Crash when a player die - A lot of Items was not synchronized.

Changelog 0.8.1 - 30 nov 2017 New biome are playable on multiplayer now! Fix : - The famous "player jerking on platforms" is fixed - Many problems with dimensions are fixed - Broken dungeons of the tech biome are fixed - Weapons and some element are recalibrated - Fix of "unlimited ammos" weapons - Some other fix of the new tech content

Patch 0.8 - 24 nov 2017 - New major biome [10 news monsters, news dungeons, news weapons] - New lighting render engine allowing better light rendering for technological objects (if you have performance issues with old computers, go to graphic option and desactivate "local lights") - New event engine used in the new biome (allows players to access a more complete customization objects from the building mode! A tutorial will come later about that)

Changelog 0.7.8 - 16 sep 2017 - Now you can't place incraftable items on special craft machines - Admin commands added on building mode Fix: - You can play even if you have the error "failed to initialize the Steam API" - Multiplayer: Many fix on events/challenges - Donjon traps are now indestructible - Some little fix

Changelog 0.7.7 - 31 jul 2017 - Flute of taming (craft it on the workbench) >The Flute allows you to give orders to your pet : aggressive / passive mode (Other orders will be possible later) Fix: - Some mounts glitchs fixed - Random crash when liberate a chloridian should be fixed - Random crash when break a purple crystal should be fixed - Pet slot item switch bug corrected (now it change the pet) - Multiplayer: If you recall a monster (client side) it disappears as it should now - Crawler capture fixed

Changelog 0.7.6 - 14 jul 2017 - Cows! - Weapon total damage range is now indicated on the description ps : The method to tame the cow is the same as for the chicken. The only difference is that you must craft a "Cow manger" that you will find in the same place as the "Chicken manger" (Craft table) Fix: -Bonus effects are applied 2x on swords -Upgraded armour placed in the vanity slots will still give the upgrade bonus -Littles corrections on some translations -We can't remove blocks placed on challenge rooms -Some rendering deprecated functions deactivated, should resolve some problems -You can't remove blocks behind the crystal -Stats of tamed monster are not saved (chicken/cow manger)

Changelog 0.7.5 - 3 jul 2017 - You now have the ability to turn yourself into a monster in multiplayer mode! Fix: - Chinese: text on dialogs and quests buttons - Multiplayer: if server fail to spawn a pet, clients see it anyway - Multiplayer: worms are desync - Multiplayer: if a player quit, his pet can remain present on other clients - Multiplayer: client start with low HP/SP - Worm can pass through indestructible walls of challenges Ps: You can switch between full and windowed screen with the F2 key.

Changelog 0.7.4 - 26 jun 2017 - Zoom is now limited Fix: - Crash if switch item while using a skill - Multiplayer: phenix sword crash - Multiplayer: dropped phenix sword doesn't contain the phenix (client side) - Multiplayer: dropped swords don't contain special attributes (client side) - Multiplayer: some uid exceptions fixed (juste show a warning) - Some "Assertion failure" fixed (quest crash)

Changelog 0.7.3 - 23 jun 2017 Fix: - Multiplayer: Client side pets don't get/save experience - Multiplayer: uid crashes/exceptions should be fixed (added a warning instead) - Multiplayer: Quest "Summon a monster" can't be completed client side - Multiplayer: No indications of challenges types and timers client side - Using the sword and the bow at the same time can crash the game - Player offset on the giant raptor is shifted

Changelog 0.7.2 - 22 jun 2017 Add: - Titlescreen translations - Translation improved

Changelog 0.7.1 - 15 jun 2017 Add: - Dinosaurs! - Mounts (currently only for dinos and leaf lion) - New biome - the jungle - /!\requires a new world/!\ - New boss (under the jungle) - Dynamic lianas - Repty now have sounds - Notification if your version of opengl is not compatible Fix : - No more freezes with the chinese translation - Sound volume recalibrated - Metatexture loading errors for some monsters - Some small fixes

Changelog 0.7 - 12 may 2017 - Mini challenges are spread around the world! - World is now 60% larger - The location of the biomes is no longer predetermined - Improvement of the procedural generation - Rings / necklaces / medaillons - Some new useful equipments - Recalibrated + reordered armor crafts - Recalibration of resources (ores) - Villager smith can craft items with random rarity now - Destructible elements have been added. Fix: - In the main menu, if we choose "Client" then we return To choose host and validate, the game freeze - Multiplayer: client-side persistent monsters in prisons - Loots are never level 1 (always at least level 2)

Changelog 0.6.17 - 10 apr 2017 - We will no longer lose focus in fullscreen borderless when we change application - The chunking system has been added. - The speed of loading and saving the world has been greatly improved. - The necessary memory resources have been reduced, improved performance. - You can use shift + click in the crusher crafts - Particles were added in the game at various locations (gfx) Fixed Multiplayer - Possible crash if a player (client) leaves a dimension. - Action items can be replaced by those of another player when a player leaves a dimension. - Exception "uid is already assigned" can occur when changing dimension. - Monsters had a level 1 instead of their normal level when a player (Client) was loading a world. - Bosses are level 1 client side. Solo / Multiplayer - Player can not hit slimes on slopes.

Changelog 0.6.16 - Weather - 21 mar 2017 - Rain updated, graphics revised, sfx added - Snow updated - Wind with physical effects on the world's surface - Bugs corrections / revisions

Changelog 0.6.15 - 28 feb 2017 - Minimap - Name of the gpu displayed on the titlescreen Fix: - Framerate is not limited on the titlescreen and loading screen Minimap, implemented features: - Zoom in / Zoom out - Players / chests / monsters / trees display - Drag with right click to scroll the minimap - You can change the location and size of the minimap with the left click

Changelog 0.6.14 - 8 feb 2017 - The experience required to raise the level of the pets has been recalibrated Fix: - There was a night cycle in hell - Various bugs generated by the Shiba. - Fatal error when a player tries to place objects at the same place as another player at the same time.

Changelog 0.6.13 - 6 feb 2017 - New boss (forest, new world required) - New armor - New items - A "bug report" UI will appear when you encounter a problem from now on - The dimensional gates of the bosses can be unlocked with the R key of the keyboard (if the conditions are met) Fix: - Lava does not emit light - Random crash when you freed a chloridian - If you put a decoration while having the pickaxe in your hand, the decoration is directly removed by a hit of the pickaxe - Torches could be placed anywhere without restrictions

Changelog 0.6.12 - 20 jan 2017 Monster system revamp: - Monsters now have a level, currently capped at 70 for pets (a tier system will allow to go much further). - Savage monsters have now a half-random level variation, depending on their rarity. - Monsters' effects are sorted between 1 and the monster's rarity level. It'll always have a least one effect level equal to it's rarity. - Monsters have now random natural stats bonuses: the more rare it is, the higher the chance to have max bonuses. - Every captured monster go back to level 5 and gets stat bonuses : a captured monster will then always be stronger than a savage one at the same level. - Every 5 levels, a captured monster gains an effect and every effect's max level go up by 1 every 10 levels. - Safechecks have been added to detect errors and potential crashs with more efficiency. Fixed: -Some saves of old versions can crash at loading -Random crash on some animated light sources (ex: pumpkin pet) -Random crash related on monster spawner -Multiplayer: Server or client crashes randomly when a player connects -Multiplayer: Server crashes randomly when a player dies

Changelog 0.6.11 - 7 jan 2017 - Addition of the laser system in the engine of the game which allowed to add: - New attack for the Golem and the Guardian - New magic of light (customizable like the magic of fireball)

Changelog 0.6.10 - 2 jan 2017 - You can deactivate the auto save - Some internal updates on the physics engine (allows one way blocks) - Portals and hell boss are now compatible with multiplayer - Last biome is now compatible with multiplayer Fix: - Corrupted characters saves (and the new version should repair corrupted saves) - Corrupted quests / quests bugs - Platform bug (after monster de-transformation) - FPS bug after game save on low configurations - Hidden overlay icons - Multiplayer: One way doors added on the last biome/donjon (requires a new map) - Multiplayer: Last biome/donjon doors and snake entrance are not sync - Multiplayer: Last biome/donjon boss are not sync properly

Changelog 0.6.9b - Quick fix to open the snake entrance

Changelog 0.6.9 - 9 dec 2016 - Major updates in the game engine - new save format, chunking and dimensions - In solo, the "Escape" key now allows you to pause the game - Multiplayer is more stable (random crashs should be fixed, post in the forum if you have any crash) Fix - Multiplayer: if a monster despawn outside the view you can hear it's cry - Multiplayer: the special craft tables (like the crusher) are not sync - Multiplayer: the regen table is not sync - Multiplayer: no healt bar on other players - Multiplayer: if the server character die, it can crash the game - Multiplayer: client deconnection is not transmited to other clients - Multiplayer: if the join connection failed you can't return to titlescreen - Multiplayer: ip and server are not saved (you need to re-enter them each time) - Multiplayer: Players connected to a server can be disconnected if the player who host the server die - Dragon crash should be fixed (post in the forum if you have any crash) - Adaptative zoom if resolution is too small - Eagle can be knocked very far if hitted on the ground (on idle) - If zoom is non integral, character can be invisible on the character creation menu - Door state is not saved - Some fixes on the shiba pet - Some fixes on monsters (allows to use the spin attack effectively) - Quick move on chests is not taken into account by quests - Removed star on some edibles (if it dont gives a permanent bonus) - Chock bar can be confused with life bar - Dash can be "blocked" by dungeon speedwalls

Changelog 0.6.8 - 25 nov 2016 - New magic: healing - New Item: Pet Healing Table - Frequency of appearance of worms decreased Fix: - The player can be blocked by the door of the room of the "last" boss - Plants do not respawn - Crawler has no cooldown on his attack - Phenix sword drop burns in the lava - Special craft window does not close when player moves away

Changelog 0.6.7 - 7 nov 2016 Bug fixes - Random crash when a client is connecting to the server (multiplayer) - Random crash when you open a crusher machine (or same kind of craft) - Random crash if you remove a crusher machine with the associated UI opened - Random crash when you create a new world - Random crash when you open the fire camp craft window - "Old" world save can crash the game when loaded

Changelog 0.6.6 - 4 nov 2016 - /!\ Warning /!\ Now the left click is used for the item highlighted on the toolbar, and right click for the left slot. You can restore old system on Esc -> Game -> Invert actions - If you have a block on left click and nothing on right click, you can put backwalls with right click. - Highlighting of the item selected on the toolbar - Lighting diffusion is animated - Chickens and wisps don't scare villagers anymore Fixed: - Autoswitch with key numbers deactivated by default (corrected)

Changelog 0.6.5 - 2 nov 2016 - Zoom level can be nonintegral (ex: 1.5) - Zoom level is now possible in windowed mode - Window size can be adjusted in the graphics options - Simplified graphics options/screen resolutions - You can now change the volume of the music in the game options Fixed: - Possible light lines on the bottom of the screen - Skills descriptions can crash the game - Multiplayer: unsynchronized despawns corrected

Changelog 0.6.4 - 27 oct 2016 - New pet: Jack (crafted with pumpkins) - Plants now move when you step on it or when interaction (bomb, boomerang, etc...) - Close icon added on windows - Item switch with numpad is now disabled by default - Complete revamp of all biome-related engines (music, background, rain, snow, lightning, etc...). There could be some issues/oversights. Bug fixes: - Nearby chickens and wisps don't prevent regeneration at crystal any more - Fixed bug on mimic animation - Fixed monsters synchro bug on multiplayer - Crushing a capture gem containing a monster doesn't cause crashes any more - It's now possible to put a block near a captured monster/pet

Changelog 0.6.3 - 4 oct 2016 - New major biome! (New world needed, you can keep your character!) - 2 new boss - 2 new weapons - an infinite number of small bugs fixed

Changelog v0.6.2 - 17 aug 2016 - New translation available : Chinese simplified - You can use Q / W keys instead of double tap left / right action - New decorations to full Existing sets - The foundry has been redone. It can, henceforth, melt all weapons (Need to remove and then re-set if you have already created an old foundry) - Transmutor runes to reroll your runes - Polisher to improve your gems - Crusher to recycle some of your unnecessary items Bug fixes: - Fixed a bug that can crush saving a world on another save. - Fixed a bug when the player returned to the title screen from the biome of hell

Changelog 0.6.1 - 6 aug 2016 - New skills and upgrades! - New interface skills: * You can now upgrade skills with a skill tree * You can now bind to key skills directions - New fighting mechanic - shock (the little yellow bar): * When you do x% damage to an enemy in a quick span of time, it goes into shock and you can break its attacks. * When the enemy is in shock, it has more recoil - Many bug fixes

Changelog 0.6 - 11 jul 2016 - Multiplayer version - Beta - New Difficulty modes: Easy - Normal - Hard - Nightmare - New Hardcore mode: Permadeath - New Building mode: Infinite items and no monsters spawn - New Challenges modes (requires to create a new character to select the mode) - Chests fast transfert (shift + clic, can be maintened) - You can erase characters - You can erase worlds Fix: - You could load a non existing world - If you save on a non existing world, it could have created corrupted saves - You could load a non existing character (cause crash) - Erasing manually a world could cause an overwrite when you create a new world

Changelog 0.5.13 - 13 jun 2016 Bug fix -Several bugs causing crashes have been fixed -In the interface of runes, some items may disappear if you close the window. -World generation crashs fixed

Changelog 0.5.12 - 6 jun 2016 Bug fix -Automatic fullscreen issues [Deactivated] -Game is set in AZERTY by default [set in QWERTY by default] -Some undefined items (book, jewel table, flower, mush) -F2 to switch to fullscreen don't work on the titlescreen -config.ini is not saved at the first launch if you don't save the game -select fullscreen borderless doesn't select automatically fullscreen Fix -Dig speed is too slow [Dig speed X2] -Falling damage too high [damages / 2] -Some picked up drops go in the hotbar [all go in bag]

Changelog 0.5.11 -New biome -New background layers and music for the village/plain -Exclusive pet integration -Shift/Space on titlescreen to show the continue hidden menu -Auto digging overlay -Hell fire chests re-calibrated Bugfix: -random effects on masks -hell portal is not generated

Changelog 0.5.10 -New special chests in hell (requires new map) -New armor (dungeon boss loot) -Weapons generation algorithm reworked -If you catch a rare monster, its rarity (color) is saved -Hell boss recalibrated -Fire shield has fire resistance -Slopes settings auto reset to default configuration after 15 seconds if the slope ui is not visible -Musics data size is divided by 2 -Russian translations corrected/upgraded (thanks to 2d0x) -German translations corrected/upgraded (thanks to Kadele) Bugfix: -Pets didn't regen when they were placed in the inventory -You couldn't deflect the giant fireball from the Hell Boss with the fire shield -Pets effects were not scaled on their levels -Pets missing suffixes -Pets max life was wrong when they were not in combat -Caught monsters effects were not saved correctly -When you are transformed into slime, you deals no damage sometimes -Mimic pet didn't follow the player -Life per death effect didn't work for pets

Changelog 0.5.9 -Character creation -Translations -New inventory with multiple sections and auto sorting -Indicators for life and stamina gain -Items are stored directly in the bag -Shields have also a passive resistance -'haste' effect reduced -Monsters rarity recalibrated -Given souls recalibrated -Weapons recoil recalibrated -New items -Be careful, now you can use a consumable item with the mouse Fixed bugs: -Weapons effects don't work with skills -Stamina per death do nothing -Life per death do nothing -Last quest: kill butcher with bow/boomerang don't validate the subquest -If you clic on an uncompleted quest, it disappears -You loose the runes in an item if you use it for a craft

Changelog 0.5.8 -Descriptions of crafting ingredients have been added -Small changes have been done for some quests -There's been upgrades on some tooltips -There's now tooltips on buffs/debuffs of the player and monsters Fixed bugs: -Doors couldn't be closed if a monster was near -A quest reward could be picked even if not completed -The dugneon seed wasn't random -The dialog box could cause crash if the sound engine failed to play a sound

Changelog 0.5.7 Add: -New items -New Sounds -You can remove your armor from the equipment slots Fix: -Healing potions re-calibrated -Stamina potions re-calibrated -Chests drops re-calibrated (require new map) -Super slice skill re-calibrated -Thrust skill re-calibrated -Double slice skill re-calibrated -Potions crafts re-worked

Changelog 0.5.6 -Regeneration on the village crystal -Some corrections on quests Bugs corrections: -Some description errors -Amethysts inexistant crafts

Changelog 0.5.5 -Phenix sword (require new map) -Repty death animation -Flying creatures attack cooldown -Improved zombi AI -Game introduction -New capture gems, dangerous monsters need high level gems -New sounds -Chests drops corrections (require new map) Bugs corrections: -Some runes don't work

Changelog 0.5.4 -Cavern backgrounds added (require new map) -15 new equipments (in chests, require new map) -New inventory skin -New audio engine - may fix random crashes -Items descriptions upgraded -Default craft rearrangement -Quest overlay open as long as a quest is validated and Ok button is not pressed -New visuals for quests -You can place decorations on rocks/vegetables -New sounds Bugs corrections: -Sand worm 'missing' sounds -Tin armor gives 0 HP

Changelog 0.5.3 -you can get straw from wheat -you can transform straw into string -now, spells have default parameters -new visuals for quests Bugs corrections: -f2 to switch fullscreen don't work -food description don't show first usage bonus -player don't spawn on the crystal -destroy door when open corrupt blocks -slopes overlay is over player's buffs -door can be placed on player/monster... -empty descriptions skills -chests generated in micro structures are empty -rain never falls -magic creation widgets selection little gap problem -can't move magic UI -platforms bug

Changelog 0.5.2 Fix: -Lava does a lot more damage! -Potions have been nerfed -drops fusion/sleep optimisation Add : -Visuals are added for quests -You can find sulfur and gold in hell now -Grenades! bugs corrections: -Crash if you close a window when held -Poisoned + burned don't kill enemy -Balls don't react to hits -Sometimes unable to generate hell portal -Sometimes unable to generate crystal -Sometimes unable to generate first quest chest

Changelog 0.5.1 -now you can find micro structures/buildings in undergrounds -shift+mouse left on chests/items bar to pick up an item directly to the inventory -bugs corrections: -documents/Planet Centauri no folder cause crash -pet regeneration don't work -pet life is 9999999 -fullscreen view crop -current quests not in the overlay when load the game -golem can't shoot -crash when a tree grow up -skill quest not validated if you already have the skill -Ctrl+S to save -autosave don't work -save in the hell boss dimension erase world -night in hell boss dimension -crystal teleport in hell boss dimension teleport player under lava

Changelog 0.5.0 -Tutorial and quests! -some user interface updates -major changes in onidev core engine -major changes in the game engine ->there may be new bugs

Changelog 0.4.0 -An infernal creature appeared in the hell, watch out! (Requires a new map) -Some VRAM optimisations -Some bugs have been fixed

Changelog 0.3.7 -An infernal creature appeared in the dungeon, watch out! (Requires a new map) -Now you can place the objects in the inventory to the ground directly -Several bugs have been fixed -You can now select the slopes with the arrows on the keyboard to build faster.

Changelog 0.3.6 -You can create multiple characters and maps! -120 new blocks! -Fixed bug related to the transformation into a monster

Changelog 0.3.5 -New magic system: requires now scroll and gems, 4 new spells added -An issue concerning slots over craftable items has been resolved -Loot Rate recalibrated -New types of gem in the underground (requires to create a new map)

Changelog 0.3.4 -Monsters can now drop rare weapons bearing unique effects -Improved descriptions' visuals -It is now possible to move an item from the item bar to the inventory by presshing shift + left click -Slimes and zombie now react quicker -The bow now has a cooldown time -Fixed a bug linked to switching items while charging a bow shot -Soul costs have been increased -A bin has been added to the inventory -Multiple minor bug fixes

Changelog 0.3.3 Weapons & Armors -Armors no longer provide phys. defense, and provide extra max HP instead. -Added rarity system to weapons and armor (rarity level is linked to the number and strength of buffs and bonuses on each piece of equipment) -Added the possibility to enhance equipment -Weapons and armor will now get name suffixes depending on their bonuses Runes -Added runes as a new system to add bonuses to the player's equipment (damage, defense, max HP, special effects and much more) -Runes can be bound to weapons and armor (build a runic anvil with the forge) -Runes will drain energy from the player to provide him with their bonuses, each active rune reducing his max HP. Monsters -Every monster will now bear at least 1 buff -Added rarity levels to monsters (unknown, rare, legendary etc) with alternative colors -Monsters will now have name suffixes depending on their buffs Suffixes / Effects -Added a lot of 'em Bugs -The right clic craft item dupplication glitch no longer works

Changelog 0.3.2 -Graphic options and resolution change (access with the ESC key) -New metamorphosis magic : sand worm -Special rare monsters with different colors -Various bugfixes -New skill - Aerial dash -fullscreen now work on linux

Changelog 0.3.1 build 2 -save loading crash error corrected

Changelog 0.3.1 -new magic: monster transformation

Changelog 0.3 -5 new types of balls (antigrav, bounces, etc..) These features require starting a new map: -investigate caverns to rescue npcs from their prison -build a village -give a job to your freed npcs (alchemist, blacksmith, guard, cook..)

Changelog - slopes block picking GUI - new item : balloons - Blocks can now be placed near chickens - Attacks no longer hit through slopes - New natural monster buff (haste) These features require starting a new map : - Snowy trees and plains - Snowy ore - Starting plains now have a 50-block radius safe zone Bugfixes : - Item descriptions now visible in chests - Fixed chests animation bug when loading a game - Chest soul cost no longer displays once it has been opened

Changelog -new decorations: flesh set -new configurations in config.ini -now you can plant seeds with the right clic -automatic crash log report (you can deactivate it in config.ini) (devs: you can find it here

Changelog v0.2.4.2 Bugfixes: - Echap no causes crashes any longer

Changelog v0.2.4 Features: - GUI windows can now be moved around - New crafting system : some items now require crafting time - Chicken breeding (yay) - Chests can now be used to store items - Added new particles Changes: - Unlocked recipes are now visible in crafting menus - Unknown recipes are also displayed, with the end product hidden until the recipe is used for the first time. - When a monster's HP is 100%, his HP bar is not displayed. (It is displayed once the monster has been hurt) Bugfixes: - Fixed memory leak in particle engine - Arrows can no longer hit enemies through walls - Lava hands no longer collide with projectiles when underground - Closed / inactive mimics no longer display as monsters before they are provoked

Changelog v0.2.3 New features: Added new particle effects for "Burn" and "Poison" status Added new equipment : Bow, Shield Added customizable key bindings Added 3 new types of crops Changes: Improved pickaxe efficiency for all pickaxe tiers Chests contents have changed. (Starting a new game is required to see these changes) Bugfixes: Fixed multiple bugs responsible for game crashes

Changelog v0.2.2 Bugfixes: - Up and Down arrow can now be used to lay blocks either on the foreground or background layer - Upgrade materials are no longer consumed if an upgrade attempt is made with insufficient souls - Alchemy door now works correctly - Fixed wooden stool offset - Fixed music bug during transition if volume is set below 100% - Souls no longer bury underground if a large amount of them is created near the ground level Features : - Added steam integration - Added new title screen - New biomes : forest & hell - 10 new monsters - 3 new BGM tracks - World save compression : about 80% space saved (went from 50MB to 8MB average) - Added sorting and stacking to inventory - Added new ways to obtain basic cooking resources (water, sugar, salt...) - It is now possible to plant trees - Crop sizes and widths are now more varied, and allow for more space-efficient farms - Added new rare chests - Added new loot - Added new sword - Added new "Feature Vote" menu Changes - visuals : - Changed some ores' visuals to avoid confusion - Improved various icons Changes - gameplay : - Steel forging now requires more iron - Weapon craft costs rebalanced - Improved monsters AI - Boomerang now has a cooldown Changes - misc : - Game save can now be found in path "Documents\Planet Centauri"

Changelog v0.2 Bugfixes : - Solved issue causing a crash when an item was selected 1px outside its bounding box - Fixed doors not being solids on game load - Fixed armor stats bug New features : > New tutorial (press F1 !) > Volume up/down commands (pageUp, pageDown on keyboard) > Monster taming : You can now tame monsters and summon them to fight alongside you > The player starts the game with an opportunity to get his first pet (use the purple gem on a weakened monster) > Tamed monsters will gain experience and levels as they fight > Added new rare gems to be found deep underground > You can now enhance your equipment through a new menu (U key on keyboard) > Weapons and pickaxes can now have special traits > New particle effects (grass and rocks) > Snow now falls in snow biomes. Changes : > Improved swords and armors' descriptions > Improved boomerang > Reworked the crafting system a bit : in order to produce equipment of a certain tier, it is now necessary to craft and use the anvil of said tier. > Reworked ore generation

Changelog V0.1f -Add critical damage -News Suffixes : critical bonus/damage bonus/Haste/Slow -Vanity items are now working -Equipement preview in the inventory -New skills: run and double-jump! -New dungeon rooms (more diversity & complexity) -Slimes don't inflict damage anymore when the player is on them when striking -Plain biome slimes aren't hostile... unless you attack them!

Changelog v0.1e -Several hidden procedural dungeons -New monster and mini-boss for the dungeons -New item : Teleportation Crystal -New weapon and armor set -2 new furniture sets -new crafts, drops... -big memory leak fixed, the game take 60mo ram in less -savefile require less disk space -item placement is more intuitive -some little bugs fixed

Changelog v0.1d ADVICE! Think to replace you dirt floor by wooden/stone floor if you care about your life! - Smoother music transition - Issue with audio engine fixed - SFX are now in 3 dimensions - Some crafts fixed - Some suffixes on monsters fixed and addition of a new one - Modified Zombie spawns - New sounds for some blocks - Items can now be placed without the need to destroy the natural scenery (f.i grass or flowers) - Random map seed - Fix on some item combos (priority change) - Bug concerning item descriptions were shown while the inventory window was closed (while crafting) fixed

Changelog V0.1c -Hotbar's upgarde: you can now right-click to perform secondary actions -Additional decriptions like item type(crafting, material) or its effects -New crafts, blocks, materials, items and loots added -Sand and Zombie set integrated -New elements added for easier starts -Mining and mineral gathering is now up to 3 blocks distance -Skills efficiency have been fixed (longer dash, more powerful Double Slice and Dive, bigger Dive's hitbox) -Craft is now available with firecamp -New option to erease an item on the active hotbar slot by using "Delete" -Flasks are now needed to create potions -Modification on wisps : upon death, wisps release now dust which allow you to recreate wisps and release them where you want. You can use them to light your house or caverns, though this source of light cannot be controled. -Defensive values and description of armors have been fixed -Item stacking issue fixed -Doors are now correctly saved/loaded -Backwalls can now be set alogside frontwalls -Save and quit button shouldn't bug anymore in fullscreen on resolutions other than 1980x1050 -Stamina potions are now working -Some animations added -Help window(F1) modified for better understanding
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KatherineOfSky May 5, 2017 @ 3:35pm 
Macciavelo May 5, 2017 @ 9:04pm 
Doing great so far!
Maxdamage A.F May 13, 2017 @ 12:04am 
may you be able to date these?
Solar Flare Jun 3, 2017 @ 9:41pm 
This is awesome! Thanks so much Planet Centauri Creators your amazing
Please make the T-Rex more skill-based.
I have slain and captured him with ease.

Add a charge attack, where he rushes forward and then bites like a Hell Dog.
Add an attack where tons of small meteors rain down instead of one big one.
(The big one does not need to be removed.)

Also make the Dragon's attack where he makes rocks fall more difficult to avoid.
Currently I can just stand still and generally nothing will hit.

More rocks.
Faster rocks.

Furthermore, this game has great boss battles, though overall I think there should be more opportunity to melee them, like a move in their attack pattern where they just stand still vulnerably (could be charging up a powerful attack).
I'm looking forward to seeing the current bosses improve and more bosses being added.
Stay awesome, devs!
i believe a good idea will be to add also dates near the updates, this can help newcomers to count the frequency of updates. Im sorry for asking that, i am trying to bring my friends to the game and all im writing are their questions
onilink_  [developer] Jan 29 @ 6:15am 
Yes good idea I will update the post when I have some time (some updates are missing on the changelogs).
ehyder May 25 @ 8:15am 
Is there are source page players can go to to see the actual changelogs? I see announcements for two more updates but no changes past .8.7 to this thread. I am trying to verify if I actually have what should be the most up to date patch.
onilink_  [developer] May 25 @ 9:11am 
Updated :)
ehyder May 25 @ 10:39am 
Thank you!

Edit: I seem to be on the earlier update, .8.8c. Has an update been pushed out for the Mac on update .8.9?
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onilink_  [developer] May 25 @ 11:31am 
The last version on mac should be 0.8.9. Maybe a bad version number displayed.
You can verify the transformation table (should be the new transformation/sacrifice menu).
ehyder May 25 @ 2:06pm 
I will check that later, thank you.
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